1. CIA had it surrounded the whole time and was intercepting signals going back to China. They also hacked it and fucked up the Chinese mainframe

    2. Yeah, lets shoot down a massive balloon over populated areas. I’m sure absolutely no one will get hurt. yeah, there’s a reason for waiting till it was over the Atlantic Ocean. Also yall are acting like taking pictures from above is a new thing. There are already satellites that do the same thing. Recon pictures have been a thing since Biplanes and cameras have been around. So we shot down their balloon, they can just fly a satellite over. This is nothing new.

  1. First China lied about covid and now about this so called “weather balloon”. Anyone else noticing a pattern here? Lol

    1. Yeah it sounds like China should be checked or wrecked in the near future to avoid WW3

    2. It is really difficult to discern a pattern because everyone is lying to us. Joe Biden, theFBI, the DOJ, theMedia, the lesbian press secretary, social media, big tech. I have more problems recognizing truth.

    1. The funny thing is that Chinese are outraged that the USA would take such an “aggressive” measure on a “unmanned civilian aircraft” yeah so first they were trying to downplay it and now they are trying to make it a huge deal. Imagine is an American spy balloon was approaching China. There’d be enough crying to Sabre rattling to last the rest of the year.

  2. Dude says “with a single missle” as if we think it would take more to shoot down a balloon 😂😂😂

  3. It’s only taken 3 days to do the job that should have been from the get go🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    1. @Raven Black The Commander in Chief us a DEMOCRAT, Congress or the Senate wouldn’t have any say in the matter!

    2. They did notice. They had been tracking it since it left China. They waited for a reason. They could intercept whatever info it had with it, also they didn’t want to cause any injury or destruction of property. That’s why they waited until it was over the ocean.

    3. @Raven Black military was tracking it days before it was released to the media once people started filming it on the ground and wondering what it was.

    4. @Raven Black haha wrong, it’s because our military is more concerned about what pronouns to use, protecting Ukraine and white rage than protecting Americans sovereignty; which is why over 4 million illegal immigrants have flooded over our borders in the last 2 years.

  4. It’s too bad wrecking ball Joe let his business associates fly this over the entire US and capture all the footage they need before he shot it down to make it look like he cared

    1. Hey cave man, stop smashing rocks and let me introduce you to something called a SATELLITE. China has these things called SATELLITES and they spy on usa.

    1. Exactly, my question, why? Why not capture the balloon, bring it down and see what it really was? Nope, destroyed, so now they can say anything they want about whose it was and what it was doing

    2. @Tom Coppola “my missiles bigger than yours” also it provides no more data than satellites can already

  5. Masterfully done. Shifting attention from documents to balloons. The more the documents are found, the more the balloons appear.

  6. A simple fact for the Americans: When the balloon was over Alaska, Canada and even Montana, it flew too high for the No.1 air force in the world to shoot it down with a cost-effective weapon. LOL.

  7. We can’t control gun control in the US. Well, we also can’t control unknown balloons entering the US from the skies.

    1. You don’t need the control guns Cassidy. In America we have the second amendment which allows our god-given right to defend ourselves. Yes, it’s really hard for the United States to act against the Constitution and disarm its population. It is however surprisingly easy to take down a spy balloon. Gun control inside of an argument about spy balloons would be like bringing up monkeys playing chess during a discussion about motorcycles. It just doesn’t make sense. Shouldn’t you be out counterprotesting a legitimate protest at an abortion clinic?

    2. That’s very well said and makes perfect sense. How about not sending any balloons up in China so they can’t possibly wind up in our sovereign airspace.

  8. Great job Brandon. Taking it out after it completed its mission. 👏🏻 👏🏻 👏🏻 the administration knew on the 28th of January it was on its way. They had a chance to take it out before it hit Alaska and while it was over remote parts of Alaska but they chose to wait.

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