Biden On The Future Of The Country Following The Pandemic, Capitol Riot | MSNBC 1

Biden On The Future Of The Country Following The Pandemic, Capitol Riot | MSNBC


During his address to Congress, President Biden shares his thoughts on the future of the country following the Covid-19 pandemic and January 6th Capitol riot.

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  1. 100 days and still those responsible for organizing the attack on democracy have not been held to account. Some democracy. Some justice system.

    1. @Corporate sponsored peaceful protester I was talking about Persona 5 earlier. My computer won’t let me delete my comments.

    2. @Josef Jerbils Lol. Do you seriously think it was over nothing? Granted, today’s braid had nothing to withe the Insurrection,but the idea that it was nothing is ludicrous.

    1. Yeah Mutt and Jeff, sparing us their witch faces with extra large mask! I love it!! HAHAHA HAHAHA

  2. A positive uplifting speech to the nation from President Biden tonight. There was a lot to digest in it but overall it was good for being in office for only 100 days

    1. @FORENSIC AUDITS ACROSS AMERICA!! I see you’re taking your job seriously as a puppet for Murdoch/Putin/Trump.

    2. @Friend I can’t listen to Tim Scott on the Republicans response it’s so bad you couldn’t make up everything he is saying

    3. @Daniel Eagan He’s just spouting more GOP propaganda. Republicans once again have nothing except whining and complaining.

  3. Really, has it been 100 days, wow? How many scandals so far, how many firings, I’ve lost count. Oh, that’s right, none.

    1. Yep, just got back from the southern border. Been that way since 1854 with the Gadsden purchase. Same old same old. People coming North to live in the United States. Same with the Northern border, people coming South to the United States.

  4. The speech was great. President Biden is really pushing for bipartisan support in congress. Biden even praised some Republicans. Republicans just refuse to be bipartisan because they are just focused on taking back power.

    1. Are you really this ignorant? Biden has already spent 6 trillion dollars! Most of it NOT going to American people. The border is a full blown crisis! Democrats want to abolish the 2nd Amendment. Wake up!

    2. @Rod you and I disagree I am still waiting 2 hear why Republicans can’t vote on gun reform and supporting the middle class with a jobs plan
      Let me hear their plan. Instead of taking about cancelled culture. What does that even mean? Biden has policies that I don’t agree with all of them but it’s something. What do the Republicans stand for? I hear denial regarding Jan 6th. I hear Biden is going yo take your meat away. I hear Vice President Harris is letting the kids read her book. I hear Biden is old and has dementia. Really!! I am waiting for the Republican to say what they want 2 do 4 we.the people.

  5. I’m that guy at the stop light playing the loud bass music that’s causing everybody’s vehicle to violently raddle and shake …

    1. @FORENSIC AUDITS ACROSS AMERICA!! God is an abortion advocate. How many new accounts do you need to gaslight?

    2. @CShield How many more years are you going to troll MSNBC, and repeat yourself like a broken record.

    1. @FORENSIC AUDITS ACROSS AMERICA!! God is an abortion advocate. How many new accounts do you need to gaslight?

  6. Guantanamo…
    Obama said “shut that down” because its wrongdoing. But someone more powerful stood in his way and held their ground. It is agenda to put blemishes on the mirror of democracy (lamb of God) “without spot or blemish”
    Not let anyone fix anything… agenda to point to the reflection of what they do… democracy did this.
    True Christians look at the mirror , then look back at those accusing and say “there’s nothing wrong with the mirror .”
    They won’t even ask for a raise… make minimum wage so low they can’t survive grazing on it… force them to grow fangs and claws to survive.
    What antichrist agenda … where ?

  7. Truly terrible the capital building had to be cleaned and tidied up. But when will us citizens caught in the blm protests be able to recover from the destruction?

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