Biden warns North Korea about escalating missile tests

In the first formal news conference of his presidency, President Joe Biden warned that there would be "responses" if North Korea continues to fire ballistic missiles following the hermit kingdom's second launch in less than a week.

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  1. Is Mars ready yet? Seems like a nice place to live right about now
    Or any other planet really 🙄👀

    1. Honduras is paradise. Come down everyone is traveling to usa there will be a lot of land to takeover.

    1. @MostRobust Portfolio an absence of violence does not necessarily mean there is peace. You want to be the one caught between 2 extremely volatile individuals. And just to make things clear Kim Jong Un did still do his missile tests during the Trump era. The only difference is that now the current president is criticising it. There has been no actual violence. Only a president who is willing to address the issue. The last president did not address it publicly because if he did he would have had to admit that he had been a bad judge of character when it came to his friend Kim Jong Un

    2. @Thamsanqa Sofika Unless someone is hell bent on their countries total destruction, nuclear weapons can’t ever be actually used. It’s the MAD principle. It’s why WW3 will never happen and everyone knows that. Nuclear weapons are vital in stopping WW3 from ever happening.

    3. @Thamsanqa Sofika Meanwhile your Joe administration is printing the United States into financial slavery to China. China doesn’t need you as they already have almost two billion mouths to feed. Your expendable 😒

    4. @Thamsanqa Sofika there is no open conflict but you’d have to be crazier than Kim not to see that Biden isn’t all there anymore. It signals weakness. Like a wolf pack, when the Alfa of the pack shows weakness he invites challenges. Making a very shaky softball press conference doesn’t signal strength regardless of what was actually said. I hope I’m wrong, and we don’t see more aggressive behavior from Hostile regimes, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

    5. I can assume that Trump was better with internacional issues. Now they gonna play with this man on the white house.

  2. China has to stop giving them this tech. If they don’t, Taiwan should have a mysterious scientific breakthrough on nuclear weapons tech.

    1. @heat broker you’re blind and a hypocrite…if other pres had said, done, tripped, handled a press conference with soft ball leading questions scripted with note cards reading off of, lost his place, said ummmm a hundred times, only one presidential item on his calendar for days ahead of a “supposed” news conference (farthest thing from any other pres news conference)to prep him, you’d be screaming foul…Your comment showsvyour ignorant bias and you can’t think for yourself believing only what your tv tells you. I’m no apologist for Trump, just honest, logical American who sees this whole presidency as a Saturday Night Live act and you’ve been duped!! America is lost!!!!

    2. @Strange Deranged This discussion is about the current president, quit throwing out red herrings! Sheeeeeesh!

    1. @Kerrie Kupar it’s getting close your wish may come true soon enough. Then you can sit around collecting corona checks month after month, or sorry your living wage.

    2. @Kerrie Kupar well it’s getting closer and closer. Free college, free health care, black farm reparations, some states giving black people 25K to improve their homes, child care allowance, free food, unemployment benefits for what looks like is going to be forever, illegals be allowed over at will and given all the rights granted to citizens, I’d say your hopes should be pretty high my communist friend. We’ll be China or Venezuela before to long.

    3. @Tiffany Williams in 2 months he cut off the Keystone Pipeline which left tens of thousands unemployed. Which has also caused gas prices to go up. (We were energy independent withvTrump. And Trump gave more to EPA than any other president and lowered our carbon emissions). Stopped the building of the wall Opened the borders and is letting in approximately 26,000 a day. 13,000 children in cages (which Obama and he built in 2014) with very little food, only showering once a week. Most of these people coming in with Covid. And now billions of our money to put them in hotels while our military is sleeping on the floor in DC. Bombed civilians in Syria. But didn’t start a single war, brought our troops home, terminated ISIS and the killer Soleimani, created a number of peace accords in the Middle East. Biden raised taxes which caused businesses that had come back from foreign countries thanks to Trump’s cut back on regulations and taxes, now are leaving again. One of then is Ford. Started the teaching of one gender child and the one gender bath bathrooms. After he said he had a plan for Covid, once is office said they would continue with the plan that was already in place. In other words, had no plan in the Anderson Cooper town hall he insulted blacks and Hispanics. Trump did more for blacks than any other president (Platinum Plan, gave more $ to historical negro colleges, prison reform, lowest unemployment ever for blacks). With Covid, he was first to put a travel ban, moved companies to make ventilators, gowns masks, etc., had the pharmas make vaccines in warp speed rather than 10 years. And when he touted Hydroxychloroquine, he was criticized but after the elections, the media said that was th cure.
      And as for elections, Trump had already one that evening but at 4 a.m. millions of votes came in for Biden. There are 130mil registered voters with usually a 75 to 80% turnout. How could there have been 155 mil votes?
      And why have there been so many poll workers arrested, even judges?
      The truth will come out soon.

    1. Little sur said on the other post how his eyes lit up and was ever grateful for the stimulus check from sleepy president Po lmfao
      He was telling everyone how he sleeps on a single mattress gifted to him in his mammi basement the poor little pup

    2. @Nancy King we used to have a marginal tax rate of 90% nobody complained then except for rich folks.

  3. Biden is trying to start a war!/ Lol I can just imagine our military showing up wearing high heels!😅

    1. You poor thing….. insecure with your own sexuality? That’s the only reason why someone would disparage the LGBT community

    2. @Sharon Formation I am very secure with my sexuality! I don’t need any advice from Biden on how to identify myself!

  4. Why didn’t they show Biden’s #3 on China? Oh yeah, because the old dote fizzled out and couldn’t remember #3…..

  5. “You can’t walk into a 7-11 or a Dunkin Donuts without having a slight Indian accent. ” Joe Biden, Democrat

  6. I imagine in his head he’s saying, “listen fat, do you want me to show you up doing pushups?”

  7. Biden is the laughing stock of the world covered for by the media .
    Everyone has openly dissed him already. They grumbled about Trump but didn’t test him.

  8. Kim Jung-un – “Me no longer craziest leader in world.”

    Kim Jung-un – “Why Biden no get Covid, he sniff everything”

  9. “President” Joe is being laughed at by world leaders! Wait until his “VP” H0 takes over… pathetic excuse for leadership.

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