Democrats Divided On White House Approach To Israel

President Biden's support of a ceasefire in the Middle East comes amid growing pressure from within his own party. NBC News Senior Political Reporter Jonathan Allen joins Geoff Bennett to discuss.
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  1. Man I would have concern for Palestine too.

    Didn’t America sold 735 million dollars worth of weapons to Israel?

    Man I miss the sister and brother hood. Between them 2.

    Some might argue they have similar features.

    1. Right after murdering 58 children and bombing a building that media were in. Because Biden knows how to reward the shittiest people.

    2. @Tori O They have’t been delivered – but they will be.
      US gives $3.8 billion per yearto Israel to buy weapons made in the USA – not to mention the freebies.

  2. People are hesitant to criticize Israel for fear they will be labeled as anti-semites.

    1. Yup! Our Canadian policial are scared to say ” Free Palestine. ” cuz Israel funds their campaigns. Shame! NDP is the only Party in Canada that’s stand up to Israel and stops supplying weapons to Israel and passed a motion to boycott Israel.

    2. @TheSpirit AndTheBride who are the Canaanites then, werent they living in Israel?
      where’s Jesus of Nazareth from?
      read up abit before you spew ignorance

    3. ISRAEL has the right to defend itself !!! HAMAS and its supporters, Representatives OCASIO-CORTEZ, OMAR and TLAIB will never succeed !

    4. @Diego Gallego God told me to invade my neighbor’s pool cuz it was promised me in bible. Free Palestine.

  3. He meant former. No. President Biden did not approve this, and I hope they don’t get the arms deal.

  4. There’s no reason to be divided, yank their aide and give it to Palastine for the damages Israel is doing to civilians.

  5. Of course they don’t want the fighting to stop. What else is going to keep America rich if they can’t sell weapons for war?

  6. Maybe they can treat it like a friendly divorce. You get these holy sites on MWF, you get them on TTHS.
    Sunday everyone gets together for a picnic!

    1. Hamas and NuttyYahoo _rely_ on each other to stay in power. Hamas launching mostly impotent rocket attacks lets NuttyYahoo treat the Gazans as a whole as Hamas fighters, props his Tough on Terrorism cred so he can continue to hide from corruption charges in office, and serves as a distraction from Israeli settlers ethnically cleansing the Gaza Strip gradually.

      What Hamas gets from the brutal Israeli reprisals are Gazans whose infrastructure are crippled and leave them dependent on Hamas for basic services, plus Hamas gets to prop their Freedom Fighters Against Zionist Occupation cred that helps them maintain power in Gaza.

  7. Nice video!! Very engaging from beginning to end. Nevertheless, businesses and investment are the easiest way to make money irrespective of which party makes it to the oval office.

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    1. He is buying time with this conflict, as he is facing serious corruption charges. According to some reports, he is facing some serious jail time.

  8. القاضي حكمه كان معكم في النزاع المدني في اورشليم المقدسة في حي الشيخ جراح ١٠٠/١٠٠

  9. مع علم الاتحاد الروسي والصين الشعبيه أيضاً ومجلس الأمن الدولي

  10. Where there are low fertility rate there are much more peaceful environment, Is this a coincidence??

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