1. The world still sees the US as a joke and Biden as weak… I don’t know why you think you’re strong?

    1. Not all Dems are dumb, but those who watch this for news are. They cant get enough of the sweet ‘little’ lies CNN provides. Even my friends who are democrat know CNN is baloney

    1. @D RiteMoLawzBks I know who started the last three American wars. One currently the longest war in American history

    2. @Ronald Tippit As long as it furthers US interests and has an objective, I’m not opposed to a war supported by Congress.

    3. @D RiteMoLawzBks I believe war should be a last resort. The Gulf of Tonkin lie got us in a foreign civil war because of McCarthyism. Paranoia is no reason for Americans to die

    4. @Ronald Tippit No that’s a good point. The proxy wars under the guise of containing communism was dark stain on our nation. I have a tendency to support the government’s justification, and after Congress approves, I only look for allied support to accept the legitimacy.

  1. Biden don’t know his left hand from his right,🤫 when signing his multiple executive orders he couldn’t even put his pen in his suit pocket!! But he is the best president we have had.🤦

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