Biden Looks To Change Minds Of Those Hesitant To Get Vaccine | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Biden Looks To Change Minds Of Those Hesitant To Get Vaccine | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


Public health experts are concerned that vaccine hesitancy is becoming a bigger obstacle to finally getting the Covid-19 pandemic fully under control in America. We discuss the efforts the Biden administration is taking with MSNBC Medical Contributor Dr. Vin Gupta. Aired on 04/23/2021.
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Biden Looks To Change Minds Of Those Hesitant To Get Vaccine | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. Why do you assume everyone who doesn’t want this vaccine is a Trump supporter. Ive seen people around me get hospitalized after taking the vaccine. They are now on the hook for thousands of dollars because everyone related to the vaccine has immunity. The manufactures, the hospitals etc…

    2. ​@27days Exactly. I’m a conservative and dislike Trump. My wife is very Liberal. My kids have no affiliation. None of us will be receiving it.

  1. aw i was really sad that Dr. Gupta didn’t do his usual “First, Good Evening, Brian. It’s great to be here” .. Ive always loved that he makes a point of always saying hello and good morning/afternoon/evening

  2. Umm it’s easy.
    Anyone who gets vaccinated does not have to wear a mask. Tell people that and you will get most people to take it. Keep telling us we still have to wear masks after shots and good luck

  3. “Biden Looks To Change Minds Of Those Hesitant To Get Vaccine” thereby reminding us, yet again, that “Jan621” Insurrectionist DJT is “utterly incompetent” as per the words of both his own Federal Judge elder-sister Maryanne Trump Barry and his own Clinical Psychologist niece Dr. Mary Trump. May “Imp2POTUS45” always hear “You’re fired” via the unwavering reality of election results that reject him who is the cause of “Mourning In America.”

  4. The only question I’m asking is why are you pressing me so hard to take in the first place I don’t trust this government. PERIOD. FULL STOP

    1. Since when has the people in power cared about us? All of a sudden they’re urging us because, oh yea they love us so much

    2. @candylastar,. Big pharma is big business, as are the tech giants. Don’t worry though they will have more meds for you soon.

    3. Putin did not talk to biden, Putin talked to the USA rep the china CCP, and said i ”know who you are” ”i know what you do” and my first ”nuke” will be in China the CCP hole. ha ha , Love you Putin your all humans have.
      ”Russia is reportedly withdrawing troops from the Ukraine border after successfully strong-arming Joe Biden into direct talks. On Thursday, the Russian Defense Ministry said its military drills in the Crimean Peninsula and the Donbas region have concluded. Officials confirmed all excess troops are leaving those areas.

  5. You can’t pay me enough to take that mess. I don’t even take a flu shot. And you can count my daughter out as well

    1. You guys are idiots! I’m in Canada, barely have left the house this entire pandemic except once a month to go shopping and I met one day in my landlady’s office and I got Covid! It was horrible! I still haven’t bounced back after 2 weeks, still tired and no energy! I’m already have an compromised immune system and it could have been worse but for the grace of god it wasn’t! Taking risks with your life is one thing but you’re risking your child’s life and people like mine out of stupidity!! There’s no hidden agenda, the entire world is going through this!!

  6. They may have to pay for people getting the vaccine, like they are paying us who are in the vaccine trial. It’s going to cost but how bad do they want it done? If not then employers will be pressured into doing it.

    1. @James SmithmRNA manipulation is not a vaccine and it overrides non specific antibodies that we need for future sicknesses. If you’ve already taken it don’t waste my time, just stay away.

    2. @James Smith Not taking the vaccine is being considerate of God and respecting the sacred nature of the body temple. I fear God more than I do other people.

  7. Basic supply and demand. At first, the supply was low and the demand was high. Now, there is plenty of supply and most of those who wanted it, have already received it. They knew from the beginning that only around 50% were going to take it.

  8. It seems like everybody is going to build antibodies one way or another. I’m already fully vaccinated. To me that seems like the safest and most considerate way of building some immunity

  9. My mind is never going to be changed on this issue. I’ll gladly eat popcorn and watch while the majority of people who took this thing die from ADE this next flu season and again in 5 years when the survivors start dying of cancer.

  10. Perfectly healthy individuals are lining up for the covid “vaccine”; they’ve been scared into taking the death jab for fear of losing their jobs and lives.

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