Biden On Putin Meeting: ‘My Agenda Is Not Against Russia’

During his remarks at the close of the Biden-Putin summit, President Biden discussed important topics raised in his meeting with Russian President Putin such as cyberattacks, Alexei Navalny and the importance of human rights. 

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    1. Hahahaha because Executive Orders & using the DOJ to target citizens & Congressmen of his political opposition — that’s what the Constitution directs?

    2. @TheGuerillapatriot Are you nuts? He violated every law in the Book, including Constitutional Law. And he is going to JAIL for a very long time.

    3. @Jennifer Middleton impeached twice
      And acquitted
      And democrats got caught editing video evidence they presented

  1. I wonder if Allen Weisselberg will flip on Trump? It will be a sad day if a former president gets charged in a RICO case. Well, not that sad🤣🤣🤣

    1. Rofl, you’re living proof that wisdom doesn’t come with old age. Then again this account is most likely fake.

  2. it must be so embarrassing for russians to have a corrupt dictator as their “president”.

    1. Actually they are not, rather, they love it just like the current Republican Party loves Corrupt Dictator, Trump.

    2. @no mans land Once upon a time there is this dumb YTC ( YouTube Channel ) called no mans land, who is politically incorrect and cannot spell right, and he or she put sheps instead of sheep’s.

      THE END.

    3. @TommyK lol the courts shut down his american rescue plan for being racist
      MSNBC didn’t tell y’all yet

  3. It’s just nice to hear complete sentences now. I may not agree with everything Biden does but I have respect for his intentions which is heaps more than being ashamed of my president when Chump was the mafia boss.

    1. @Skip Ads Maybe listen again. They were perfectly coherent.

      English must be your 2nd language.

    2. @Mountain Man
      I’ll bet you especially liked the part where he said an officer was killed on January 6th at the Capitol even though that’s a complete lie.

    3. @Skip Ads …That is your gripe? Yes, he died the next day. Another one suffered a heart attack, but lived. Two more ended up committing suicide. And many others suffered major injuries.

      But hey, they were just tourists right?

  4. so reassuring to hear a presidential speech that is not all about “me, me, me, me” and more about real substance, that is relevant and not full of hyperbole and populism.

  5. times like this you gotta wonder if Putin can really violate more human rights than Russian weather can

  6. he said it right when he called him trump but he also called trump, Lincoln. and he won 2020

  7. *U.S. ROYALTY: I hope the Russian Federation now understands America and its beliefs in the Oxygen Government.*

  8. Oops! Putin was correct when he said you, Pres., have a man in solitaire confinement for over 145 days who was nonviolent nondestructive and not yet judicated. Yeah, most would say torture & unconstitutional. Hate when foreigners have a factual come back. Like China. Try to avoid that please.

  9. Meanwhile. “What are you doing to Navalnyl?” None of your business what I do says putin.

    1. Only because Trump destroyed vital government agencies and gave classified info to Putin. It will take awhile to repair and do damage control from Trump years but we will succeed.

  10. The Real Good thing about that meeting is they didn’t mention Pus ( like from a bad cut or sore) Trump.

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