Biden Takes Infrastructure Sales Pitch To Trump Country

The president is continuing his infrastructure push going to an Illinois county of that Trump won to try to build a coalition of support. Could his plan work? Peter Baker of The New York Times and Ron Insana of CNBC join to discuss.
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    1. @grannypantsification That’s dense. So a state, or a county, whatever, overwhelmingly controlled by Democrats, has decided to withhold funds from police, and has decided not to defend their citizens from criminals, many of which criminals are from a race which thinks their lives matter more than lives from other races. So House Democrats have decided to send funds to those Democrats to decide what they want to do with it, after they have already decided not to fund their police and defend their citizens with funds they previously had to fund their police and defend their citizens.

      So make sense for me how sending federal funds to governors who don’t want to fund their police is going to help fund police?

    2. @JayRo if the funds are sent to the local governments who want them, it would benefit the people who are stuck in a Republican run State through no fault of their own.
      I remember when Obamacare came out and the government sent funds to states for expanding Medicaid. The state I lived in then refused the money out of spite.
      That meant lots of people didn’t get the help they needed. The individual towns tried to participate in Obamacare but couldn’t overrule the state government.
      So you’re right. Unless they give the funds to individual cities, and put conditions on the use of the funds (like they did Obamacare) it would be throwing money away.

    3. @grannypantsification Yes while Texas is the best state to live in and California the worst, your analysis completely adds up in reality. I fled California Feb 2020 at the start of the pandemic, the entire state got shut down, went to South Carolina for only a short partial shutdown, and was able to work the entire time advancing in my career while millions were forced out of work in blue states forced to rely on unemployment and beg for stimulus. If that’s your idea of better, I want more of your idea of worse.

    4. @grannypantsification It’s really cute how you completely ignore reality and just let the media think for you, it must be easier when you let MSM form your perspective of every situation since you don’t possess the ability to think for yourself.
      Democrats defunded the police, the only people who are being impacted by that are those who got stuck in Democrat cities through no fault of their own.

    5. @JayRo Did precisely the same thing, only in October 2020. Low Country, SC. What a stunning difference between the two states. California is imploding, and is doomed. One thing missing from the discussion on Biden’s attempt to buy votes for next years election. What are the blue states going to do after this gift from Biden and his party is spent? Where are these states going to get the money to sustain whatever their “human infrastructure” spending creates?

    1. @Painkiller Jones
      Your name sez it all.
      BLUE IN 22

    2. @Robert Hylton Are you KIDDING??? You idiots are going to get slaughtered in ’22!!! I don’t talk about it much, because I personally don’t think we’re going to last that long! I see impeachment, or civil war, before then.

  1. Msdnc
    Trump country is where all your liberal viewers are moving to in droves because the policies and politicians they voted in cripple communities. They probably won’t change their voting habits, but maybe a change of scenery and not being sorrounded by liberal nut jobs will change their minds.

    1. @Robert Hylton Democrats are the ones who work with Russia. Democrats are the ones who worked with Russia to try to dig up dirt in 2016 too. All you have is projection

    2. Not quite the way I see it. They are spreading like a virus, bringing their groupthink and “diversity” to the “uneducated” rural communities. They are like the Borg.

    3. @Gh0st Uneducated rural communities, you shouldn’t bite the hand that feeds you. Let me guess you believe that the food is manifested within the grocery store.

    4. theKauseman too funny the liberals are the Republican base they keep sucking the tit of Democrat stimulus checks.

  2. all the Commodities we have are moved by rail or Road, when Energy prices go up we pay more at the store no matter what kind of story it is that’s called inflation. When the future of fuel prices continue to rise because of the administration stand on energy inflation will only rise at unprecedented rate

    1. @Fred A no I’ll take that up with the Biden Administration he attacked the pipeline on the first day. You don’t remember fracking or no fracking that set policy for the next four years everybody in business understood that

  3. China was allowed to infect the whole world and Communists Democrats made sure nobody in America questioned it. Hahaha

    1. @Tisha A. trump banned travel to and from China and you libs called him racist and instead listened to Dr. Fauci who did know about the virus before and new it came from a lab because of his leaked emails and he did nothing but go on calling others conspiracy theorist. Cuomo put covid infected patients in nursing homes that led thousands of Americans to their deaths. Under trump, the vaccine was developed that you guy said was impossible to do in under a year and now you guys promote it, almost force it.

    2. Lmao you think the dems are communist? Lol they’re just barely left of conservatives, two sides of the same coin.

    3. @Henry Anaya
      I don’t care about none of that he still knew and did nothing but LIE!… an say it was a host it was fake new it was a Dems host and he was the Head Person IN CHARGE he was our PRESIDENT THE COMMANDER CHIEF OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA you Goofy A$$ 🤡s

    4. @Tisha A. you don’t care that thousands of people died under democratic leadership? That the reason you wore a filthy cloth over your ugly face was because you decided to follow a doctor who actually knew it came from a lab and wanted the shut down? Gee no wonder America is falling everyday more and more. You have your head so far up your emotional butt that you can’t see facts, all you see is race and emotions that this houseplant administration along with big tech has implanted in you. I almost feel sorry for you.

    1. @jose farrington Companies have gone bankrupt because they had too much debt. The government can’t just print money.

    2. @Shawn M the main means to pay for the infrastructure package isn’t by printing money. They want a fiscal plan to pay for it so as to not add to deficit spending. This is part of the difficulty in getting the deal passed.

  4. Big Brother Biden’s “infrastructure” plan requires a VERY broad definition of the word “infrastructure”. When I heard it included billions of dollars for “climate change” it became obvious it’s actually a Trojan horse for special interests.

    1. So you got a problem with recognizing CLIMATE CHANGE. Mcturtle and senate hasnt passed a bill for over 12 Years when it calls to help us the people. Trojans are in Repubs bills also LIKE THEY DIDNT WANT THE VERY WEALTHY TO BE TAXEC TO PAY FOR PARTS OF THE INFRASTRUCTURE BILL . you know why cause they don’t pay taxes anyway , you know it Welfare At The Top. Trumps made sure of that …a trillion $$ tax break over 5 years for the billionaires

  5. People in”trump country ” support regular infrastructure like bridges and roads but not what Biden calls infrastructure like child care

  6. This package kills all owner operators jobs away in trucking and I haven’t read very much of this yet but it looks pretty bad

  7. “Biden’s Handlers Shove Liberal Infrastructure Down Everyone’s Throat”—fixed the title for you

  8. Don’t have to, Trump country has already been building its infrastructure, the Texas super highway are done , the wall will be done shortly.

  9. I kinda want to watch and see if he’s still trying to convince everyone that they won’t see a tax increase after spending another couple of trillion dollars.

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