1. Even when he’s lucid (which is rare) his speeches make 0 sense. I’m so tired of incompetent leaders.

  2. Venny-πŸ’– 𝐹**БК ΠœΠ• - Π‘ΠΠ•π’žπ’¦ 𝑀𝒴 Π π‘…πŸ’πΉπΌπΏΠ•πŸ”ž says:

    This is the most awake I’ve seen Biden

    1. Well they had mutual combats in well developed economic regions to destabilize them and give them better access to other nations assets… America and Canada currently have fascist government where the interest of the state plus the interest of “liberal” technocratic corporation are one and the same (your data)…

    2. No such thing as the cold war my friend. Bankers run the world, who are the bankers….look in that direction

    3. @Walter Grace You sound like a minor.. You shouldn’t be talking about politics if you’re a minor..

  3. β€œBiden, to me, is like having a flashlight with a dying battery and going for a long hike in the woods,” – Rogan

    1. Trump is, to me, like having one of those fancy LED flashlights with a full charge, and going into the woods with it set on some stupid setting like ‘strobe’ or ‘SOS’ that you cannot turn off.

  4. Folks have lowered their standards for leadership if they just expect them to be awake.🀷🏻

  5. Who is going to sanction those responsible for millions of deaths in Iraq, Libya, Afganistan? War criminals go unpunished.

    1. @Justin Atest It was just rambling on my part. Ukraine’s fault was ovethrowing legitimate government in 2014, taking course towards NATO (unfortunately it’s perceived as enemy in Russia), very aggressive stance of Ukraine towards Russia, promise of Zelenski to look into developing nuclear weapons, and unending aggression in the east of Ukraine with daily shelling and casualties.

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