Biden mistakenly calls out deceased congresswoman Jackie Walorski | USA TODAY

During the White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition and Health, Biden called on Indiana Rep. Jackie Walorski, who died in a car crash in August.

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President Joe Biden appeared to call out the late former Rep. Jackie Walorski, R-Ind., who died in a car wreck in August, for being in attendance during a speech Wednesday at the White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health.

Biden thanked "all of you here," singling out Walorski and other lawmakers, for their work on hunger as he spoke about his administration's efforts to end hunger in the U.S. by 2030.

"Jackie, are you here? Where's Jackie? I don't think – she was going to be here," Biden said.

Walorski and two of her congressional staff members died in August during a head-on car collision in northern Indiana. She was 58.

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    1. Jackie will be voting early and often! She’s mailing in multiple ballots from Heaven! Democrats have 2022 & 2024 in the bag with their Cematary Precinct Strategy.

    2. Already got my Where’s Jackie T-shirts printed up ready to go Thanks Joe for providing great laughter ,memes , T-shirt and bumper sticker material. You should of been a comedian not the president

  1. Oh
    I have heard people laugh about these ‘gaffes’ over the last few years, but I never once found the President ‘s apparent medical condition amusing.
    It is horrifying, it is sad, it is elder abuse and it is just plain wrong.

  2. He/his staff literally released a statement several months ago where supposedly he was so sad about her passing and was thankful for the time he worked with her. Just goes to show that everything for him is carefully written and scripted, and he has no clue what’s really going on.

    1. Johnny Torres, Walorski died 8/3/2022. That is a little over a month ago. Are you making things up?
      Btw, Trump spoke of Frederick Douglass in the present tense, mentioned that Douglass was doing great things, but Douglass died in 1895.

    2. @John Davis come on man they had short memorial to the deceased representative shortly before this that very event.

    3. @John Davis just cause dude didn’t know the exact date she died DOESNT discredit the fact that his staff did put out a response to her death claiming he was mourning for her. There is absolutely no defense for mistaking someone alive who’s funeral you attended only a little over a month ago.

  3. Omg ! How horrible ! You can’t recall she passed away in a horrible car accident ! Along with my friend Alyssa fiancé and another woman !! Wow Joe you got to go !

  4. “Jackie…are YOU here? Where’s Jackie? I think she wasn’t going to be here.” There’s no “mistakenly” about that. He asked her if she was here….like to speak up if she was. A person doesn’t just forget that someone died…especially when the White House claims they are going to have a special event planned for her and her family since she died. He DEFINITELY didn’t remember that she had died….which is something huge to forget.

    1. @Fani he is beyond old, he is mentally very unwell and controlled by china influencers who think they are gonna get that commie utopia

  5. There is nothing that can be said to explain this one away.

    He was looking for and calling for someone who has died.

  6. This man is so cognitively challenged. He literally mentioned her in a Memorial speach and flew the flag at half staff for her 2 months ago. Smh. I’d say remove him from office except I severely want to see his impeachment this November.

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