Biden slams Trump, honors Jan. 6 police officers | USA TODAY

Biden slams Trump, honors Jan. 6 police officers | USA TODAY 1


  1. FJB,why didn’t Pelosi allow the national guard to come in 2 days before and secure the area ????!!!!!! Like the president wanted !!!!! Let’s Go Brandon!!!

    1. The Associated Press reported:

      Defense Department leaders placed unusual restrictions on the National Guard for the day of the Capitol riot and delayed sending help for hours despite an urgent plea from police for reinforcement, according to testimony Wednesday that added to the finger-pointing about the government response.

      Maj. Gen. William Walker, commanding general of the District of Columbia National Guard, told senators that the then-chief of the Capitol Police requested military support in a “voice cracking with emotion” in a 1:49 p.m. call as rioters began pushing toward the Capitol. Walker said he immediately relayed the request to the Army but did not learn until after 5 p.m. that the Defense Department had approved it. Guard troops who had been waiting on buses were then rushed to the Capitol, arriving in 18 minutes, Walker said.

      The hourslong delay cost the National Guard precious minutes in the early hours of the Jan. 6 rioting, with Walker saying he could have gotten personnel into the building within 20 minutes of getting approval. As it stood, the support did not happen until the evening. The delay also stood in contrast to the swift authorization for National Guard deployment that Walker said was granted in response to the civil unrest that roiled Washington last June as an outgrowth of racial justice protests.
      Pelosi did not prevent the National Guard from responding to the Capitol attack. Pelosi does not have control of the National Guard. Snopes has previously covered the National Guard’s response and the causes for its delay.

  2. super dear very great President Joe.
    make up bold to save your national security.🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎

  3. ressrruliousteuy! Someone told the potato to act mad ya! Got to had it to potato, it really put all its limited mental reserves into reading that teleprompter. Hope it can be replanted so it can sprout some leaves. Most popular potato ever!!!!! FJB

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