Stacey Abrams: Recounts Are Schemes Designed To Perpetuate Big Lie | MSNBC 1

Stacey Abrams: Recounts Are Schemes Designed To Perpetuate Big Lie | MSNBC

Stacey Abrams of Fair Fight Action joins Morning Joe to discuss a hand recount effort in Arizona's Maricopa County and an audit in Georgia's Fulton County of absentee ballots. Abrams also discusses her new novel 'While Justice Sleeps'.

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    1. @Mike – MSDNC doing the bidding for Stacey is perpetuating an even bigger lie. Their BS ratings are cratering and soon they will become extinct.

  1. There was no bamboo found in Arizona, but a fortune cookie that said ” A wise man votes with intelligence”

    1. @linda foxx Running legitimate businesses in China is a lot different than selling your public office for political and financial gain, especially when the favors asked of you do not benefit the people, but your own family.

  2. Shocking! this seems to indicate that US justice must declare politicians who do not accept court decisions to be disqualified for public posts, not-eligible.

    1. That’s a flawed setup. What if corrupt people take over the courts? Then they can just force politicians to fall in line with their corruption or lose their ability to participate in politics.

      Imagine how messed up that would be. The entire Democratic party would have been removed from office after the 2016 election since they continuously claimed the election was stolen by Russia.

    2. Stacey Abrams new book.

      ”WHILE JUSTICE SLEEPS” ….’corrupt people make money.’

      Stacey Abrams is one of them.

      Book deals are nothing more than your TAX DOLLARS being laundered to corrupt government officials and political party partisans.

      1. Government collects YOUR TAX dollars
      2. Government allocates YOUR TAX DOLLARS on touchy feely projects with names using words including, Democracy, Children, Infrastructure, National Security to make Democrat Base ”Feels”
      3. Who audits where the money REALLY goes. 
      5. Define BOOK DEAL:  
      Step 1: Pay a big advance up front to the author (ghost writer writes the book) then royalties.
      Step 2: Book failed to sell…but author keeps the advance.
      6. Looks legit and above board.
      8. Touchy feely voters….corrupt actors happy.
      9. Rinse and repeat.

    1. @Ryan R It’s impossible to humiliate ppl that are right. Unlike you and Veggie Biden who humiliate yourselves on a daily basis.

    2. @Bob Beckhart No you just don’t understand,but don’t feel bad,liberals need things really dumbed down for them. Sad.

    3. @Guy North Lefties were smart enough to elact a Vegetable Biden and a Kacklin Kamaltoe!!!!! Now we have record inflation,kids thrown into cages,criminals and drugs pouring over the border,skyrocketing murders in blue states,raising taxes,high unemployment and Veggie Bou helping Putin build a pipeline!!!!! putin tanks you for your support.

  3. “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”; oh sorry, now they’re “Cyber Ninjas”. GQP out of their frog suits? Pfffttt. Haw haw haw.

    1. @senile Joe Biden Yeah yeah yeah. More deflection, delusion, & wishful thinking on your part. Have you dead to rights. I teach courses in this stuff. Watch his lecture, learn something; Or not. I don’t care.

    2. Crooked Politicians and s abrams do you hear this ? …. JAWS music starts -.– — ..- / .- .-. . / ..-. .. -. .. … …. . -..

    3. Riddle me this:

      What’s underneath the red Cyber Ninza T-Shirts?

      Asking for a Military Intelligence friend.

    4. @senile Joe Biden “Goober”.
      Priceless. You failed to brush your teeth before your bedtime story; none tomorrow night, therefore.

  4. We need to take/ keep control of Americans ballots. These are our rights not multiple choice

    1. @Nancy Ross minority? Hmmm? Equal Rights?uhhh? Your opinion? Good for you bad for the unborn. Ohhh? That’s right, babies aren’t babies unless the mom says so. Nonsense. Any pro opinions about the convenient euthanasia of human fetuses are inhuman. Unfair. Unrighteous. Murder is done by murderers! Period. Taking murderers at their word is always unwise.
      These audits are Constitutionally legal, protected, and above all else, WISE…!
      We must not cave to murderers and their associates. MAGA

  5. We’re turning into a Banana Republic. The GOP has lost its mind & integrity. Everything that Don touches loses its value; remember that!

