Biden To Announce Unconditional Exit Of U.S. From Afghanistan; NATO Also To Withdraw | Rachel Maddow 1

Biden To Announce Unconditional Exit Of U.S. From Afghanistan; NATO Also To Withdraw | Rachel Maddow


Rachel Maddow shares reports that President Joe Biden will announce on Wednesday the complete withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan on September 11th, after almost 20 years there, leaving behind only enough troops to protect the U.S. embassy. Aired on 04/14/2021.
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Biden To Announce Unconditional Exit Of U.S. From Afghanistan; NATO Also To Withdraw | Rachel Maddow


  1. The U.S. war in Afghanistan has been going on for so long that the newest troops weren’t alive when it started.

    1. Superlative CG
      I don’t remember a lot of comments like this on BSNBC when Trump wanted to bring them home.

    2. One former US military commander said in 2018 that there are three reasons why the US is in Afghanistan: 1. The US wants to have troops in the most unaccessible place. 2. The US wants to be able to stabilizise the nuclear stock pile in Pakistan if necessary. 3. Troops in Afghanistan are the only hard power the US has to attack belt & road military.

      So why leaving now (if the US really does leave)? Maybe because of the geopolitical changes on the eurasian land mass. Belt & Road is bringing this region together, from Beijing to Bruessel, from Moscow to Teheran. The US probably figured that they are unable to stop this economic developement as this is what most countries want. Would the US be able to fight Russia, China, Iran, Irak, Syria, Pakistan, etc. all by itself simultanously (as so called US allies might have signaled that they would not join the US in its effort to try to keep world hegenomy)? Probably not.

      There have been a lot of diplomatic movements over the past 2-3 weeks or so (US media didn’t report on it, but it took place).

  2. Dont get your hopes up. They will just be teansfered to the newly developing iran – Israel war. Just watch.

    1. Good point; in fact, it always was only that: imperialist occupation, using all kinds of shameful excuses, such as internal conflict, Sept. 11, peace in the ME, etc. Lots of people senselessly killed on both sides to fill the pockets of corrupt US politicians.

    2. One former US military commander said in 2018 that there are three reasons why the US is in Afghanistan: 1. The US wants to have troops in on of the most unaccessible places. 2. The US wants to be able to stabilizise the nuclear stock pile in Pakistan if necessary. 3. Troops in Afghanistan are the only hard power the US has to attack belt & road militarily.

      That’s why the US is in Afghanistan, he said.

    1. Come on guys they can’t just have a military and not use it. Then they would not need all that funding, and we know they will never give up any funding weather they need it or not.

  3. There are currently active duty members there that weren’t even born yet when the war began…think about that, lol.

    1. @DeManual If you’re gonna mock me on my grammar, the least you can do is use the proper “your.”

    2. @Why Me nobody is winning these wars, it’s been nearly 20 years my guy. Why continue them if they’re unwinnable? They’ve only made the region worse and caused collateral civilian casualties in the hundreds of thousands.

    3. @Gustavo Serrano I doubt they’d hate us, they’ll hate the taliban more for making them live like the Stone Age

  4. Regardless who is in office this is always a good thing to bring our troops home. Hard stop! Thank you for your Service and welcome home.

    1. We shouldn’t have been there in the first place, at the very least we should’ve left after we killed the guy who supposedly made 9/11 happen but we didn’t. Why is that? We stayed there to murder millions of innocent people who had nothing to do do with 9/11 and who probably didn’t even know it happened. Who’s really the “terrorist”? Those troops can die there for all i care.

    2. @2112Nightshift I mean they blasted him the first days when he was trying to shut down the border around the pandemic and when he shut down the border when he got into office, but now there is an immigration problem due to biden opening the border. I mean he isn’t villifeid justly at all.

    3. @Sklatoobie he isn’t making up stuff, if you use Twitter or use the media a lot, there were a lot of people critizing him for that, you can’t use your small social circle as a good comparison for the vast majority.

  5. My brother served there and is gone after getting malaria there, having to have a surgery in a tent that caused him so much pain and his hummer was hit by an IED that gave him a TBI. God bless all of our US troops that went here, who died there, all those who came home a tragedy and all those who came home alright. My poor little brother had severe PTSD and seizures when he came back and was shot in his apartment, robbed and never got his honors. Nothing has been the same, since. We lost our dad a year before my brother and our mom a couple years after. I wish people would realize life is so very short and tragic.

