Dr. Fauci: A Pause Is Confirmation Of How Seriously We Take Safety | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Dr. Fauci: A Pause Is Confirmation Of How Seriously We Take Safety | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, joins Morning Joe to discuss a recommendation from federal health authorities that providers temporarily stop administering the Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine while they investigate a potential link to very rare blood clots. Aired on 04/14/2021.
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Dr. Fauci: A Pause Is Confirmation Of How Seriously We Take Safety | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. yup, which is why that one was only used in the UK. The US decided against using it here. Luckily, the FDA pulled the Johnson & Johnson one before we got up to a dozen people affected, unlike the Astra Zeneca one.

  1. One thing I didn’t hear mentioned is that both the Johnson & Johnson and the Astra-Zeneca vaccines are of a type known as Non-Replicating Viral Vector vaccines where the other 2 aren’t. They are known as RNA type vaccines. Where there is only 6 cases of blood clotting in the States there are (last I heard) 46 in Europe from the Astra-Zeneca vaccine. I think that should be something to think about. Also I’m not an anti vaxxer and had my first shot last week of Pfizer with only some mild flue type symptoms for a day. I highly recommend it.

    1. @Nic Moreno lol they had a bad batch made by a co manufacturer and the quality controls allowed them to catch it and not release the batch. Now that they saw 6 cases of clotting in women in 7 million doses. They are pausing it temporarily to analyze the data and see if there’s any cause for concern. Quoting dr. Fauci, it’s a done out of an overabundance of caution. 6 cases out of 7 million is over a 1×10^-7. Incident rate. That’s incredibly low. They’ll review the data and see if there are any obvious indicators. It shows how serious they are about making sure the vaccine is safe because of all the fear-mongering and false information circulating around.

    2. @Jeffrey Ren look it up..the facility has had several fines and citations by the FDA . Google –> johnson and johnson cited for mold in vaccines

    3. Im well aware of the batch they were forced to throw out…the facility in question has had numerous issues prior to this

    4. The FDA inspected Emergent’s Bayview plant in April 2020, just as the agreement with Johnson & Johnson was being announced. The agency criticized the company for problems with its testing of a potential treatment for anthrax, according to the records obtained by the AP. The FDA’s lead investigator cited the company for failing to train employees “in the particular operations they perform as part of their function and current good manufacturing practices—-this is from the Los Angeles times

  2. Only 7 cases and only one death, you are more at risk of dying from an allergic reaction from eating food.

    1. For all the vaccines, I would not be surprised at say 100 deaths, so official is??? …. Plus many more say sick as a dog for 7 days?, 5 days, 2 days? Life is not always in stark black and white

    2. @Sam Harris So, without any evidence, you just assume a coverup. Conspiracy theories have caused your brain to decay.

    3. You’re at more risk from dying from the COVID-19 virus or variant thereof (even if you already had it) than dying from a COVID-19 vaccine… it’s like having a 40% chance of dying from a heart attack if you don’t have surgery but refusing surgery because there’s a 1% chance of dying from surgery complications (ignoring other considerations like cost).

  3. “If you wanna return to normal life, the vaccine is the answer”.
    Thats the issue right there. The forced answer.

    1. People are stupid, if you don’t force people to wear clothes, they’ll rub their sweaty boobs all over you,
      if you don’t force people to wear seatbelts, they will gladly put their head through the windshield, and none of those things are infectious.

    1. NO… first of all, the number of people with side-effects is incredibly small. A handful of people out of millions? At the same time there were over 3,000 people dying at one point and just under 1,000 currently AFAIK.
      It’s like arguing that we shouldn’t drive cars until we figure out how to do it with no injuries or deaths.

  4. I won’t get it for the simple fact that these lyres say I should.i already had covid, and it’s a joke.

    1. Tell that to the people who lost their loves one to Covid19 and those that survived Covid19 but now have permanent organ damage and other horrible complications.

  5. It is bad enough Fauci won’t give a date when this pandemic will end, now he won’t give a date on when this pause will end. Worse he gives no recommendation of what to do if you had a J&J vaccine appointment. Useless man.

  6. *Dr. Fauci:* Any PCR-positive with a CT over 35 is “just dead nucleotides, PERIOD.” – TWiV # 641
    *ALSO Dr. Fauci:* Let’s keep testing everyone with the PCR-positive cutoff at 40 CT, guaranteeing massive false-positives!

  7. south park s23 ep03…You can all take it, don’t take it…either way, I’m going to be just fine…good luck to everyone, regardless…

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