  6. The only optimistic scenario might be the indictment, trial and conviction of the Petulant Putz on charges of tax fraud, tax evasion, money laundering, insurance fraud, bank fraud etc. Maybe after he is officially bankrupt and incarcerated the GOP cult followers will wake up to the fact that the putz has been a grifter his entire miserable life.

    1. @BlakesSite There, that thing you said? That’s really stupid. I’m not saying you are stupid, but I am saying you said a stupid thing. To imply the crimes of a multi-billionaire somehow compared to at best bad judgment by the son of a politician indicates that you haven’t thought this out very well.

    2. @Carbon Crank Isaac Kippy was a QAnon follower. He was also a friend of several other actors and the like in Hollywood, he was a good friend of Seth Rogan’s… and one of the last Instagram posts he made before his death will open your eyes.

      I personally don’t know anything about Q, and it has discredited itself by its anonymity since I firsts heard of it. By it’s anonymity, though — and given that Q has gained the attention of the highest levels of the US National security apparatus — I can only conclude it’s an intel put-on, which has been my take since the git, because there’s no other way a high-status target could remain anonymous online to US intel.

      *HOWEVER,* that being said, any proper psy-op is going to be peppered liberally with truth bits, isn’t it? Heavily so. A lot of what Q said jived with what Isaac Kappy said, is my point — even though I’m really only taking Isaac’s words for it, since I really, really don’t know anything about what went on with Q. And I do suggest you chase down those last couple Instagram posts of Isaac’s.


    3. @BlakesSite Senator Republican Ron Johnson led the investigation into Hunter, Joe, Burisma Ukraine and FOUND NO CRIMINALITY, WRONG DOING NOTHING! Remember all of the Rethuglicons screaming UNMASKING, OBAMAGATE?
      AG Barr did an investigation and found NO CRIMINALITY, NO WRONG DOING, NOT EVEN A REPORT?! Republicans tried to sabotage Clinton’s presidential election and did 8 investigations on Bengazzi, grilled her for 10 hour interrogation and FOUND NOTHING, NO CHARGES, CRIMINALITY! Fact is she and Obama approved to up the security budget for Bengazzi, REPUBLICONS VOTED NO!

      But Trump is impeached twice, the first 8 convicted felons for trying to interfere and cheat on the election. Trump and Republicans caused an insurrection by their white supremacist terrorists that he and Republicans are still perpetuating the BIG LIE AND NOW REFUSE TO APPROVE AN INVESTIGATION INTO JANUARY 6TH BECAUSE IT’LL IMPLICATE THEM!

    1. Teachers often need to purchase educational supplies themselves.

      If police had to buy their own bullets, they might be more careful about shooting.

  7. The GQP is hoping to pave the way for the second coming of Baby Cheesus. It apparently hasn’t taken note of his disapproval rating. 🙂

  8. So the conservative party will sue cyber ninjas for tax payer money back when no bamboo is found .. right? I mean Republicans always say that they follow their values or is this another hypocrisy?

  9. So the man who is leading the audit in AZ was also storming the capitol in January 6th to hang Mike Pence for certifying Joe Biden’s win? If it were a movie that revelation would have been “the usual suspects” level twist

  10. This on the same day we’re reading about how Paul Manafort passed documents to the Russians, to help them tilt the 2016 election.

    1. @Baddaddy I have read it and there are crimes in it, even Mueller said if trump was NOT president he could be indicted with those crimes.

    2. @Baddaddy I have read it, there are crimes in and ten of them are obstruction of justice. It quite CLEAR that you have NOT read it and that you did NOT hear Mueller at the hearing.

    3. @psycobleach46 tullis The same mueller team that erased 25 phones when made to turn them in? The same mueller team that took out liability insurance? That mueller team?

  11. Imagine the flag huggers being the ones that actually destroy the country they claim to love so much for that orange stain.

    1. Every one is soooo afraid of socialism that they didnt realize that what they are begging for is fascism. America is done.

    2. @jane doe What the fk are you talking about could you also please elaborate on that so I can give you what you deserve

  12. How many Banana Republican cult supporters does it take to change a light bulb?
    None. Trump just says it’s fixed and they all sit around in the dark and applaud.

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