1. Good thing they took it down I was starting to get worried. Thanks president Biden. God bless the United States

  2. The thing is was it transmitting information back to China all that time? If so what was the point shooting it down after it completed it’s mission (not way earlier, as soon as seen)? I mean I hope that’s not the case but the intell is probably back with China. In fact I’m almost certain they will have gotten the info, which isn’t good, especially if it’s been flying over nuclear and sensitive sites (unless it was blocked from doing so).

    1. What would happen if it was shot down over land? How do you control what it hits on landing? How do we know what’s on board? If there was civilian casualties/or property damage, who is left holding the bag? Biden.

    2. @0IIIIII Because he’s gone mentally. The only ones who defend him are you astroturfing CNN Biden defenders.

    3. @Nelson Vega Weak men like yourself should never be in positions of power, as you have no clue how to prevent things from happening

  3. The pilot needs to paint a nice red balloon with a string dangling from it on the side of the plane. Hey it’s an official kill after all!

  4. It’s nice to see all the covid experts in the YouTube comments are now suddenly military intelligence experts.

    1. I’m not claiming to be intelligence expert but I do know a thing or two about virology. Those two topics do not have things in common. One cannot be Covid experts at the same time intelligence experts. But normal people with university degrees and a decent mind can put two and two together. That what people here are doing based on my observations.

    1. @Implecity The balloon was observed by the military at the latest on January 28th, and very likely before that as it was over Canada. Undoubtedly Potato know of it then.

    2. @Rob Johnston you literally just repeated what you said. No one has said they saw it since January 28th, you’re pulling it out your a**

    3. @Plutonian Pisces it’s becoming difficult to want to bring a child into this world with what is happening to our country

    4. @Rob Johnston Actually, as reported by Epoch Times, we know exactly when the balloon left China, as well as the exact path taken until it was finally shot down

  5. Well, Im actually impressed with our president on this one. We had the time to hide anything the balloon could see, and now they can recover the balloon and see whats all there.

    1. Really, even for a CNN viewer your not that stupid right? Joe waited until it had taken high res pictures of everything we have and completed its mission then shot it down. He didn’t want to make his Chinese master mad. I wonder if the big guy and Hunter are getting a bonus for this?

  6. Funny how everyone is concerned about one balloon. But they let TikTok and other Chinese apps learn our locations, search history, movement patterns and more.

    1. Do you really think China gives a s**t about your search history,, personal whereabouts, and movements?
      Somebody’s got an extremely exaggerated sense of importance…

  7. He’s a liar! He specifically said NOT to shoot it down, and now he’s flipping his whole story!! What a bullshitter, I cannot STAND HIM.


  8. Great job letting it continue to gather data for the chinese across the entire country…. great work…

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