1. @Bill Burgess Well you know we got Benie in omb now so you’re gonna have a really hard time with that philosophy in the years to come.. just saying

    2. @Bill Burgess is there any evidence that supports what you’re saying, because we are saying doesn’t make sense.

    1. @Tracy B. Lol I remember when I went to 4 employment agencies. None of the programs applied to people who were born in the country.

    2. hope everything gets better. I wish they would give people in desperate need $2000 instead of $1400. He can’t count what the previous administration did.

    1. yet he signed an executive order to let transgendered people compete against women in athletics, Biden really has his priorities straight

    2. They get kind of greedy it’s their money now they send it to the buddies overseas they wash it and then they stick it in a secret switch account that’s how they all get rich

  1. Please don’t call them fine people. Call them nice or good. Thank you Joe. Thanks to CNN for reminding us that those numbers were human beings that had real lives.

  2. I’m working finally, but my property taxes alone put me behind to the point that I’m worried sick about them coming again this year.

    1. @AllHope_Lost I don’t watch much television. I do realize that for some reason cult members are bad at science.

    2. @Msgt D Oorah You’re either an attention craving troll or QAnon follower.

      Either way, what you’re saying/typing is pure bollocks. If you choose to believe it though then carry on. You’re only making a fool of yourself, nobody else. ☺

    1. @mauri China 🇨🇳 Biden busy helping the illegal immigrants and the trans boys over take women sports plus he did worry about lining China pockets with the solar panels push as they are made in China 🇨🇳

    1. @Kraang ‎‎‎‎‎‎​he was saying 2k checks but the government set to $600. it became 1. 4k because by the time he became president people already got the $600. Simply math I wouldn’t expect you to understand.

    2. @I Am Worthy

      Don’t you dare talk to me like I don’t understand math when you don’t even know what you’re talking about.

      He said 2k checks, guaranteed the day he got in office, but changed it to 1.4k checks. Now he’s saying that you have to be eligible to receive those checks, all while giving 1.5 trillion to foreign countries.

      $2 Trillion relief right?

      $1.4k checks for every American ?

      If you do the math to figure out how much it would actually be to give every single American $1.4k it comes out to $500 billion. Where’s the other $1.5 trillion going to? Foreign countries.

      Not taxpayers.

      Get a haircut, the wool is covering your eyes.

    3. @Kraang ‎‎‎‎‎‎​ please provide the link of the video him guaranting $2000 checks when he got in office. I never got checks anyways and I shouldn’t I don’t need them so I could careless what the amount is.

  3. Unemployment is much worse than they say on the news. Many people can’t get state unemployment, which means that the numbers are skewed.

    1. @brandon phillips be glad you had those savings. Many have none. Good of you to have some for that rainy day

    2. @R. McBride I hear you, there are those who have chosen lies over truth. A steady diet of faux news, News Max n Oan can make anybody sick. But again, their choice. The radicalized magat terrorists spoke volumes of how and what motivates them. Most hadn’t a clue.

    3. @kim every president uses the same skewed numbers. Biden will base his low Unemployment rate on the same Numbers, from the same source. Obama did also. This has nothing to do with Trump.

    1. They have no choice Obama ran our military into the ground and deep state has been getting us in fights all over the world no China and Russia want to destroy us so you can kiss that 800 billion a year ago by each year. When the Democrats cut them off at the military then you need to start worrying. I wouldn’t count on a single dollar from the government.

    2. @cat 11 for every plane submarine or ship our enemy has we need to have three. They keep adding to the fleets Russia just introduce their newest line of high technology nuclear subs. So China and they’re going into space both of them bringing space-based weapons. If you want to see how it all ends just study the HENOCH prophecy.
      It’s theyfly com

  4. When you are sitting in a cold apartment.. contemplating how to pay rent when you have a maxed out credit card that will result in a terrible credit score if not paid.. you really would be lacking all senses of humanity if in that moment you think that having to be bipartisan weighs such an importance.. when you look at yourself in the mirror seeing all signs of poor nutrition it would be purely animalistic barbarian act to still believe that belonging to a bloody party matters.. this man “JOE BIDEN” is narrating our pain .. I don’t give a F about Rep. being upset coz he ain’t going to arrange a bipartisan bill .. They can go and ask trump to feed them with conspiracy and hatred.. they can go an get money from trump to support his conspiracy.. NOW ALL I CARE ABOUT IS WE GET TO LIVE.. this is insane.. to question the need of people.. finding a job now is like buying the lottery and hoping to win.. enough with nonsense.. enough with division enough with Gangs Of Pirates being selfish and inhumane

    1. Lol that’s how low they view people. So stupid they can tell you what they do to you and people lap it up like pigs…. wow

    1. It was going good, for rich people and the stock market, Trump thinks everyone is rich, he’s never had to worry where his next meal comes from. He was born into it.

    2. Strange being that he’s not the president, and he’s not the one who killed over 10,000 good paying jobs.

    1. Hang tough babe it’s coming. Just hang tough and keep trying. I lost my world March 20, 2020 with my job just pulled out from me with no warning. A lot of crying, juggling bills, fighting unemployment to get funds coming in, and in the end I received a better job with $5 more an hour I have never had. So hold tight babe, your world will get better.

    2. @Civil Villain It’s not stealing , its borrowing. I borrowed it from someone else! Good quotes should be shared.

    1. @Ben Canada has been Paying $2000 a month since beginning of pandemic. They are thriving. Surely U.S. can do without falling apart. Just one comparison

  5. To our people if you are having a tough time. Don’t loose hope. We are all in this together. God bless America!!

    1. So tired of hearing were in this together… no we are not and its very clear its them and us non politicians

  6. We got Stimulus 2 already so this one will come. VP Harris used the tiebreaker, President Biden is gonna push this through no matter what. Probably Late Feb March timeframe

  7. Biden has had to pick up the economy twice at this point he learned his lesson the first time by not going big enough from the start 😀

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