1. this should have been it when bin laden was killed 2011 but why spend extra 10 years in Afghanistan when soldiers could be home with friends and families right now…

    1. @Chico Dalianis Now go start spreading fact about past election then come back and call me a troll!

    2. @Jennifer S what have you said that is fact?

      Plus it’s not that people lie, they just misrepresent truths by cherry picking facts

    3. @Chico Dalianis BTW- You aren’t a dang rino- you’re a liberal that voted for a destructive democrat because CNN convinced you that orange man is bad when he wasn’t a bad President at all! We should talk in 4 years and you will agree 🙏🏾Good luck + take care!

  1. Lol I’ll believe it when I see it. He’s gonna withdraw some, then send even more without announcing.

    1. @M Hall prices going up is what happens when the economy gets back to normal.

      On the othe hand the increase started just days into Biden’s term, so if it’s bad, it’s due to what Trump did. If it’s good, then it’s the economy getting better, and if you’re in the spin game, we could say Biden owns ta recovery. But if you’re honest, things are a little more complicated.

    2. @Ethan Baker if you’re referring to the initial comment, it was just an obvious general point about people not seeing the future, even due things they claim are obvious.

    3. @Lando maybe it’s not, still thefuture is not as clear as the past, is it? If it were, we’d all win the lottery and decide it’s not a good idea we all win the lottery at once, after all.

    4. @Ed Lopow it is technically a withdrawal no matter when it happens. The problem I understood – and it seems to be also confirmed in the material – the May term was the “take it or leave it” kind of term, while the new one tries to get the talibans at the negotiation table.

      Not sure if it will work, but having since agreement is better than trying to bully others when your only pressure card is military intervention while you try to get out.

    5. Well you’re definitely not going to see him throw a live turkey from a plane onto an aircraft carrier!

    1. @psycobleach46 tullis bruh. Yall are both right omg. It’s different on everyone computers. Multiple people in the comments see both

    1. @Thomas Cothran there is NO agenda, Matt Gaetz thing has been on several sites. why don’t try looking at FACTS, all you have done is fallen in the pool of lies that Veritas spews.

  2. You know I almost forgot about this those guys been there too long September 11th that’s even longer why can’t you just bring them home now 🤔

    1. Google the term “power vacuum”. Can’t believe you people get to vote on who has access to half of the planet’s nuclear arsenal

    2. Because it takes time and dropping out would cause a power vacum and allow groups like the taliban to just esculate things again and were back where we started.

  3. That’s news that big pharma don’t want to hear. Now they will have to go back into Mexico to get the opium they need to make oxycodone, percocets and their other opioid drugs.

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