1. *ID START LOOKING AT THE US ARMS INDUSTRY* cos you will have to go a long way top convince me that their money was not behind this is some way…

    The share price of the to 5 arms companies was down 8% – it shot up immediately after the bombing…

    1. @Vanquish Media – Certainly MSM dont – Lockheed and Boeing have started advertising on MSNBC – why???

  2. *IT IS NOT ISIS-K* it is *ISK* it stands for “Islamic State Khorasan” ISIS is “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria”

    How CAN you people be this bad?? Unless you are trying to stoke another war on terror for the next 20 years…??? Thats my guess.

    1. That’s what our military defense is for, like many other who have done in killings they was hunted down and brought to justice

  3. All Isis had to do is wait for us to leave but they were that impatient so now it’s time for them to pay

  4. 🤣 they are laughing at you Joe. Literally laughing in your face. Your bark is weak. No bite.

    1. ISIS is not worried at all. Sleepy Joe is our president. Whatever plan they jive up will be wrong; just like every other plan he has come up with.

  5. With most U.S. troops and Americans gone, the betrayal of Afghan allies (who most likely will no longer help) , and a hostile group in charge how does he propose gathering intelligence? Biden’s words are empty and meaningless other than the fact that there will most likely be a lot of innocent people killed due to sketchy or nonexistent intelligence. This guy is a joke

  6. You can’t tell me those two congressman going there as high value outside of the Airport targets drawing them in

  7. “If You Ain’t A Marine Gettin’ Killed by A Suicide Bomber With A C-17 Explosive Attached To Their Waist Then You Ain’t American” ~ His Majesty, Joseph Robinette Biden ~

  8. Vows revenge ? You surrendered . Take your loses and go home. or did you arm them to keep the war live and strong

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