Biden To Meet Putin In Switzerland On June 16 | MSNBC 1

Biden To Meet Putin In Switzerland On June 16 | MSNBC

The White House has announced that President Biden will be meeting with Vladimir Putin on June 16 during a trip to Switzerland. NBC's Shannon Pettypiece reports.

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    1. @jeck jeck how much has gas gone up for you in the last 5 months?

      We are up around $1.50 a gallon by me. In just 5 MONTHS. Just wondering if it’s the same for you.

    1. @Bearded Dragon Man 1997 imagine being a white American and still wishing, lying about and hoping that Trump actually won the last election. You’re mad at me fire supporting Biden? You should’ve voted!? You woke up to see President Biden walking, talking, acting and looking more Presidential than that 45th Clown knew how. Trump was a one time, one-term worm.

    2. @Sincerely Yours LOL like the falling up stairs. You think that everyone that doesn’t support Biden immediately supports orange man.

    3. @Bearded Dragon Man 1997 now, imagine being a white man groveling for more and more money because your afraid foreigners are taking over America.

  1. To be fair, we all have to meet with our boss occasionally to get our annual performance review.

    1. @Mvtito And the review must have gone poorly, because Russia’s votes all went to Biden a few months ago. 😉

    1. @Captain
      Nope. Vaccine is 100% a Biden accomplishment. Trump didn’t even have a distribution plan. Biden did it, he gets ALL the credit.

    2. @jeck jeck wrong again they used Trumps plan ask Dr Fauci!! Biden didn’t have plan so as Dr Fauci said when asked if there was a plan we are sticking to the plan we have lol but good try. You guys try really hard to help Biden look good but cant

  2. “If you don’t fire the prosecutor then you ain’t getting the money. ” – Joe Biden, Democrat

    1. @PJ Celeste have you ever heard Trump talk? Anyone that thinks Trump is anything but a narcissistic puppet is in an alternative reality. Has drank the kool-aid.

    2. @Sarah F. 4.1 that’s were you are wrong. In this place and time there isn’t any better.

  3. I hope Putin calls Joe Biden an election thief right to his face. Joe Biden will probably ask Putin for Hunter Biden to get a Board position on Russia’s National Gas company.

    1. The man who ran against Putin in the Russian “election” was suddenly taken ill, with what doctors believed was poison. Treated by German doctors, the man returned to Russia and was imprisoned.

    2. @Ken Buckley You can’t talk to Trump supporters. They went from “True patriots” to “Russian sympathizers” in a heartbeat. They don’t care about anything now that Trump is out of office.

    1. We found out that ivanka Trump got millions of dollars from other country’s so that’s 50% for the Princess.

    1. “I went to visit the president of the Virgin Islands.” – Donald Trump
      And who was president of the Virgin Islands? He was, what a tool.

    2. @Ken Buckley if you talk about this uri johnson you probably right. You’ll see tons of pro evil sneak Putin and how tough it is. All he wants is to take most of Europe out of USA hands because we all know Europe alone can’t handle evil Putin’s Russia who infiltrated and fund both extremists in every single country

    1. @Michele H
      I’m not a big Trump fan. But, he could make it through a sentence fairly well.

  4. Big Guy will meet Putin to collect his 10% after giving Russia two thumbs up to complete the construction of its pipeline. Apparently Canadian and American oil is bad, but Russian oil is good for the climate.

    1. @Michele H Hey Marxist, why don’t you tell me more about Russian oil? By the way 2 + 2 = 4

    2. @Team democratic Excuse me, aren’t you the one who comes from the Party that controls the minds of its voters?

    3. Lol, like russia needed his approval in the first place, you lot really dont understand the situation at all.

  5. Biden says that I will have the opportunity to show Putin just how senile. inept a puppet can be.

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