Biden Promotes Production Of Electric Vehicles | MSNBC 1

Biden Promotes Production Of Electric Vehicles | MSNBC


President Biden spoke at the Ford Electric Vehicle Center in Dearborn, Mich. and called for further development and production of electric cars while promoting his jobs plan.

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Biden Promotes Production Of Electric Vehicles | MSNBC


  1. Yeah, sticking to the past with fossil fuels meant we didn’t implement innovations that we made. We should own these markets. Maybe we will get started on that soon. Plenty of opportunity there.

    1. @Nias – And it wouldn’t take all that much, either. We have a lot of domestic production and our biggest source of fossil fuels is Canada. Stop punishing them for being our allies and they’re happy to do business with us.
      Without oil money, the worst offenders won’t have the money to buy any tech from us or anyone. They’ll go back to tribal warfare amongst themselves, but without modern weapons by the ship load.

    2. ​@W Windmills that destroy wildlife habitats? Nuclear that causes devastating effects for all life when it fails? Geothermal is HVAC primarily unless you live in yellow stone. None appear to be a short term solution.

    3. @T. R. Campbell you realize this is 1914 we are talking about and thomas edison. thats like talking about airplanes in 1880 and people being like bruh we tried that once he had wings he was a painter he fell

  2. (Tesla is building huge 4680
    battery factory for new cells in Texas and has production line in California)

    1. @Google User the top two major automakers leading the charge towards EVs are General Motors and the Hyundai Motor Group. Do your homework.

    2. @JDubbs07 Exactly plus Musk ditched the Marxists in CA so why would they support him? We need Fisker lol.

  3. Ford already has an incredible hybrid called the ENERGI. It corners better than a Tesla. It’s May and I have only spent $25 on gas this year and still have lots of gas! That’s less than $5 per month (since I have plenty of gas for another month. The Ford ENERGI is powerful, fully loaded, and a joy to drive. Way to go Ford

    1. @psycobleach46 tullis The federal government gets 36.4 billion in fuel taxes…. if you replace gas and fuel with electric they are going to tax you in other ways….. stop living in denial… they are not just going to let that kind of money disappear.

  4. I’ve gotten the exhilaration of driving the 50th Anniversary Commemorative Edition Ford Truck, like this one; also the GM Master Deluxe Coach 1939!

    1. I just received a report from one of my Democratic clients that Joe threatened to run over a journalist at the Detroit plant when he was driving the electric pick up truck. Republicans are very upset that Joe threaten the life of one of the journalist who is constitutionally protected. They are talking about perhaps invoking permission to look at impeachment or him threatening the journalist. I hope this is not true.
      He also had a heated exchange with Tlaib at the airport.

  5. My sister’s husband makes fun of my partner and I because we are wearing a mask even though we are fully vaccinated. What he can’t seem to grasp is that he’s the reason new, more deadly strains are coming out.

    1. @N 827 Well, we can now see who the least well-read and educated person is within these commentators. Hope your Flat Earth Society (FES) membership dues are current.

  6. Electric cars and solar are their infant stage, I believe in the near future we can evaluate and see if they’re visible options. Even current cars gradually improved over the years. We can’t be afraid of new technologies otherwise we would still be riding horses. Btw electric cars were there from early years of last century but got killed, I wonder why

    1. Because lithium ion battery was invented in 1985 years and have 3 times less weight than at that time best battery tech.

    2. Outdated and Irrelevant.
      Nice attempt at even trying address technological concept. You clearly have no clue what you are talking about. Just here to play mental gymnastics while furthering some weird agenda.

  7. That all sounds good, Joe. but it is extremely important that we source OUR OWN lithium for batteries. Right now, almost every single lithium power cell is manufactured in Asia.

  8. As a BEV nerd since working on a Conversion Swap in 2004. I was honestly very jaded never thought mainstream would care about BEVs. Seeing it become a major political topic is kind of freaky.

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