Biden Releases Video In Support Of Workers Voting On Unionization | All In | MSNBC 1

Biden Releases Video In Support Of Workers Voting On Unionization | All In | MSNBC


President Biden offered support for workers in Alabama and their right to seek to form a union in what labor historians have called the most forthright endorsement of collective bargaining of any president in recent memory. Aired on 03/01/2021.
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Biden Releases Video In Support Of Workers Voting On Unionization | All In | MSNBC


    1. You know Joe is struggling cognitively most of the time he has no idea where he’s at and completely forgets what he’s talking about I’m sure you watch videos of him I’m not saying it to make fun of him it’s sad and it’s quite dangerous for this country

    1. Joe’s not worried about the American people he’s opened up to Southern border come one come all

    2. Biden and Democrats could do it themselves through budget reconciliation, but you aren’t ready to talk about that.

  1. In retaliation for Dems’ proposal to raise the minimum wage, Republicans just proposed a bill to lower the minimum wage to $1 an hour.


  2. Republicans are not afraid to show their utter contempt for the American people by refusing to raise the minimum wage. Refusing to raise the minimum wage, when the overwhelming majority of Americans support it, is the most elitist thing they could do.

    1. Why are the Democrats okay with opening up the southern border collect tons of illegals in this country

    2. Kind of like when democrats refuse to hold a vote on m4a during the middle of a healthcare crisis and pandemic. Government doesn’t care about you, stop picking sides.

  3. Alabama by the numbers
    Median HH income: $49,861 (46th in the country)
    Per capita income: $23,606 (48th in the country)
    Median family income: $51,528 (48th in the country)

    But yeah, republicans, workers shouldn’t be able to unionize for an actual livable wage.

  4. We need our unions back! Employers have become greedy and do not care about there workers! We need strong unions.

  5. ABOUT TIME a President stood up for the middle class. Walmart (and I am sure other) companies take full advantage of Government assistance programs. When I worked for them for a short while, PART of the interview process was to ask if I was ALREADY on public assistance for Food/Rent. When I answered NO I was told to go apply immediately as I was only going to be ‘promised’ 20 hours a week for work. So… tell me again how the Republicans care about workers? THe workers build this country while the rich destroy it

  6. What a fink this is not fair for amazon that “Joe” Bananas sticks his nose and mingle into to UNION VOTING they will choose on their own it sounds MORE like a treat or a comment to AMAZON to agree. ( But, I guess Joe owes the UNION WORKERS a voting favor No!

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