Officers Who Defended The Capitol Receive Congressional Gold Medals 1

Officers Who Defended The Capitol Receive Congressional Gold Medals


Former White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, White House reporter for the Associated Press Jonathan Lemire, and contributor to the Grio Jason Johnson discuss officers who defended the Capitol on 1/6 receiving Congressional Gold Medals while Republicans continue to whitewash the events of the day

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  1. They well deserve those gold medals! Every single one of them, those brave police men and women bravely protecting our democracy against those terrorists took extreme bravery.

  2. If Fanone is a Republican, I hope he finally recognizes the swamp corruption of the very people he supported.

    1. @MorpheusΩne Yep, BoBo the clown and gangreene both were giving tours. Which is odd considering tours had been shut down since March 2020 due to Covid.

    2. @SkyGemini: Then, why were tours still being held? Perhaps there was a moratorium on tours open to the public; perhaps there still is. But, Lauren Boebert was giving tours to people in the Capital Building. Maybe she just invited a few people that she knew, like close friends, and that’s who this tour & that tour was for.


      Nice FAIL, by the way, Dingleberry.

    1. LMFAO the democrats were trying to defund them, during the BLM riots told them they hope their families got hurt, and threatened to burn down police officer homes…… who’s really non supportive. Come on man…

  3. All very well said. These truly are the times that will try men’s souls and demand accountability or we’re lost. The Union is being tested in a way it never has been. Resilience is the answer to this attack!

    1. @tiny vr trump and his cronies were in charge. He put all the best people in all the best departments and fired anyone who were not loyal to him.

    2. @Jesse Watters Take that up with Trump and the Republicans – they were the ones in charge so go ask them why they didn’t reward and honour them

    3. @Jesse Watters you people keep bringing up other riots from the past like that’s going to take away people’s interest in the tragedies that took place at the capital. You can’t deflect from one incident by using another incident. That’s something kindergartners would do.

    4. But there’s no shame in the fixing the AZ election. lol Stupid lefty. They will be giving the report in the next week or so calling the election here for Trump (our legislators have already announced this). I can’t believe the hypocrisy. This is the exact reason those folks were at the capitol! Don’t you idiots get that!

  4. Once again, GOP opposition backfires on them.

    Congratulations to all of those police officers, each and every one of you deserve this.

  5. God bless those Capitol Police, and Metro Police. They saved our Democratic Republic. They are true heroes.

    1. it was god (or interpretation) that sort of help sending them in the first place… religion is separated from the state for a reason

    1. @Todd Smith you’re as ignorant of the facts as ever. C’mon back when you’ve worked on The Hill or for the USCP for a few years. You’re embarrassing yourself.

    2. @Todd Smith Trump is the only person to throw a rally named stop the steal because he lost…nobody has gone as far as he did it’s a show of his inability to have any sportsmanshp…the sad part is i bet he probally acted the same way during each of his divorces or even when he was’s a guarantee that he would turn on his supporters just like he did with the government…he won’t run in 2024 he is to afraid to turn his taxes over but he will take your money watch…

    3. @Dave Gilmour yep. It sure was. People were getting notifications. All the trump supporters knew. I think everyone just didn’t believe it would happen.

  6. We can see by the numbers that the MAJORITY of US citizens are understanding the criminal acts that were committed that day and are condemning them. Hopefully, these criminal republicans will be imprisoned sooner rather than later. Every last one of them.

    1. @Jesse Watters how many killed… Remember this well those people weren’t democrats they were people upset that trump didn’t even have one discussion about black lives. If you think it was democrats rioting your just uneducated on civil rights and should look at trumps father’s arrest and release in the kkk riots in NYC. Oh maybe that his mother donated money and was a part of the Nazi party till we went to war with them.

    2. @Jesse Watters Take that up with Trump and the Republicans who were in charge at the time. Go ask them why they didn’t honour the police during those times.

    3. Lol…what a big sh!t show the Democrats are perpetrated. They used these cops as fodder for election they stole and a riot they caused!

    4. @maria schultz Trump was so dumb and incompetent, the big bad democrats were able to steal the election from right under his nose. All that power, with all the intelligence agencies under his control, and he was so dumb, the democrats just walked right in and took the candy from the literal baby

      And then, on the day they were to take power, they organised a riot to try and slow down the process of taking the power that they stole.

      I’m gonna guess reaoning and logic have taken a leave of absence where you’re concerned, huh?

  7. Our Heroes. They were in a war… the injured and dead should also get Purple Hearts! Thank you, President Biden.

    1. @Nic Moreno My point is that if t rump told his gullible, cultist magats that sandwiches were delicious there’d be a nationwide bread shortage!!!

    2. @Robert McAree hahaha but I bet they would rather go and try without bread too..they might even try with a shot of Putin baby batter

    3. @Jesse Watters Go ahead spread that lie… I’m sure you are aware they receive a covid vaccination as soon as they arrived at the border and that they were not released in TX like abandoned stray dogs with rabies they are human beings. No need for your exaggeration or are you really that ignorant because someone fed you that lie? Colonizer or just feel entitled?

    4. @maria schultz False equivalency!!! And many of the protests in Portland became full blown riots due to incitement by right-wing extremist provocateurs!!!

    1. @J Z Take that up with Trump and the Republicans who were in chatge at the time. Go ask them why they didn’t reward the police

  8. Their behavior is normal for someone complicit.
    Their words mean nothing.
    Their behavior speaks to their intent…

  9. It’s wild . Republicans all scream back the blue ! And then hate the fact that these officers saved democracy

  10. just compare the 21folks that voted against and see how can they be qualified to represent this country in any way

  11. Fanone has a genuine “Time” front page picture. The “other” guy can only fake he’s! That has got to hurt! Not even in death will he get the front page of Time…God willing! Stella

    1. @Ean Stroodle s a d but t r u e. Seriously, that’s all I wrote. Three words. Why was that erased?

  12. These police are true American heroes that saved America. God bless them and their families. Real Americans are so proud and thankful for you and your service. Real heroes that saved our government and country. Thank you and God bless you! About time they are praised.

  13. The Officer’s who defended the Capitol have our sincere gratitude and respect. They are truely heroes. Thank you, for your service. Blessings

    1. @maria schultz The moron that kept trying to climb through a window during a violent riot while being told repeatedly that the officer would fire? Funny sort of “ambush”.

    2. @maria schultz ,Babbitt deserved what she got! That thin blue line officer stopped the terrorists from going in that door. Saved the capital and won the day! Republicans are mostly tRump cult fascist traitors.

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