Biden warns businesses of possible Russian cyberattacks | USA TODAY

Biden warns businesses of possible Russian cyberattacks | USA TODAY 1


    1. I grew up with a Russian coach for 30 years, and while there are a lot of obvious Russian bots in this comment section your comment and English takes the prize home. How long until Putin bans y’all from YouTube as well? Lmao

  1. I’m old. I have heard various Presidents and VP’s speak over the last several decades. I HONESTLY have never been so uncomfortable listening to two “leaders” speak as Biden/Harris! We are at a MAJOR POINT in this nation where we need A+ leadership. Leaders that can speak with honesty, compassion, confidence, pose, and can articulate key points, and strategies. These two DON’T HAVE what it takes!!!!

    1. Then you guys all need to surround yourself with like-minded Poo-tin worshippers.
      Move to Russia and live “the good life”, but don’t be too disappointed when you find out that it’s not all caviar and Trump vodka.

    2. The lack of leadership is by design. They have been put in place i in key countries. Puppets for the puppet master.

    3. @James Enger – I have read your comment like 10 times….still DON’T have a clue what it means?? You DON’T have to be a Trump supporter, Republican, Democrat, Conservative, Liberal to see that the CURRENT leadership/Administration is absolutely HORRIBLE on so many levels!!! The lack of direction out of Washington is sending this country into the toilet! It’s effecting EVERYONE directly or indirectly. Not gonna lie, it’s scary!

  2. Wow, I remember Biden mocking Mitt Romney for saying that Russia was our greatest geopolitical threat. I remember Democrats and USA Today laughing at Mitt so much. It must be completely humiliating to be a Democrat now. Let’s GO Brandon!

    1. @Bob Jones Yes because 44 never had any foreign policy experience. That is why he picked Biden as his VP because he was an “expert” on foreign policy. Remember Biden was once “arrested” while trying to visit Nelson Mandela. And it was under this “expert” that Russia first invaded Ukraine and annexed Crimea in 2014. Now under this “expert” in foreign policy, Putin is back in Ukraine for seconds.

    2. I heard a clip of Biden doing it also. Hell every leftist repeated it, because that is what they do. Parrot!

  3. Remember when Romney said russia is the biggest threat to world peace
    then Obama and Biden laughed and laughed and laughed.

    1. Yes and Putin laughed himself into Ukraine and annexed Crimea in 2014. Now he is back for seconds and while people are dying Joe Biden filmed this weekend riding his bike.

    2. @Shawn M best don’t let leftists see that they will come to your house and murder you just saying tho free speech is dead and truth is illegal so watch what say on internet

  4. When he drinks kombucha, he is always in an inadequate state .. He says all sorts of nonsense.

  5. Let’s be honest, if it really was Russia, they wouldn’t give some kind of warning. They would just do it. Not too mention if I do recall, the former Vice President did give Putin a list of 16 areas which were off limited to cyber attacks. It’s like handing your enemy a list of what would absolutely destroy your country and winking at your enemy while you hand them the list. It is amazing how quickly this man has accomplished turning this country to ish in a year.

    1. You must be referring to the orange excrement who squatted, and left a load in our White-House. Yes, We Agree with That.

  6. Wasn’t Schwab just talking about a cyber pandemic? Now his puppet warns of cyber attacks from the Boogeyman? Build back better!

  7. Still no developments in the Waukesha Christmas Parade Massacre?
    I guess that story is getting “memory holed”!

    1. I can see every comment you make is crying about Biden 😂😂😂 always some over weight white dude tweaking about stupid nonsense

    2. At least it’s not lies like the last president that killed tens of thousands of people with the virus he said was fake. He had friends that were all into child pornography and money laundering. A wife that’s an ex porn star and Started an insurrection then he hid. But I guess you’re OK with that just like most Trumps cult members.

  8. “As they spread the propaganda of war, we must spread the propaganda of peace.” — Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

  9. The way this team above ☝️ handled the project showed resilience, experience, Knowledge, and critical thinking. I would love to get his perspective ön our next project

  10. The way this team above ☝️ handled the project showed resilience, experience, Knowledge, and critical thinking. I would love to get his perspective ön our next project

  11. Thx Biden for giving also any hackers a heads up! How come we feels like some false flag sh!t gonna happen on our turf…

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