Biden To Deliver Inaugural Address To A Divided Nation Facing Multiple Crises | Andrea Mitchell 1

Biden To Deliver Inaugural Address To A Divided Nation Facing Multiple Crises | Andrea Mitchell


Andrea Mitchell is joined by Michael Gerson, former speechwriter for President George W. Bush, and Eugene Robinson to discuss Joe Biden's high stakes inaugural address, in which he will attempt to project a tone of unity as he begins to lead a divided nation facing crises on multiple fronts. Aired on 01/19/2021.
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In addition to politics, Mitchell covers foreign policy, intelligence and national security issues, including the diplomacy of Secretary of State John Kerry, for all NBC News and MSNBC properties.

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Biden To Deliver Inaugural Address To A Divided Nation Facing Multiple Crises | Andrea Mitchell


  1. Trump wanted a Military show of strength to honor him and never got it, the funny part is Biden will get that military show of strength his first minute in office.

    1. @Prisoner Six, so that’s the reason Trump wanted it, funny how they are going to keep the wanna-be Dictator out.

  2. As for grim reaper McConnell…I’ll hold my applause. He’s a strategist and is eager to cover his butt.

    1. Maybe this time though it will be even harder for McConnell to be back in power. But I believe it’s going to take the entire Republican party to be united for any of that to happen again

    2. Wasn’t McConnell part of the feeding of those lies? I guess once your own life is in danger, you change your tune…for now.

  3. “It was my pleasure to crush a white nationalist insurrection.”

    – Washington DC police officer Daniel Hodges

    1. Hi johnny English, do you really think it was a white nationalist insurrection, or was that just political propaganda? It seems like the media on both sides provoked civil unrest to gain an advantage.

    2. @Mike Ditka trumps strategy failed miserably Fascism is going to be stamped out there will be no breathing space for trumpism its has been defeated on November 3rd

  4. Anyone who believes McConnell now is a fool. He’s just trying to save his own behind. I highly doubt many would give leeway to Cruz and Hawley. So don’t give it to McConnell

    1. @gennaterra Not true. I use to receive a postcard in the mail telling me where my local precinct was and when I could vote. I would get a person at the door asking if I had any questions or voting issues. They never brought up my affiliation.
      Now I get nothing and my last time voting I had no way of knowing where to vote. I traveled past other precincts and went inside some to try to find mine. I never found it after trying for over 2 hours. I found it to be disturbing that I would not be allowed to vote inside my own vicinity. No lazy Democrat. Voter oppression is real! People are learning to not give up. Keep going until your vote has been counted.

  5. The GOP aided, abetted, and gave comfort to the United States’ greatest enemy.

    It is time to bring the full might of the Constitution to bare, in defense of truth.

    14th Amendment.

  6. You follow one person, you revere that person, you riot for that person, you ignore everyone else, and only accept that one person’s words, yet you deny that you are in a Cult.

  7. “Who’s counting?” Literally billions of people are counting down to the end of the Trump presidency.

    1. @fantasticmio there is no way of knowing when that is done. Your media isn’t telling you about the cheating. Mail in votes are very very easy to cheat. What ever happened to those Georgia vote counters who counted votes in the middle of the night? Never heard a legitimate explaination for that

    2. @Peter Stoops I don’t know what to tell you, man. Trump is lying about the election. He lies about most things. He has being lying about his wealth his entire life. He lied about Mexico paying for the wall. He lied about the immigration problem. He lied and lied and lied, and people like you have been eating it up this whole time. His lies led to a mob overtaking your Capitol building, threatening the lives of your law makers. Now, because of his lives, those people who believed him are being arrested, some for some extremely serious charges.

    3. @peter stoops – it’s hate talk like this that caused the insurrection on the 6th. Of course you could be Russian…….that would explain it.

    4. @Peter Stoops My country don’t receive aids from the US. We may not be as rich as the US but we are self sufficient. In FACT, we consume a lot of American products such as McDonald’s, Iphones, Dell computers, Colgate Hollywood movies etc etc.. I have even bought Turkey poultry imported from the US, US apples. We are your consumers. So watch what you talking about.


  9. He has a huge mess to clean up. Four years of damage and destruction. Four years of sedition from a tin pot dictator

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