China sends warplanes into Taiwan's air defense zone, Taipei says 1

China sends warplanes into Taiwan’s air defense zone, Taipei says


China sent 25 warplanes into Taiwan's air defense identification zone on Monday, the largest breach of that space since the island began regularly reporting such activity in September, Taiwan's Defense Ministry said.
The Chinese flights came a day after the US secretary of state warned Beijing that Washington was committed to the defense of the democratic, self-governed island, which China considers part of its sovereign territory.
The 25 planes dispatched by China's People's Liberation Army (PLA) forces included 14 J-16 fighter jets, four J-10 fighter jets, four H-6K bombers, two anti-submarine warfare planes and an airborne early warning and control plane, according to Taiwan's Defense Ministry.

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    1. @Jay Pooler Where’s your outrage about Biden telling you he had a plan for covid then getting elected and saying he doesn’t. THAT’S A LIE TOO!

    2. @Puge Gamlin TRUMP IS 74 years old you troglodyte, Biden is 78, they’re both old white men. Republicans loved to blamed Obama for everything BUT the economic growth that trump inherited.

    3. @Puge Gamlin Nope. It was isolationists like you who put us in this position in the first place. America First you said, as the world scrambled to land grab. Better start learning Russian and Chinese.

  1. Chinese ships near Philippines is a blockade. With chinas man made islands military bases in South china sea will serve as fire power backup. China is really getting ready to attack taiwan just waiting for the right moment.

    1. @Jose Fernandez Isn’t US lost in Vietnam and left, despite all the bombers and helicopters fighting against small arms and tunnels.

    2. @Jose Fernandez Me? We have invaded Iraq, Grenada, Panama, Nicaragua, Afghanistan, Libya, Sudan, Yugoslavia, Libya, Syria, Niger… What else have you missed? Philippines is a vassal state. Do what you are told. Duterte will not last very long. LOL

    3. @Jose Fernandez In that border war, China had achieved every objective laid out prior to the conflict. It was meant to be a lesson for Vietnam. It was not an outright invasion. And China withdrew after the war just as China did on the win against India in 1962. The only difference? India admitted defeat but Vietcong shamelessly sold to the public taking the huge defeat as a Vietnamese win. Pathetic people.

  2. Russia build up in Crimea, China ramping up aggression by Taiwan. Russia and China are putting these things together to put the US and Nato in a bad situation. There is no fighting them on their own at different time’s. They are gonna jump together at the same time. The best thing is to get Ukraine and Taiwan ready to defend themselves as much as possible.

    1. CNN, you need to report something more meaningful such as the decision of dumping nuke waste water by Japan’s government

    2. This is going to get really bad I think for all of humanity, I think it’s fair to say the best outcome for all humanity is to have a global soldier stand down.

    3. @tj downs You tell me, Captain America, if you know so much more than our generals who are warning us about US supremacy.

      Maybe youre just another dumb, “patriot” who thinks American hegemony is a god-given right and not something you have to work hard for

  3. What a joke, my grandfather, back in the late fifties used to scramble his F-100 against Tu-16s (H-6) bombers….So is this supposed to be intimidation or a classic airshow?

    1. @Damon Crockett Fact is fact, and history is there for all to see. US withdrawn and that’s why you can see tons of videos on youtube about fall of Saigon. Vietnam suffered more casualties sure, the end results is US lost, as with any task, the objective of that war wasn’t achieved. WW3 is no good for anyone. Rather than policing around the world with billions spent, why not spend more on education, build high speed rail, bridges, airports. Equip classroom with projectors and iPad and more books for library. Made the city save again so people can walk downtown at night without worrying about been robbed and shot. Take care of homeless. There’s a million better use for money than spending on wars. Vietnam War, Korean War, Iraq, Somali, Bosnia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, many died and billions spent. What could have those billons accomplish if was used on something positive? War is nothing to brag about. And look at China, involved in no war, invaded nobody and the only thing they claim is Taiwan which has been part of China for centuries.

    2. @A A china is in the middle of its second genocide right now. And they keep trying to claim border territory in India they are no nation to idolize. I could list you two pages worth of information explaining how you are wrong on Vietnam and stupid in general but that would make me foolish for trying to argue with a fool. Have a good night I’m done with this thread.

    3. @Damon Crockett I beg to differ. US hardly won Afghanistan or Iraq or Bosnia or North Korea in conventional war. And those countries don’t have missiles that can shut down satellites and modern fighter jets. It’s a matter of which side suffers more casualties and are more determined to win. With determination to united Taiwan and 4.3x extremely hard working population, which side will smile in the end assume both countries haven’t already completely wiped out each other?
      The end result of Vietnam war was US didn’t achieve any winning, withdrew from Vietnam and stayed away from that region for 30 years.

    1. @Meme Short you need to recognize what you see in the media is biased. Both systems have pros and cons, but the simple fact is when I travel to China it’s very safe to roam the streets at night, digital currency is widely adopted and high speed rail takes people everywhere. Taiwan had been part of China for centuries, only during chinese civil war due to western intervention (west supported republic of china army) that Taiwan is the way it is today. The simple fact is China will unite and there’s nothing the US can do unless the whole country is willing to die for Taiwan, and you’ll be the first to sign up and enlist?
      Try to see through the ideology and media bias and see how people really live in China objectively. Many western vloggers living in China have channel on youtube
      too many to list, just search.

    2. @Gabriel Gonzalez then tell me, where in the Bible, it directly mentions the United States? Exact passages please.

      And we’ve already hit the point if no return. 3 years ago it was 2025, 2 years ago, it was last year. Now they believe its already past.

    3. @Mike Cowles go read it.
      Just type in the fall of Babylon, it’s very clear.
      VERY clear and you can’t not see it.

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