There's 'Not A Lot Of Fortitude' In The GOP Says Rep. Gerry Connolly 1

There’s ‘Not A Lot Of Fortitude’ In The GOP Says Rep. Gerry Connolly


Congressman Gerry Connolly (D-VA) says that while be believes a majority of Congress revere the officers that protected the Capitol on 1/6, he does not have much faith in the Republican Party.

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  1. There is almost zero fortitude in the GQP. They allowed themselves to be conned by the most obvious conman to ever run for office, and almost none of them has the personal pride to tell Trump to screw off. Pathetic is what they are.

    1. I remember when 45 became the president. And his GOP lackeys gathered round the table trump sat at and praised him, like he was Kim Jong Un. That was probably the most un-American thing I’d ever seen (before January 6th).

    2. The root of this is NOT djt….this has been a plan by republicans since Nixon and doubled down on by Reagan. THIS IS THE LONG UGLY GAME THAT RIGHT WING FASCISTS AND CORPORATIONS HAVE BEEN ENACTING FOR DECADES.

    3. @Sydni Downey Totally agree. However, I’m not too sure Reagan had a clue about it either. Seemed like a nice guy, great sense of humor but… more of a trump mentality. That is, not evil, just stupid.

  2. Never in American history and rarely in modern times
    has the world seen such a shirking of political responsibility and duty
    of the likes demonstrated by Donald Trump
    *_and his collared, neutered pets in office._*

    1. Every one of those whistleblowers in government who came forward to speak the truth displayed more courage than these legislators, these so-called leaders of the Republic.

    2. Did you notice that he systematically emasculated every possible republican challenger as soon as he took power?

  3. A serious listener, this man. AND articulate and thoughtful. I am proud he is representing a part of my state.

    1. @OutShined Americans may not have seen what Trump did as a failed coup attempt . America’s major allies in Europe see it as such . All you need to do is read in between the lines. They do NOT want to ever see him in power again ..

    2. @Joy Simpson Ha! Just wait… the Rethuglicans will find a way to throw out votes and prevent people from voting. If that doesn’t do it, the Militias will storm the Capitol fully armed next time.

    3. @Joy Simpson Joy, any and everybody with a moral compass and with even a slightest rational state of mind would NEVER want to see Trump in office again. Ever. Up to and maybe even more so our allies in Europe. Yet, @MeanGeneSanDiego has a point that can’t be ignored. Notwithstanding the tragedy that nearly a whopping 50% of the country voters are Fuxxx News junkies and consequently incurable zombies. The margin of sanity is apparently razor thin as a current majority. What’s to do…

  4. Maybe electing a reality TV host who dodged the draft,
    is a compulsive liar,
    and cheats at golf
    was a bad idea.

    1. Yeah but his voters, 74 million of them can relate to that kind of behavior. That’s the problem. The American people.

  5. As far as Donald Trump is concerned, people are just tools to his own delusional, corrupt system…

    1. @Paul but for the grace of God there for go I…you but for the grace of God could be willing to risk your life to have a better life..Have you ever just once THANKED GOD FOR YOUR BLESSINGS.

    2. @S J you didn’t answer my question 110° in the desert he invites him to come he won’t stop I’m homecoming he’s got blood in his hands he’s a murderer and by the grace of God Liberal Party has killed 600,000 babies every year where was God when you thought about it what that liberals do!

    3. @Paul Wow, he told them not to come, his VP told them not to come. It is quite a stretch to turn that into an invitation. And nobody is killing any babies, unless maybe you are. How delusional are you?

    4. @Deborah Freedman he invited them they’re coming 5,000 under the bridge yesterday 220,000 for the month of July alone but there’s no open border you are just so ignorant! Whatever added keep defunding the police because there’s no issues there either

  6. Well, there’s understatement. “Spineless, corrupt bottom feeders” would be too generous. If there’s decent men in the GOP, other than Cheney and her small cabal, let them stand up.

  7. If the department of Justice does not go after those responsible for January, 6th then we have no justice at all. And a country without Justice is just a criminal country.

  8. Decent men and women do not stand by and say nothing when they see wrong happening. Especially when its their job to defend the Constitution.

  9. So happy to hear that these brave individuals will be getting a greater recognition of their service & integrity. Thank you to every one for standing firm in the face of tyranny.

  10. ‘The President bears responsibility for Wednesdays attack on Congress by mob rioters’

    — Kevin Mccarthy

  11. No, Rep Connolly, there aren’t good people who are staying quiet in the GOP. NO. There may be NICE people, but staying quiet at the expense of the American Experiment means they’re NOT GOOD PEOPLE

  12. The people in Congress who want to protect drump, should be relieved of their duties and prosecuted!!!

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