Biden Wants Bipartisanship, But Will Any Republicans Work With Him? | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. @Rick Simon Pardon me. I thought I was conversing with an American. I should have known better. Beijing Biden has absolutely no support in the United States.

    2. @Name Name you don’t know what republican is do you? How about a Democrat? Do you know what an actual democrat believes?

    1. 0:01 Whatever parmesan divisionshey are around other issues we don’t have to be around this one… Lazy Tongue Biden…..

    2. @kram Null You lost, quit crying and get over it.
      Oh by the way grow up name calling is for the playground.

  1. brilliantly said, ty all. exactly, it was more subtle than ‘you can’t vote’, much like this new law.

  2. As soon as a company has to go to war for its country, goes to prison for a crime, can vote, or do any of the other responsibilities a citizen has, ill be open to listening to them. Until then, they should have no role in politics.

    1. @Trent Timoy You’ve gotta be kidding me with that crap. That’s not going to war and trivializes real war.

    2. @Ryan Malone I’m not kidding you. That’s the whole point of the Defense Production Act. It gives the President power to unify all industries for a war effort. Btw, we are at war ….against a virus. A war donnie LOST because he didn’t care.

    3. @Ryan Malone Another war donnie lost because he has heel spurs and so he cannot recognize a war when he sees it.

    4. @Ryan Malone Everyone (CEOs, employers, employees, etc.) in the company make up the company are you saying none of them have gone to war for their Country, gone to prison, have never voted, have never had responsibility as citizens? Companies don’t have to worry if you are “be open to listening to them” I don’t think they care about your thoughts. Companies have the right to do whatever they freakin want just like you have the right to speak your ignorance on youtube for whoever will listen. So you see a company is the people not the building…

    1. @David Marsella Well as they say “Different strokes for folks”. Huh? But you really have no clue what beautiful is. Very very uncomfortably hot but very very beautiful.

    1. It’s not, that’s why nobody on the left will attempt to answer that question. They avoid it like a crucifix.

    2. It’s not. But disenfranchising and throwing out LEGALLY casted votes just because you don’t like the outcome ( which is where the outrage is coming from) is.

    3. If you hand out photo ID to anyone who turns 18 free of charge, then nothing.
      Also, it will do nothing to prevent voter fraud. It is like the stone that protects you from tigers.

    4. Nothing wrong with asking for an id (if they were provided free). Are you so dense you can’t see its not about the id! It’s not about the water! It is about suppressing the vote for persons (black, latino, asian, green, blue, etc.) republicans find unacceptable to vote. I’m pretty sure you’re not dense just trying to play innocent in your sarcasm. And if you truly don’t “get it” read the 98 page bill and you will be enlightened.

  3. The GOP still wants to suppress and disenfranchise millions of voters. That’s the situation. You cannot pretend that January 6 didn’t happen.
    Biden: hi, I’ll listen to you too! vs GOP says: shut up, you even shouldn’t be allowed to vote!

  4. This would be like if I’m a DH on a baseball team and I’m absolutely worthless because I can’t hit the ball into the broad side of a barn!, but yet they’re still paying me for hanging around! Would this make sense to you? Because at that point I am productive in nothing! This is the current Republican party!

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