Dramatic video: Car bursts into flames after targeted shooting in B.C.

A car burst into flames a few minutes after a targeted shooting in Coquitlam, B.C. on March 25.

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  1. Great work by the police managing all of these known criminals. Any progress on arresting the known killer of Trina Hunt?

    1. @Boiling Snow Water Most of these criminals in the Vancouver area and Toronto area are immigrants who voted for JT. Not just the small crime but the major stuff like human trafficking and auto theft rings.

    2. @Boiling Snow Water funny how liberals and democrats always brag about all the minorities that vote for them but if they commit a crime they instantly become right wing extremists haha.

  2. Who is doing the target shooting? No recording? Don’t worry, we all know who they are.

  3. It’s time Canada got tough on crime again.
    Drug use, organized crime; what we’re doing IS NOT working.
    The time for reform was yesterday! Let’s get some change on these street. Enough political posturing and virtue signaling.

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