Biden signs gun legislation, says ‘it’s going to save a lot of lives’ | USA TODAY

Biden signs gun legislation, says 'it's going to save a lot of lives' | USA TODAY 1


    1. @DragonPinball Those countries also have restrictions on free speech, they are extremely homogeneous and are highly authoritarian when compared to the US. Much like the countries I listed…

      And I agree with you putting some of the blame on the repubs, for voting against mental health measures. Both aisles of the establishment are against the betterment of the people, one way or another.

    2. @KissesofBrownHoney , lol lol now that reply is funny as hell! Dmm! MSMBC does a good job!. lol lol

    1. My butts been wiped, Build Bike Better. What do you mean, Famine? This law will save lives, I used to truckdrive, l dug coal, coal is bad, like guns, except for double barrel shotguns and AR14s.
      Diary from Hell
      Laptop from Hell
      Administration from Hell

    2. @BeefNuts Meh I’ve heard worse. Plus I’d like to think everyone is special and important with the exception of the most obvious ones of course.

    1. The problem is “Jail” isnt really bad. Your given 3 meals a day, better medical/dental care than people outside of it get, roof over your head, excersize equipment to use, books/tv to watch…… And best of all.. that 20 year sentence you faced? oh, it was plea-bargained down to only 8 years.. but you’ll likely only be there for 2 as you’ll be let out on probation afterwards, if you even make it past 1 year befor being given probation.

      Want to actually make Jail something to ‘not’ want to be put into? Make it a 4×4 room where you are strapped to a chair, a feeding tube down your throat, IV’s in your arms, Catheter, and a poop-shoot under your chair, no windows, no light, no human interaction at all, and left there for x-day/months/years/till death by old age.

      Guarantee the amount of murders will see a rather drastic drop when that becomes the ‘consequence’ of doing so. (it wont stop people who ‘want’ to die in the act/after the fact, but that 16 year old gang-bangar? it just might make him pause when he’s told to do something as part of his ‘initiation’ )

    2. Putting them in jail isn’t the problem Kathryn, keeping them longer than 3 days then releasing them to await trial to go out and finish the crime is the ultimate problem!

  1. If they’re going to do Red Flag laws, then there should also be a law for people who falsely accuse someone ,so that law is not abused by people who have a grudge against you! Accountability is important.

    1. @mommy2libras please we all know temporary means permanent in the eyes of the law unless a lot of money is thrown at them

  2. If you wanna play this way- start reporting individuals known to work as hired security detail for politicians.

  3. He s lying He could n t care less A lot of murders have already occurred because of him He has no respect for law and order

  4. Remember him saying that. “This’ll save a lot of lives”. See what he says when it doesn’t do anything to stop killings. Lmfao.

    1. We need to end career politicians and put term limits on all offices. We also need to make trading stock illegal for higher up politicians. It’s basically insider trading.

  5. This is the number one fault of all Red Flag Laws: The Fourteenth Amendment guarantees that no State shall deprive any person of life, liberty, or property without due process of law.

    Notifying the subject of a Red Flag Law case after the fact is a direct violation of the Fourteenth Amendment.

    1. It’s also a violation of the fourth amendment protection against illegal search and seizure. There was a court recently, leaning towards finding red flag law unconstitutional based on the fourth amendment. I’m still waiting to see how that played out

    2. @mommy2libras it does violate due process. Removing my guns from my home and then having to prove to the courts I’m sane is not due process. That’s guilty before being proven innocent.

  6. That boyfriend loophole thing sounds sketchy. Amber Heard showed how often women abuse men and call it the other way. Should Johnny have had his protection removed because Amber lied?

    Notice how there’s no punishment for false flaggers

  7. It would be historical if he would explain exactly how the new gun legislation would “keep guns out of the hands of people who are a danger to themselves and to others” instead of just saying it would. Since laws of any kind have never been able to keep bad guys from having guns, how will this legislation keep guns out of the hands of gang members and other bad guys? Any attempt in the past has been unsuccessful, so HOW is this different from any attempt in the past? Bad guys don’t care about laws, so this wont affect them one bit, same as all other laws in the past. The only way to combat the bad guy is to make sure there are more good guys with the ability to protect themselves against the bad guy. More good guys with guns and the bad guys will thinks twice about doing bad things to the good guys, or, the more good guys with guns means less targets for the bad guys.

  8. There are already over 2,000 gun control laws on the books between federal, state and local governments. The same politicians said each one of those 2,000 laws was going to stop someone from shooting others.

  9. What would be better is if we had trump. I support the NRA and the right to bear arms. From a former Democrat

  10. You have a right to know your accuser by law. Therefore the anonymous part of a red flag law is null, aside from it being unconstitutional

    1. They do it in Connecticut. I don’t know if it stood up in court there. But they made the accuser anonymous by law. And that’s unconstitutional

    2. @James Ryan I think the best thing for people to do is just hide their weapons. When they show up they can search until the end of time.

  11. The Red Flag law may be unconstitutional unless the person accused of assault is actually proven guilty in a court. A mere accusation should not be enough to deprive someone of a constitutional right.

    1. @DarrinCrose The Supreme Court has already made the common sense determination that the right is not unlimited and I don’t know the constitutional limits of this law which is why i said that it may be unconstitutional (in whole or in part).

  12. Love how caretaker Jill closely monitored her patient to make sure he signed in the correct spot. 😆

    1. Well, after his famous, and l quote, “wareimapos edtosignow”, they attempt to be more Careful, another fail. But take Bidish at AB3s with Joey B, It helps. a little

  13. All this law does it take away the ability for law-abiding citizens from being able to purchase a firearm while criminals and gangs still have their guns and their underworld connections to get said weapons.

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