Lindsey Graham presses Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson on her faith | USA TODAY

Lindsey Graham presses Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson on her faith | USA TODAY 1


    1. Did anyone explain to this dark
      airhead that she can’t “legislate”
      from the bench ???….👈🤔…

    2. Respectfully, not really. Becaue for believers in a way we think that all laws and governments should be based around God and what the Bible says. But we should also realize that it isn’t possible here on earth, only in heaven

  1. He says he will not test her faith, then he asks her to score her faith? Scores are for tests, buddy.

    1. @Patsy Cline
      But there’s a difference. In Graham’s opening remarks, he said she would not be questioned by Republicans on her religion or faith. The fact that he did makes him a hypocrite.

    2. @Patsy Cline Amy Coney Barret was a member of “People of Praise” a group who opposes abortion, gay rights, marriage equality, prohibits LGBT people from membership, and has a highly authoritarian internal structure. Her and her husbands fathers were also leaders in the group. They have their own school, Trinity, where they teach male and female students separately, and prohibit dating.

      All of this was worthy of concern, considering it’s a life time appointment, and this organization is considered by many to be a group of extremists.

    3. @Thomas Michael
      Not only is it worthy of concern, it should have been disqualifying. But then we know that Republicans favor extremists, including white supremacists. And they call Democrats “radical”. Yeah, right.

    4. It’s the same question, twice. She gives the same answer, twice. These mf are the bane of my existence.

  2. This candidate is more qualified than the last two nominees…Kavenaugh and far more than Barrett and she just happens to be a black woman

    1. Please explain based on the SCOTUS website qualifications page. What does the site say the qualifications are?

      If we are going to use your logic, then Kagan is even MORE unqualified as she was never a judge. She was a dean… WHOA!

    2. @Joe Smith are you going to type the same comment to reply to every comment? it’s obvious her darkness bothers you.

    3. @Beamers Beamer
      That’s how to trigger racist
      non whites, so that I may explain that
      nobody except you, is pissed off
      that you aren’t white…👈😂….

      So, NOBODY except you
      is pissed off….👈😂

  3. GREAT ANSWER. Lindsey Graham knows better than to ask that, but a jerk has no restraint on bad form.

    1. Don’t forget, George W. Bush and the Republicans nominated Janice Rogers Brown, a BLACK WOMAN, to the Supreme Court in 2003. Who do you think used that awful racist technique of filibustering to prevent her from becoming appointed? DEMOCRATS. These people have historically been the party of slavery and Jim Crow. It is no different now, they never changed their views, they just found new ways to manipulate and use the black community.

  4. What was wrong with Graham? He should retire .angry old White man..I wonder if him and McCain would be friends. Jackson handled this interview like a much anger

  5. We have Senator’s asking these questions in a society where we supposedly believe in the separation of church and state? Weird.

    1. @Fat Guys  No, unfortunatly. Open atheists have a hard time winning anything political position in this country. It’s really fucked up.

  6. Let’s be honest she is black and the conservatives racist hate this. It’s that simple and obvious. May God watch over you and Bless your path Ketanji.

    1. I agree to some extent. But you Can’t just assume that they’re racist that term is very washy now a days. Everyone calling each other racists. Without really knowing if they really are. It loses its meaning. How I see it though as far as her race, if she has what it takes then by all means she should be accepted. I hope Biden picked her BECAUSE of her qualities not her race. Alls I’m sayin

  7. “How religious are you?” The correct answer should be ZERO. Any other answer would mean that there is a fundamental flaw in your thought process. It means your life is based on a fairy tale. It would mean you have the mind of a child and shouldn’t be making important decisions about other people’s lives.

  8. Watkins (1961), the Supreme Court unanimously held that religious tests for state office-holding violate the religion clauses of the First Amendment. “[N]either …

    I guess Lindsey must have missed that one,and what does her religous or non-religious beliefs have to do with her qualification to hold office?

  9. Quite literally this question would not be allowed in any other job interview in the nation, and yet this Bozo asks it not once, but twice!

  10. “How religious are you?”

    “Uh that’s an irrelevant question for this position as you know”

    “Oh yea I couldn’t agree more… but like how religious are you?”

  11. Well I hope Senator Graham will develop the courage to finally come out of the closet and be true to himself.

  12. How does he even have the RIGHT to ask this woman (or any other American citizen) how often she goes to church?

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