Biden: 'My Plan Is To Run For Re-election' | MSNBC 1

Biden: ‘My Plan Is To Run For Re-election’ | MSNBC


President Biden says he intends to run for re-election in 2024.
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'My Plan Is To Run For Re-election': Biden Sets The Stage For A Campaign In 2024 | MSNBC


    1. He was continuously looking down at his notes. And what was that moment with the filibuster? What was going on? It was uncomfortable viewing.

    2. @wysetech2000 then ask the activists who call themselves journalists on msnbc why they reported children in cages. those are their words you maroon.


  1. To be fair, this is a pretty silly question not even 3 months into the first term.
    That said, hope Joe is smart enough to know it’s better hung em up after 1 term.

    1. Exactly Ro G, but one does hope he doesn’t run again. Unless he is super human, it’s just not a good idea.

      Best to right the ship and then bow out gracefully. If he does 8 years (if reelected), it will be disastrous, if not fatal due to the aging effects of the presidency.

    1. @Demo Crusher I’m looking up north? No immigrants in Kentucky. None in Alabama or Louisiana, Mississippi, Louisiana. Traditionally poor states.

    2. @Demo Crusher No immigrants in North Dakota. They sure could use it in their economy. Nope none of you Republicans have an actual argument except bigotry and voting numbers.

    3. Illinois could use immigrants. Instead Chicago is the way it is on its own. You know one could argue everyone bordering Canada could use more Mexicans instead.

    4. Lastly. Let me tell you something shocking about America. Republicans.. in population density which includes land size according as part of the equation America ranks in the 120’s! Among other countries.

    5. So it’s not a matter of overcrowding. We are 120 places below the top countries in population density for our land mass. Your arguments are all dumb.

  2. *oh boy! i hate this kind of journalists, what in this question makes the people’s life better? nothing! Just headlines fishing!*

    1. Boy oh! I hate this very angry kind many Youtube, what is in comment that seem like you Russian Troll? No ideas!

  3. President Biden plans to run for reelection but either way, Trump should at least be on house arrest by then! Hmm?

    1. @A. Merican u voted for a man with dementia who can’t answer questions without looking at his notes democrats are elder abusers and the world is laughing at biden like Obama said never underestimate the chances of biden screwing stuff up

    2. @A. Merican somehow billionaire swindler grifter conman trump gets sympathy… I just so t understand what these people see in him. He’s lies his whole life, swindled banks, and they really believe he’s some great businessman. So they even know he’s been kicked off charities because he was misappropriated funds? This hero worship is something I’ll never understand

    3. @Demo Crusher Be precise? Your asking that dumb question shows that no matter how many impeachments, no matter how many phone calls to Ukraine, GA, and other states, no matter how many insurrections, no matter how many LIES, no matter how much whining, no matter how much blaming others, no matter how much whining the ‘victim,’ no matter how much money raised from fools like you- NO AMOUNT OF ‘PRECISION’ WILL DO! So, with that said, I won’t waste my time or yours because one thing I’ve learned from Trump and his minions, you can’t save fools from themselves! See how that works? Hmm?

    4. @A. Merican Hate to tell you this, but tax cases average about 8 years when they’re this high caliber. The IRS has $2.4 million in tax liens against Al Sharpton. Is he in jail? No? Trump will never be either.

  4. And just like in 2020, President Biden will win by a landslide in 2024. Blue tsunami sequel in the works.

    1. @Alfred Basurto – Those immigrants felt socialism in the flesh… cruelty? racism? they voted against it!

    2. @Alfred Basurto – by getting rid of racists like you that thrive on identity politics and minorities self-pity.

    3. And this time no one will pull a dangerous stunt at the capitol just to appease a whiny old man who never grew up. Why? Because Trump will be gone. Hopefully into a long term government program in a long term government facility.

    1. @TheDiamond2009 NO, He was being careful about what he said about the filibuster. It’s a touchy subject right now!

    2. @wysetech2000 Joe he loves China. He says to Anderson Cooper other day genocide in China just different cultural norms. Didn’t you watch that liberal?

    3. @MAGA Abdul No you’re right, we should’ve just kept coddling Putin’s sack under the racist oversized oompa loompa. The past 4 years under Trump has proven that he’s willing to let Russia hack into our country and try to steal any information possible. They even tried to influence our election last year just like they did when Trump was voted in. What did Trump do? He spent months tricking Americans to give him their money by claiming voter fraud against other Americans which resulted in a literal mob attacking the Capitol. He downplayed Covid which has now resulted in nearly half a million dead Americans. We made America greater by electing Biden. Time will show this, you are on the wrong side of history my friend.

  5. Except this isn’t actually what me meant, as he clarified in response to the question he was asked immediately after this.

  6. HEY TUMPIES- make sure you send all your money to Trump and the My Pillow guy. They are working to overturn the election in AZ, and all they need is your money….And don’t forget “The Storm”.

    1. It’s ok because you voted for the real racist. Just look right here on youtube. Joe Biden’s racist remarks. This will show you the real person he is. Take your time because there are many to look at.

  7. Donald Trump filed to re-run for Presidency on his Inauguration Day. First and only U.S. President to do so.

  8. Wow, there were five members of the media there answering questions for our president. We’re in trouble.

  9. Why is everybody acting so silly? The man said it, tongue-in-cheek, in answer to a stupid question by a reporter.

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