Biden takes lead in Georgia with help from a county formerly represented by John Lewis | USA TODAY 1

Biden takes lead in Georgia with help from a county formerly represented by John Lewis | USA TODAY


Joe Biden takes lead in Georgia with county John Lewis represented.
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Clayton County, which was represented by the late John Lewis, helped buoy Joe Biden to a narrow lead in previously red Georgia.

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    1. WTAF are you talking about? The issue was the CONFEDERATE flag. The Confederacy was an enemy of the nation. They fighting to preserve slavery!

    2. @lady2550 False. Again, y’all are desperate! It’s just pathetic that you have resorted to lying about a dead man for no particular reason. Telling lies about Lewis won’t change the vote in Georgia.

  1. So you’re telling me the guy who had a few dozen people at his backyard and parking lot rallies beat a guy who every time had thousands at his? GTFO

    1. @PocketAces Bullshit. This is exactly why GOP legislatures blocked early counting in some key states. They wanted to support Trump propaganda. On election day, PA had already had about 2M mail in ballots returned. Trump spent weeks telling his base not to vote by mail so it’s no wonder the results are skewing heavily in Biden’s favor!

    2. @FDM 215 uhm…. handful of big rallies A DAY! lol so like 3-4 rallies a DAY Trump would go to’ your right does not mean that is it but is a BIG indicator. But you will see in time more arrests are coming! They set a trap and it’s to late to go back’

    3. @FDM 215 It is called Election Day and not Election Week for a reason. You want to talk propaganda, however about pushing a plandemic just to force mail in voting (IE: Corruption) for 2020. The media is just doing what the media does, make people angry at Trump. Once the media anoints Biden President, but the electoral college later does not, y’all will burn every city to the ground, which is what the media wants.

    4. @PocketAces GTFOH… we have had multiple instances of races that went well beyond election day to have a result. Y’all are really getting desperate now! And if the GOP wanted everything settled on election day, the idiots shouldn’t have blocked requests to count ballots ahead of election day! And nobody was ‘forced’ to vote by mail. BTW, why is the Right so opposed to expanding access to voting? We know that several states have used mail in voting exclusively for several years without an issue. Trump’s on commission was disbanded because they couldn’t find any significant evidence of voter fraud, remember? And the conservative Heritage Foundation’s study also failed to find any significant voter fraud in the US.

    1. @Myla Starseed They mark money this way also’ so it’s not something just made up’ and please if you don’t mind
      try to stop putting people down and insulting. It is not a good characteristic to do that

    2. @Myla Starseed Trump’s not outta here he has till January and prob. longer but it’s OK he will show the TRUTH ! soooooon as they MARKED the REAL BALLOTS and people be going to jail.

  2. I fear this Presidential attempted theft is just a distraction so we do not look into the close House races.

    1. Which is right and just. Regardless of who wins, I just hope the opposing party accepts the results. They also should volunteer to work at the polls.

  3. Japanese spies who were preparing for war, who had been active in the United States for decades, The US media and bureaucrats undertaken by the Japanese spies made the election of an 80-eaten old president through manipulation of public opinion and public power. The president has created a king who does not listen to Americans and acts on the instructions of the staff.  There is no liberal democracy for those who are deceived by the press.

  4. Come on can’t use “can’t tell a book by it’s cover” with comparing the rallies! Joe could barely get 50 people to cross the street to listen to him, and Trump has 1000’s and 1000’s at multiple rallies a DAY! Come on now’ that’ say’s it all you show me in America History anything like that’.

    1. Was there a pandemic going on? Guess what, We the People don’t want Trump, and you’re in the minority.

  5. If Trump have given second stimulies check he could have won Election blessing from God but he ignore while it is sitting there since summer that means August. If you are king you cant say Queen did not let you do it . Its fault on king than why are u in that position to save the people.

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