Congress Faces Intense Pressure To Act On Police Reform | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Congress Faces Intense Pressure To Act On Police Reform | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


As Daunte Wright is laid to rest just two days after the Chauvin guilty verdict and with more scrutiny being put on fatal police shootings, Pres. Biden and Congress are facing real pressure to act on police reform. Brian Williams discusses with Philip Rucker, Gen. Barry McCaffrey, and Kristen Gibbons Feden. Aired on 04/23/2021.
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Congress Faces Intense Pressure To Act On Police Reform | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


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  2. I’ve been watching A LOT of short videos with cops and the good ones are just as fed up as we in the black community.. So many are showing that this opps, thought it was a taser crap is BS.. After I’ve watched so many I’m not even understanding why the charge isn’t increased.. Bad cops are causing good ones to fear for their life and safety because they are put in the same box when they aren’t…

    1. there isnt “good” cops and “bad” cops. there is simply the ones committing the crimes and the ones watching.
      “Bad cops are causing good ones to fear for their life”. good. maybe when the actual police departments start demanding reform , then we will actually get somewhere.

    2. The good cops stood around watching george die. How many cops have testified against other cops?

  3. “There are cops who never fired a single shot during his entire life of 20 years as law enforcer”, is enough to take a good look at one who did, every time he did it.

  4. #1. End qualified immunity. #2. Double penalties for cops convicted of crimes. #3. Require cops to give evidence on subpoena. #4. Make police leadership vicariously liable for the torts of their officers. #5. Make municipal officials personally liable for the torts of their employees.

    1. Ban the use of “self-insurance” for police unions defending tort claims. Each cop has the full force and power of every participating agency in these “self-insurance” scams to defend bad officders

  5. And if cops are fired they should not be able to get jobs in other commnityies .. Like the M Brow killer working some place else

  6. That chick is trying to get her 2 or 3 minutes of fame. Alternate juror who wasn’t even a part of the jury? Please. There is nothing she can add to the discussion.

    1. She listened to every word and presentation of evidence in real time, just as the the other 13 (12+1 mor alt). She knows everything every one of them knows with the exception of:
      1. Instructions to the jury before entering deliberations
      2. What occured during deliberation

      that said, you are wrong

    2. @Harry Johnstone I knew everything you just said already. Still doesn’t change my stance. She didn’t vote to convict. That might as well have been you giving an interview. You don’t know if I am wrong or right. Let alone to think you are going to right my ship so to speak. With a youtube comment? Just like me you simply have an opinion. It is not less than or more valid than mine. So … 👍. Good job. 😂

  7. A knife causes less damage than a mass shooter. Teens with adult supervision, anything can happen.

  8. Congress just passed the anti Asian hate bill with no problem. Police reform,good luck getting that out of the U.S. Senate lol

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