President Biden Says The Wealthy Should Pay There Fair Share In Taxes | MSNBC 1

President Biden Says The Wealthy Should Pay There Fair Share In Taxes | MSNBC


During joint address to Congress, President Biden says the wealthy should pay there fair share in taxes and he "will not add an additional tax burden to the middle class."
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  1. Facts! If you have a higher income, it would make sense you pay higher taxes because you can afford it.

    1. @Solving Politics so the top 1percent is paying less than the 99percent. Only 30percent vs 80percent. Are you a banker ??

    2. @Solving Politics am sorry maybe english isn’t your first language, but the lazy buddies I was referring to those who don’t want to work hard .
      That’s why in the first comment I referred to FREAKONOMICS, thank you.

    3. Do you realize how stupid your comment is? By taking from someone’s hard work we can all become more average?

    4. @double down what hard work
      Millionaire and billionaires never had to do hard labor and get paid every 2weeks

    5. @Drake Fire Wow another ignorant social justice bed wetter! The top 1% pay 33% of the tax’s the top 5-% pay 70% & the bottom 50% pay under 5%. You have been lies to your whole life!

    1. @Eva Grant wow the identity politics keeps getting better. Next we need women from CA who had a female fling in college and are nonbinary! That’d be real progress!

    2. @Scott Loveless Is that why the South votes Republican these days?

      Or thinks that the “goodness of slavery should be taught?”

    3. @joe kim I love how you mindlessly repeat Trump’s lies, all so he could hold a Bible upside down.

      Unless you think a pastor would help people burn down his own church.

    4. @jj Cardinale You aren’t smart enough for this conversation.
      Nobody is taking from the rich. The rich will now pay what it owes instead of paying zero taxes.

    1. Huge difference, the previous putin djt worked for the 1% rich and putin himself, finally Biden works for us the 99$ of the USA!

  2. First time in history to see azad woman speaker of the house and a woman vice president of the u.s leading in Congress.

    1. Fechin stupid, 10% of the worlds population own 90% of the worlds wealth, there’s something wrong?

    1. Dave Lee you should tattoo TRUMP on your lower back since he lives in your head rent free. Trump has been out of office for a while now and you still can’t forget about him. That’s real love right there.

  3. Billionaire Warren Buffet says that the wealthy should pay their share. Years ago he asked the question …….why should my secretary pay more in taxes than I do?

  4. I have not been this optimistic regarding our government/country in almost 5 years! Thank you Mr. President!

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