Biden Pressed Border And Foreign Policy At First News Conference | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

At his first press conference as president, Biden faced questions on his border policy and a range of foreign policy issues like Afghanistan and North Korea. We discuss with Kristen Welker, Peter Baker, and Jeremy Bash. Aired on 03/26/2021.
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Biden Pressed Border And Foreign Policy At First News Conference | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. @Support your Troops & Athletes Can’t support your athletes by mixing males and females in the same sport. They’re built differently. How is your lovely Democrats supporting troops by making them sleep in a garage and giving them contaminated food?

    2. Oh no… That was an attack from the Prince of Darkness which is a spirit. But he didn’t prevail! Biden is in our God,s hands. The God of Abraham! We fall down but we always get up!

    3. @The Morose Pittbull We will not be divided, making this a fight against women and men. We like our faith-based group and do not want to mix or compete against men. These all women groups are helpful in healing the family and nation. We marry our sons and daughters so they can carry on our families legacy’s. Abortion is only an option if a sibling or father rapes his daughters. This is personal and no women’s groups will mentor our children, under girls clubs promoting the agendas of killing our descendants. Be careful true worshippers. This is not the time to take a bribe and follow groups that pass unjust laws to destroy people of color.


    2. @Jack Hammer oh my god bless your virgin eyes how could I write such a thing oh no! Shut up, Trump’s said worse about people for no reason and you’d probably support him for it. Also grow up, personal insults keep the soul pure. It’s actually a cop out to only address the personal insult and not the brilliance that came before it.

    1. @Red Sky what comment? This echo chamber of cultists still crying because their supreme leader failed miserably at stealing a second term then failed miserably at his attempted coup?

    2. @Michael Mcduffee
      Oh wow you are all over the place.

      You can only bring up Trump because it is clearly very hard for you to watch people be critical of Biden.
      Weren’t you critical of Trump four years ago?

      Of course you were, that’s why you’re here

    1. Tzar Biden and kamaltoe Harris of the socialist party doing everything they possibly can to destroy America

    2. @Michael Mcduffee impeached because Democrats are triggered snowflakes. Acquitted twice and running again in 2024. MAGA

    3. @Michael Mcduffee trump might be an orange but you realize your guy is a potato right? Deflecting criticism of Biden by talking about Trump proves you know Biden is a complete disaster. Soak it in pal. This train wreck is your doing. Just like Trump supporters had to deal with his fall out and short comings, so to will you deal with Biden’s. You got 4 years of this BS to deal with yet. And you can’t blame Trump the whole time. Well maybe you will but you’ll look like a complete moron. But i guess if you are you won’t even care.

    1. @pigskiner4life I had a cousin that voted for him because in my cousin’s words “he felt like a victim.” Mind you, he’s white and a teacher. 🤨

  1. The president seemed old and confused would have been more honest Brian. But then again honesty isn’t your strongest suit.

    1. Next week Brian will be doing a piece on the border from a helicopter.

    2. Joe Biden had a cheat sheet with the names and faces marked of which journalists to call on, and he knew EXACTLY what questions would be asked of him.
      That was not a press conference—that was a play put on by bad faith actors in a pseudo-democracy.

    3. @Adrian Fort Movie Reviews, Books, and Vlogs Williams, looking down at mobs of unaccompanied children: Children. I don’t see any children.

  2. Xi Jinping watched Biden’s press conference in his office. He then shaved 10 years off his timeline for overtaking America.

    1. I know you were only joking but it’s been confirmed that the timeline for China to over take US as the major superpower is 2024

    1. @Kevin Brown no tears. Just pointing out the stupidity you voted for. At least you seem to be able to complete a sentence…good for you! Miles above our dementia ridden president and his Crack head son.

  3. I think it’s cute there’s people out there who still think career politicians do anything to help them or their lives

    1. @kerosinfuchs lol this comment is actually pretty funny. Literally you probably just described everything g you do on a daily basis

    2. @kerosinfuchs like I said, gather the right people and ANY political system will work. It is possible but the first step is reducing the citizenry to those individuals. It can’t be done due to hysterics over racism, exclusion, diversity, etc.

      Small, cooperative communities is ideal. Way too late.

    3. @Dark White you’re such a wimp. Yeah cause racism wasn’t hear before Trump. Sexism was never here. Oh My God…guess what??? Guess who deported more illegals than any other president???? NOT TRUMP. It was Obama!!!! What now? Oh my God. Mr. Nice Guy Barack….never told you what he was doing. You weak liberals were told what Trump would do and HE DID IT. And all you do is cry. You look young. Your generation is already going down as the crybabies of the free world. Wahhhh. we don’t get our way so we riot, say Russians got Trump elected, mean Trump didn’t give me stimmy check so I can buy more vape pods. Wahhhhhh. Mommy and daddy want me to pay rent, but I have noo job cause Mr. Trump! Waaaaahhhhhhh. Bunch of crybabies.

