Family flies to see sailor son for a few hours | Militarykind

Family flies to see sailor son for a few hours | Militarykind 1


"You're it!" Sailor shocked when little brother tags him at the airport….1200 miles from home. 😲
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The entire Graham family flew from Florida to Chicago to surprise their sailor Baylor, even though they'd only get to spend a few hours with him.

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12 Comments on "Family flies to see sailor son for a few hours | Militarykind"

  1. He is handsome

  2. this is so heart warming

  3. Hi

  4. GOD bless you

  5. And people worry about their kids having to stay home for a virus. Doesn’t compare. Thankyou for you service young man.

  6. Adrienne Rushing | November 6, 2020 at 2:06 PM | Reply

    Thank you

  7. I drove from Florida to Iowa to see my husband. His dog missed him. 💘

  8. Bless his heart ❤ ♥ 🙏

  9. Just saw this crying by eyes out this is great. Watch this three times God bless this family.kentucky girl

  10. I got chills. I got 1 baby 25. I got tears in my eyes. Good FAMILY. I can’t imagine. I love, respect, and honor our military. He will always be your baby boy.❤️❤️

  11. News 📰??? Go home

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