Biden urges Americans to mask up for his first 100 days 1

Biden urges Americans to mask up for his first 100 days


In an interview with CNN's Jake Tapper, President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris discuss ways that they will address the coronavirus pandemic once they take office.

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  1. Would like to see the FULL interview CNN! MSNBC does the same thing – small fragments – drives me nuts :

    1. @kemolowlow you’re real bright aren’t you? Proud of yourself for making fun of a person with a speech impediment. You’re classy

  2. Nothing on project veritas recording your directors meetings / orders…weird you dont even defend yourselves.

    1. Because we know and they know they are hand in hand with the swamp, and need those anti trust promotional ads from the corporate raiders. All backing Biden.

    1. He wasn’t diagnosed with dementia. Show me the medical records he has dementia. I know that you can’t – YOU’RE FAKE NEWS.

    1. It’s because he said he would step down and say he got a disease if he and Kamala had a moral disagreement, you can watch on @fleecas Instagram page on the video, THIS WEEK IN CULTURE #22 at 9:45. This will go down as corruption in history

    2. giles217 thank you! I was hoping to see the whole interview for full context but it would make sense they’d want to hide that

  3. Biden added that it would be “important in the sense that we are able to demonstrate the end of this chaos that he’s created, that there is peaceful transfer of power with the competing parties standing there, shaking hands and moving on.”

    1. I as an european can say: No you didn’t. Maybe you yes, but the 1 Million MAGA march is one example for which people obviously didn’t care about that

    2. It’s wearing the mask. It’s social distancing. It’s washing your hands. It’s avoiding travel. It’s doing all of that stuff and everybody doing the same. *We haven’t been doing it.*

    1. @giles217
      That’s what I came to look for but they don’t want to include what sounded alarming to me. My father in law was already saying that when he picked her as VP that he wasn’t going to last & she would take over. I thought, no way. & now I heard that coming from the horses mouth! My Dad in law is a wise man. He already knew the play. Also everyone has already been wearing masks for a while already, You can’t go to any store without one or airplane, federal building, city building, many schools are open & kids are wearing them ALL DAY (even in the playground) with the exception of lunch time. & schools are already sanitizing! I have 3 kids ages 15,12,10. So I know this as fact

  4. Just retired from my job as an Oncology nurse. Our patients have fared very well, almost no cases of covid. No surprise to me. Oncology patients wear masks even during regular times, social distance and wash hands.

  5. So basically they are holding your personal freedom for ransom… and all it takes is a vaccine to buy it back.

  6. I’ve been making since March. I remembering being 1 of about 50 people at Home Depot every day back then. Now I see maybe one dude without when I go.

    1. They’re offering like $1500 to get the vaccine now on CNBC . They said “Would you be willing to get a Covid vaccine in exchange for a $1500 stimulus check? How one bold proposal would work.”

    2. @Kyle Pollock
      Is this really true? Wow, just when I thought I’d heard it all. Why am I even surprised?? I want to go back to 2017 & stay there forever

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