Gov. Polis: ‘We Are So Relieved’ About DACA Decision | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


    1. Nice to hear. I’d invite anyone under the DACA program to my house before any treasonous tRump supporter.

    2. @Patrick Kingfisher Kennedy : If tRump or anyone of his supporters came to my door they’d have the door slammed in the face or be met by my dog. DACA people would be invited in for a tea or coffee.

    1. Roger That do you even know what fascism is? Democrats are fascists. They want government in control of businesses. That’s why I laugh at antifa. They have no clue what they even stand for. Like you.

    2. Allan Burns wish I could go. Cooking out. Pound on some nutcase, black lives matter people. Sounds like a blast.

    3. @Dan M “they want government control in business”.. First off, moron that’s communism..
      specifically, who’s calling for that?
      last I checked, it was your cult leader trying to do that.

    4. Roger That see. Your party is still trying to hide what you really think. It’s becoming more obvious in modern times though.

  1. Outside investigations are a must for all departments.
    We cannot have departments continuing to police their own police

  2. Kudos to the state of Colorado. Be proud for standing up and doing the right thing.

  3. This is how I see it, we need to make it easier for people to come in Legally and make it harder for people to come in illegally… If that makes any sense to anyone

    1. Look at it this way: if you make it easier for people to enter legally, then they won’t feel compelled to enter illegally. Sensible, yes..?

    1. That’s nothing to be proud of obviously…I have a creepy feeling you’re also proud of being HOMOSEXUAL 😳 🎶

    2. @William H Music 2020 yawn…

      Just because you’re an insecure loser doesn’t mean every one else is. I’m sorry you’re so weak that others choices are the end of the world you little drama queen.

  4. Right on”,God be with My Brothers n Sisters, Today and Everyday. 🙏,Ok Michael S.I will bring on the optimism in my ❤️,and give the Supreme Court Judges a vote of Confidence,they will Follow there Guts,and keep The Constitution in there decisions on the Rule of Law,and what keeps Us Functioning,in All We Represent,”THE AMERICANS”.

  5. No Man Is Above The Law,And God”,Come On my Beautiful Loving American Patriots,(The Real Ones,Not The Bullies),lOVE,PEACE,NOT,WAR☮️🙏Vote 💙,And We he Americans in the streets,Shouting IutWe ARE FREE!.☮️👊

  6. Show,come on Disantes in Florida,WTF,You blaming the Hispanics for the Corona Virus.Nope,Not gonna get away with such ,Total Crapola,Hmm.”.Next”.

  7. Enjoy the moment before Drumpf returns to his life-long mission to make decent and vulnerable people miserable whilst making criminals exempt from justice.

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