Biden Thanks Officers For Defending Capitol, Constitution On Jan. 6 1

Biden Thanks Officers For Defending Capitol, Constitution On Jan. 6

President Joe Biden honored U.S. Capitol Police officers and other law enforcement for “defending” the Capitol and Constitution on Jan. 6. Biden awarded the men and women with Congressional Gold Medals and said, “Thank you for protecting our Capitol.” 

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    1. @Kjell Beilman was it a “terror attack” when the Women’s March stormed the Capitol during Kavanaugh’s confirmation in the EXACT SAME FASHION?

    2. @XXII Elhazaroth Pagangrinder LXXXVIII REALLY……I didn’t see any women BEATING COPS WITH TRUMP FLAGS !!!!!!!

    3. @Mr Rodgers Political Playtime go look again, 575 weren’t arrested for holding hands!

    4. @XXII Elhazaroth Pagangrinder LXXXVIII really they killed and injured 100s of police. Never heard that.

    5. @marge beauchamp well no cops on January 6th were killed either that’s debunked news, but more were arrested on June 28th 2018 no doubt.
      Just search even the YouTubes: “women’s march storm Capitol during Kavanaugh’s confirmation” and see for yourself dude.

    1. @reality President Biden doesn’t use orange mascara or a golden wig or uses vulgarities like the “messiah” of the Christian maga cult who made the USA the laughing stock of the world for more than 4 years and perhaps for decades to come.

  1. These cops should be honored…nothing less…the way they were treated by the GOP is disgusting!!!

    1. @Bill Hicks I’m thinking Brian Jones as well. I recognize the same kind of dipshittedness in the writing style.

    2. Kinda like how American businesses were treated by Biden’s foot soldiers last year. Rioting, looting, arson, vandalism, theft, police officers, and security guards killed!

  2. Honor the Capitol officers by locking up every single one of the people who subjected them to horrific levels of violence and vulgarity on January 6th.

    1. @Brett S. please can you send me the link to your facts I’m on the fence about who I’m going to vote for if can show me anything what’s so ever I’m honestly willing to give my time to looking into it and if you what you claim is true I’d be disgusted with him but it needs to be factual and documented thank you

    2. @the bad guy name one billionaire who ever had to depend on hosting a reality TV show to pay his bills. Maga is beyond gullible.

    3. Biden needs to honor David Dorn’s family. He was murdered in the BLM riots. You can’t pick and choose which police officers to honor. They are all one organization.

    1. @phe25 – Mitch is one of the turtle people, allies to the lizard race, all working with communist China.
      This is why we should be using Giant Pandas for the recounts as they will only eat the ballots with bamboo in them. Checkmate China!

  3. We all witnessed the brave actions and dedication of the Capital police on that infamous day. They didn’t give up on democracy like the despicable selfish losers who attacked our election process. Happy to see them recognized for their service.

    1. @Katie Hettinger I’m fine just having a cup of coffee right now join me. So tell me hope am not bothering you. Where are you from

    2. January 6th was terrible, like watching a zombie movie. I can’t believe how fast maga switched from defending the boys and girls in blue, to beating them up.

    3. So if the capital was attacked by Republicans u think it would be given back. A civil war would have broke out. Keep a level head

  4. Oh my how nice it is to listen to a president speak about others not himself. To be able to string words together and actually make sense. To not have someone repeat the same thing three times. This is astonishing and refreshing. Great job Mr. President.

    1. Every time he does talk about himself, it’s been fact checked as a lie, it’s plagiarized, or incriminates his family.

    2. Yes, Biden can read words off of a teleprompter. Yay!! Too bad he can’t answer unscripted questions from the press.


    It is SO REFRESHING!!!!!

  6. A Phenomenal President!! It has been 4 long years since I have used the honourable title of “President”!!! God Bless America!!

  7. Cool speech without calling name or causing neither criticism that is good leadership, you don’t need to call people rino or causing to show people you are powerful

    1. @Common Sense Jabba The Gutt, loves China, his MAGA hats, that you cover your empty skulls with….. is made in China!
      He paid 12 million dollars in taxes, for his business in China.
      Compared to that, he’s paid $750, yes $750 in taxes, in the US over the last ten years!

    2. @Dora Dennis your previous comment…
      “Hey Biden, fix the border now, it’s been 7 months now, get on it!”
      What happened to your “hero”, Getting Mexico to pay for the wall?

    3. @Fair Dinkum First of all, Trump was a better choice than mafia queen Killary. Secondly, I believe that Trump lost the election to Biden, so it’s Biden’s job now.

    4. @Dora Dennis IM not backing Biden at all, he is much better than that lunatic that was there before destroying the country. Cheers

    5. @Fair Dinkum You seem to know alot then how much in taxes did Bumbling Joe and Crackhead Hunter pay from there business deals in China, Ukraine, Russia, and whoever else Joe sold the vice presidency too?

  8. Thank you Mr. President for saying this to the whole country. These police men I give all my honor and respect doing their duty to protect this country they love. My prayers go to you and your families you still have. You will not be forgotten in the courage you have done in the history of the United States of America.

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