Biden Warns Trump’s Transition Delays May Cause Deaths | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Biden Warns Trump's Transition Delays May Cause Deaths | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1


    1. @Dan Sir its ok – some REAL interesting info is coming to light about the software. BTW ….the Philippines called it out in 2008, so did BOTH GOP and DEMS in 2008, 2012, 2016 and a professor demonstrated the EXACT vulnerabilities of the system back in 2018 ……add in the host of other “irregularities” Biden should be disqualified.

  1. What does he mean more people will die if Biden knows how to stop it then why don’t he share it now. They are to busy fighting for president thy are worried about us

    1. Don’t forget that Trump is the final form of COVID. The way they talk it’s like they think he’s literally going around injecting COVID into people. But that’s what you get with propaganda

    2. Uh didn’t he release plans on his website, and made a statement to reinstate scientific support for creating a health plan?

    3. @Dan Sir Downplaying the numbers, eliminating chief doctors for his plan, going against lockdowns? Sure Trump isn’t injecting Covid to everybody, but what’s stopping you from considering what he has done to combat it?

  2. Whatever happens, one thing is for sure, MSNBC will report that Trump is completely wrong and Biden is absolutely correct

    1. @Jon Simon you wish .. I’m Iranian and I know what the president of Iran 🇮🇷 announcement was all about .. the president of Iran 🇮🇷 said “ we will not be working with Biden under any circumstances “ much less congratulating Biden of becoming the president… oh and camel 🐪🐪🐪🐪 Harris is another story they said … Iran has trumps back 💯

    2. @Ameena Rahimi Read the article for yourself. Sorry, but it not opinion, and that why Trump doesn’t want Joe Biden to have “daily briefing” otherwise he would know what Trump is up to. Just wait Trump is going to do something even more crazy and stupid, it coming.

    3. Trump IS 100% wrong. He lost and he’s preventing the sharing of information with the president-elect. What part of this is confusing to you?

    1. We should just start the riot plans now, cause I bet by the summer SOMETHING is going to happen

      Civil war maybe? Boy, the media would have a field day with THAT happening

    1. @Jacob Wenner I disagree…I think Brian Williams is a perfect fit for MSNBC. You like him? Your kind of guy eh?

  3. I love how we are all being held hostage by the ppl trying to save us from the ppl who are holding us hostage thank goodness we are saved

    1. @Soviet Bear
      Then you’ll be interested to know if the Russian investigations will continue.
      Roger Stone has more to say, next he will be reindicted, it’s already in the works.

  4. Have we all forgotten he gave the eulogy at a kkk members funeral.? That Strom Thurman was his mentor? Poor kids are just as smart as white kids? How many examples do you need?

    1. I swear, people are being brainwashed. Everything about Biden being a TERRIBLE person, overall, yet after only a year everyone has forgotten about the things he’s done?

      He LIKES it when children touch his legs. He said that during an interview.
      He’s been accused of inappropriately touching women, more then once. It’s not just a one incident report.

      And I’m sure there’s even more that Biden has done, but honestly I don’t have the time to look up EVERYTHING. Just those few points alone are enough to make me hate the guy. And now he’s going to be our president? I hope we can get a reelection or SOMETHING. I feel cheated by naive Americans out there who only vote for their parties and see no other reason to vote

    1. Dont worry you will be hearing it soon maybe then you will snap out of your alternate reality but if you havent this far then there isnt much hope for you. I wish you the best since you are my fellow american but I have never seen anyone that lost an election handle it anything like this, its a real big embarrassment for the country but so have the last 4 years.

    1. @ReaperOfLostSouls11 Trump’s the best desperado we as a nation could muster. Biden is the best Sherriff the establishment could put fourth. Sometimes though, the guy in black is the good guy.

  5. I want to know WHY we can’t hold EVERYONE accountable for keeping Covid hush hush.They were ALL briefed on this,and they said or did NOTHING.Trump just happened to be the one who spill the beans like he always does.BUT WHAT ABOUT THE REST OF THEM?.They figured with Americans struggling with lockdowns,deaths,business losses,lives turned upside down,they would just shuffle over to the Stock Market and better their portfolios at our expense.And besides Trump,I don’t think anyone else admitted to knowing about it.Has anyone else? The house,senate,congress..yet NO ONE SAID ANYTHING….THEN.Theyre all guilty of Neglegence and murder.

    1. That’s why Biden is getting a new administration up and kicking the others to the curb. To be honest I have been depressed since Donald Trump was even on the campaign trail. Im so happy it’s over and happy to see trump getting kicked out.

  6. It’s so pathetic to watch. This administration, the trump family and their accomplices have turned America into a middle eastern country. So much faux news and divisive propaganda from the far right extremists over the past 15 years… And now… that’s it. With Russian help in 2016 the final blow with trump. And America is no longer a leading democracy.
    It’s so sad to watch that… from Europe 😞

    1. @Campbell B and everyone’s entitled to know IT’S ALL LIES. So what’s your point? Should i be shut down now? You people make me SICK to my stomach.

  7. all is at risk – still – – our environment, our healthcare, our wildlife and coastlines, our national security….

  8. There is a follow up that is being ignored. Why the people around Trump, when they know its over, don’t just resign and effectively take away his ability to continue?

  9. Let’s make conspiracy theory: All people who have had covid-19 seem to transformed into socialists. Covid-19 is virus which some communists have created to make all societies socialistic. Well, we all understand what happens next. Or do we?

  10. Donny Death is acting like a child. Yelling, stamping his feet and blaming others because none of his underhandidness has worked.Time to pick up his big boy pants (if he has any) and put them on. Most Americans are tired of him after 5 solid years of him blustering way through his life in the White House and before. Go away Donny!

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