    1. Thanks to the kindness. The hate is ridiculous, man. I didn’t post for @The Last Rebel Show’s opinions. He came onto my page and trolled me there, too! Wow – people are ridiculous. I appreciate the kindness and I’m sorry for anyone’s loss. God Bless.

    1. @Joseph Arden You don’t know anything about war crimes your “service men and services women” committed in Afghanistan.

    2. @Selected Relaxing Musics Yeah, but nobody really cares about parents or siblings. It’s the little kids and (especially) dogs that tug at our heartstrings and make us teary eyed.

  6. Every war has to end regardless of who gets hurt. It’s time to call it a day. it’s emotional stress being in fear of retaliation every single second.

    1. @jacl Rossrick 100% we should’ve and we now are able to put boots in Ukraine and Taiwan, if the only threat to the world uniting could be defeated in 1 war, im in it.

    2. Sure, and when will the war against drugs end? Or the war against terrorism? Nominally the Cold War ended after the fall of the Soviet empire and the fall of communism in Russia. But Putin is doing his best to revive it. As long there is nefarious activity anywhere there will be varying groups ‘fighting’ against it.

    3. Jake Baker
      did you tell the Democrats that when Trump wanted to bring them home? The reason I ask is evidently the Democrat voters didn’t care enough
      about the troops then when Trump pushed to bring them home. I figured if all the Democrats had backed Trump then the troops would be home today. Funny

  7. This is great and all but it’s kinda like celebrating a 7 hour marathon time. Should have happened much faster.

    1. @Smoothly Amusing he was my favorite comedian for many years, I’ve seen all his specials several times and read one of his books. Doesnt mean I cant criticize the man

  8. I just got back from Afghanistan in December. I’m just gonna say that although they are closing FOBs out there, I dont think we will be out this year. Even though some troops have been pulled out. The Turkish are getting upgraded living quarters out there. At least while i was there. I just dont see it

    1. @THE Kat Haus nothing you wrote makes any sense. In fact, its nonsense. It hurt me to read it and then re-read it to try to make sense of it.

    2. @Ryan Smith these replies are giving me an aneurism.

      1- what does slavery have to do with anything this post is talking about? Why bring up a completely different topic as some sort of desperate defense for god knows what??

      2- The origins of slavery predate historical recording and the written word so whatever point you’re making is moot; in fact its asinine.

      3 – Now brace yourselves for the realization that you’re both extremely ignorant —- Afghanistan is in Asia. Afghans are not Arabs.

    3. @J_Rizzle dude ur awesome… and I agree with you the U.S. has totally screwed up the whole region! The Middle East would of better off if saddam was there… he kept people in check like the Iranians!!

    4. @Billy Cloudy well saddam was a dictator killing his own people, so it’s good hes no longer there. That being said, the Iranians supported the US efforts to get rid of him primarily because the US said that they would only be there to help overthrow him and then give the reigns to the Iranian people; you’ll be shocked to learn they did not in fact give the reigns to the Iranian people. They stayed there and exploited the vacuum in that region to get a foothold. We know what that’s lead to, Iran’s economy failing, the Iranian people hating the US/building nuclear weapons, and a 20 year bloody war in Afghanistan that has given the American people nothing but loss of family and friends.

  9. Hmmmm, this just puts me on red alert for whatever major scam headline freakout will apparently be front and center before then to sideline the whole thing.. My friends in finance and defi are looking for a big correction/crash of the markets around then.

  10. One of the best help you can give them from the PTSD they coming home with is a true army welcome, to every plane, in every airfield, an army assemble of all veterans of the war to welcome the last brigade….(just to them up with a warm welcome)

  11. I’ll believe it when it is actually done. Two administrations before this promised to withdraw with no results.

  12. 9 months from now

    “And in other news a radical rebel group has overthrown the government of Afghanistan, and declaring a new caliphate”

  13. Hi Rachel Anne..
    Rachel, “heck!. With him you have to consider the possibility that he may have falsely believed he did bring(brought) them home.”.

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