    4. Man. Dark White replying to everyone who liked Trump. Man. Must be really busy to have all this time to reply to all of us. Sorry. I have a job and stuff to do Dark White.

  4. Biden looks like he just wants to take his ball and go home for good…he’s so not into this thing

    1. @Mike Barry If you can look at Biden and consider yourself a winner, TDS was the least of your disorders. Not 1 American stands to ‘Win’ under the Biden administration. The only winners will be crossing borders, and we all have to pay endlessly for it.

    2. @Mike Barry thats all you care about mike… feeding your ego and being the “right” one. Even if it means destroying the country for everyone else. People like you should just leave the country if you hate it that much.

    3. Best lost moment, asked about gun control Biden babbles about AC leaking out of windows in commercial buildings. WTF?

  5. The “fortification” of this election will go down as one of history’s biggest blunders. The establishment is on life support. It’s raining red pills everyday

    1. @Horrace Corke
      Yeah 6 Oregon counties have joined the Greater Idaho Secessionist effort. Sick of the entire state being controlled by Kate Brownstain and her minions.

    2. @Band Me
      He didn’t delete your comment.
      We peasants don’t have the power to delete comments on YT.
      Goolag hires people to do that.

      Defund the Thought Police.

  6. He did nothing but lie and deflect, that’s only when he could keep his train of thought for two seconds.

    1. @Michael Mcduffee Aww are you Mike Barry’s butt boy ? Are you the keeper of facts? Choke on your stupidity?

    1. @Oliver Balbuena Good UTOPIAN feel good story Oliver, but FAKE NEWS! Plus add 2019 2020!! Probably around 2million now! UTOPIA! Democratic Socialist Poster Child on FULL DISPLAY. YOUR ideology! Be proud!

      Out of the 1.4 million residents who left for other states between 2011 and 2018, 21% of them went to the Sunshine State — by far the most of any other state, according to a review of IRS data by the Empire Center for Public Policy.

    2. @P D
      Lmao, you do know why people move to Florida right?? It’s been going on for forever. Someone as poor as you wouldn’t understand it though. I’ll still explain it to you. Call it charity.
      It’s called RETIREMENT. You know, when you no longer work. It’s nothing new. Regardless, that doesn’t make New York a bad state?? TF. If people chose a warmer climate over the harsh cold?? If anything, it’s called freedom. Something your republicans are trying to tear away from us. Starting with voter suppression.

    3. @Oliver Balbuena But but you said because of China 🦠??Right? Lol! How is crime going there?! I can’t even imagine 2020! Utopia!Yours at least!

      Shooting incidents for July increased by 177%, with 244 cases taken vs. just 88 during the same time last year. This is consistent with the overall trend in 2020, and from the beginning of the year to July 31, the NYPD recorded a 72% spike with shootings – leaping from 450 cases during the same time in 2019 to 772 today.

    4. @Oliver Balbuena Sounds great!
      Another challenging crime stat was the alarming increase in Murder, Burglary and Grand Theft Auto crimes. Murder cases increased by 30% when compared to the same seven months last year. Burglaries spiked by +31% in July and +45% year-to-date while GLA’s had +309 more cases with a +53% adage.

  7. Anybody who knowingly covered up Biden’s cognitive decline from the voters should be tried for treason.

    1. @Mike Hunt true but the type of person that would vote for him is the type of person that needs to be SLAPPED in the face with the facts. They dont even believe their own eyes until media tells them what to think. Very sad😥

    1. Joe Biden had a cheat sheet with the names and faces marked of which journalists to call on, and he knew EXACTLY what questions would be asked of him.
      That was not a press conference—that was a play put on by bad faith actors in a pseudo-democracy.

    1. Let’s see , allmost all are being held south of the border. In terrible conditions. . By the trump administration. Waiting to be processed thru Immigration . Sounds like a pass the buck to Biden or the next president. Instead of facing the problem and dealing with it. And no this is not dealing with it. It’s time you woke up . And put the blame where it belongs. Taking kids and babies from there parents. Howe’s that work out. How are we seen around the world now. Have the kids been reunited with their parents. You feel any safer now? I feel for them, and for people like you shameful. I’m not saying let everyone in. But there are those who’s life (physical life) depends on leaving there homes. Think will you.

    2. @Michel Hammersley blame where it belongs? That is with the parents of the children. The adults fleeing countries due to out of control violence and corrupt politicians are very apparently incapable of forming a society which can resist such fascism and we have enough of those type incapable adults here already. You may be improving their conditions but you are destroying the culture that made it possible to help them at all. Ultimately, your “Progress” is going to cost millions of lives.

    3. @Michel Hammersley I’m sorry dude but I gotta correct this one ion like trump but look up the facilities they built for the children, Biden removing the trump era border rules is what caused this mess

    4. @Waverton what in tarnation goes on in these parts? Yalunz can’t got no reading comprehension.

  8. I cannot believe that this demented senior citizen is president. This “press conference” is a total embarrassment … pathetic, sad, and terrifying.

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