1. @David Paz Yes, the same John Bolton that got praise from Republicans before he flipped on Trump like so many others. Guess what? I hate John Bolton too, but it doesn’t make him wrong. What he said in the book was backed up by the translators at the meeting, so you can slander Bolton all you want, but facts are on his side. As far as Trump going soft on China. Did you forget how daddy got his little girl Ivanka those 18 trademarks in China at the beginning of his presidency?
      What about that Chinese bank account found on Trump’s taxes that he is still fighting to keep secret?
      Yea, Trump wouldn’t have wanted any of those lucrative licensing deals from the Chinese government. No way, not Mr. Trump.
      What I really want to know is what did Trump get for praising China at the beginning of the pandemic?

    2. @chillm8t The enemy of your enemy…will move against you just as fast. Do watch Professor Dongsheng’s presentation.

    1. Biden OBVIOUSLY didn’t think or expect us to believe there are more Chinese retirees than workers. “There are more people retired” was clearly to say there are more than there used to be. It was vague wording.

      Those saying they’re shocked that CNN would fact-check a Dem don’t see that they try HARDER to criticize Dems in a futile attempt to quiet that criticism and prove they’re being fair.

      Media should just do their job! They’ll never stop hypocrites like Hannity from crying “liberal bias.” He’ll always call CNN a mob in bed with Dems, no matter how much they report negative things about Biden or Cuomo.

      Yes, Biden got the other things wrong. He needs to tighten it up. But they weren’t attempts to deceive. It was bad fact checking by Biden, himself. It’s still a far cry from the habitual, deliberate lying by the last guy.

    2. @Johnny Mnemonic report back when you actually finish your degree, Trump gets magically back into the WH or when He’ll freezes over. I predict that, given current weather trends, the last is more likely than either of the other 2

  1. Very well done indeed! This is the kind of journalistic integrity we need in times such as these. No matter who the person at the helm is, it is the job of a journalist to be a truth seeker and to see this happening revives my hopes. Keep up the good work, Daniel. Your passion does you credit and you are a credit to your profession.

  2. I’m fact-checking the fact checker because in fact had the federal minimum wage > kept pace with workers’ productivity since 1968 the inflation-adjusted minimum wage would be $24 an hour.

  3. Technically, I am on President Biden’s side (89% vs 38%Trump)– but, oh how I love this video title. GO TRANSPARENCY

  4. People didn’t understand the first point that he made. He said they not Hispanic because Hispanics tend to come illegally. He wanted to say that the majority of the immigrants got in the US legally. If he meant it ethnicity wise, he would have given the other ethnicities that are dominant.

  5. I’m for Biden and it’s great that they fact checked him. Unfortunately some people weaponize imperfection.

    1. I’m guessing you were more than happy to weaponize things Trump said that weren’t correct. Mind you, all of what Biden said wrong was in just one single townhall.

  6. I wonder who did his research? Looks like that person either did this deliberately or did not actually research the information. Regardless they need to be fired.

  7. It’s almost a gesture on CNN’s part just to gain legitimacy, I’m thinking no sale, just cannot stand CNN’s punitive sense of justice

    1. That’s the ONLY reason they’re doing this; so they can point and say “see? we’re fair,” even though they’re not calling Biden a liar and a murderer over COVID, or correctly pointing out how Biden diddles children.

  8. Biden also said his administration didn’t have COVID vaccines when it took over from Trump’s -totally false! In January Biden received Pfizer and the event was televised. Trump’s administration has secured 400 million vaccines from both Pfizer and Moderna. C’mon man!

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