Graham Denies Pressuring GA Official To Throw Out Legal Votes | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Graham Denies Pressuring GA Official To Throw Out Legal Votes | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1


    1. We want him investigated right? It will have to be after Trump is out of the White House because Trump will just get him off.

    2. And now he’s fired DHS Cyber security chief because he’s stated there is no evidence of fraud, or maybe f that ridiculous software conspiracy, my girls d where did es it end, and the countries decline font meet with the Pompei just today and yesterday when he landed in their country, what does this truly mean for America, it’s not funny anymore, would I be right in saying not all those 7 and half million that voted for Trump believe this, god help you if they do

  1. If he’s so innocent, why is a South Carolina senator having any kind of discussion with an election official of another state during a vote count?

    1. Exactly. He was trying to interfere with the count. Simple. So, the next question is, did he have similar ‘discussions’ with officials in his own State, about his own re-election?. There needs to be a recount in South Carolina.

    2. @Brett Nine omfg yes bc half these people should have never got their seat back and people in their state told them that

    1. deep state: “we need troops to profit in the middle east”
      Biden: “I will use Dominion to steal votes”
      Trump: “No and NO.”
      Me: “You messed with the wrong American, now you are messing with 72+ million Americans”.

  2. According to Harrison, Lindsay’s words do not amount to anything.
    His win should also be questioned.
    This is his character. The man is a loser!!

    1. Amen! They want to claim fraud? Lets bust this can of worms WIDE OPEN.
      I bet we will find more about Republican Election Fraud, than anything Trump could have dreamed up, about Biden.
      Including the two still in the run off in Georgia right now.

    1. Yeah, they are the ones receiving millions in donations for charity but keeping the money (Clinton, Biden), giving jobs to family to make dirty deals in Ukraine (Biden), giving billions in cash to Iran to use in terrorism (Obama), releasing high-level terrorist in exchange for defectors (Obama), looting, killing, destroying property (antifa and BLM). All GOP, you are right.

  3. It’s disgusting what these crooked politicians do and more disgusting others accept it and go along with their criminal behavior.

    1. It would be disgusting if it was possible in any way to verify. Which it isnt. This is MSNBC’s top content, it’s all unverifiable pot-shots at Republicans. There is as much evidence that this Secretary of State was pressured as there is PUBLIC information for Trump’s claim that the election was rigged or the votes are botched. Both offer zero public evidence and both should be equally believed. Funny how Democrats choose who to believe by who they’re attacking and not based on FACTS. There is not a speck of evidence this is more than gossip. The Dossier, gossip. Trump Collusion, gossip. All you guys have is gossip and partisan impeachments.

      Once the votes are certified in ALL The states and the Electoral College does their job, we can banter about who our next President will be. In the meantime what is disgusting to me is Joe Biden breaking promises before he’s ever in Office. Like his promise to cure cancer if he was elected (which lets face it, dumber than anything Trump promised) and his promise to hold off announcing victory till the vote was certified (reference : First Presidential Debate).

      Sure, Trump and his supporters will look pretty silly when this is all said and done and he loses the Election. However, just consider how entirely and thoroughly debunked the Media and the entire Democrat party would be if it turned out Trump was right? This election is a big one and I’m not sure everyone really recognizes that. It’s not about Trump or Biden it’s about the credibility of the entire Mainstream Media over someone they claim is “Dumb, mentally ill, incapable, a traitor, a Russian Puppet etc). So while it looks like Trump is set to lose the election, the American system as we know it loses all credibility if Trump is right.

    1. @James Brown ~ The GOP has gone rogue, become proto-fascist, bound by the ignorant Republican cult they created, and the fear, bigotry and hate they cultivated and nourished for decades. Fortunately, the cult is not the majority, so there is hope yet for America!

      “The problem at the heart of all this is a Republican cult built up over decades by plutocrats, the GOP, and right-wing media. Those Americans elected this pitiful, puerile President, and have continued to support him no matter what travesty he commits! The creators of the Republican cult have always been weak men, and now find themselves harnessed by those they sought to enslave, subject to the fickle whims of a moronic madman and the mob whose ignorance they relentlessly nourished and cultivated.”

      Conservatism has always been the endless, futile quest to justify greed, but *_the coin of the realm in GOP land is fear; it’s what they peddle, it’s what they traffic in, it’s what they carry in their pocket at all times. Then, they turn that fear to hate. And that hate is the poison killing them, America, and all of us. It’s the poison to which the Republican cult has become addicted._*

      Republican cultism is the disease, Toxic Trump is merely the most visible symptom and but one carrier of that disease. It existed before Trump, and it will continue when Trump is gone—unless or until the problem is adequately addressed. COVID-19 is also a disease; but a virus is blameless, unlike those who engage in willful ignorance. America would have confronted and easily conquered COVID-19 disease, had America not already been diseased for so long with Republican tribalistic partisan cultism. Racism, xenophobia, homophobia, misogyny and religious bigotry were central to the formation of the Republican cult, and remain its lifeblood.

      The only thing been stopping the GOP cult from turning America fascist has been the long-held universal repulsion and rejection of Toxic Trump’s hero, Adolf Hitler, by Americans. Fortunately, the majority of Americans still remember that painful historical lesson many Republicans choose to ignore. There is hope that good will once again triumph over evil; love prevail over hate; common sense outweigh blind faith, mindless tribalism, and silly superstitions.

      “United we stand, divided we fall.” A simple concept, really, that too many Americans seem to have forgotten or abandoned. Our nation is like an airplane; it requires both the left and right wings working together in tandem to operate properly and safely. Only problem is the Reich-wing decided to try flying solo, forcing us all into a nose-dive! Care about the issues, disdain political gamesmanship, while still recognizing politics is an inseparable and necessary element. Have always respected and valued loyal opposition, even if in disagreement with the ideology. Fact is, though, the GOP has abdicated the requisite role of loyal opposition to become a mindless, tribalistic hyper-partisan Republican cult placing political party over truth, reason, decency, and country.

    2. @Ocean View ~ Whole story of the Republican cult: “If you see nothing, keep looking until you can pretend it’s something!”

    1. ohh you should look at the newly elected Alabaman senator. He said he thought that the three branches of government were “the House of Representatives, the senate, and the president”. UM HELLO HE COMPLETELY IGNORED THE JUDICIAL BRANCH

    1. deep state: “we need troops to profit in the middle east”
      Biden: “I will use Dominion to steal votes”
      Trump: “No and NO.”
      Me: “You messed with the wrong American, now you are messing with 72+ million Americans”.

    2. You just have to go back to 2016 and listen to them when some had questions about his win,and rightly so, they’re proven hypocrites over and over, the world sees it just as mist Americans do

  4. People could vote for James Harrison, but they prefer this ridiculous and corrupt “single conservative” Miss Graham…

    1. Jamie Harrison probably won the South Carolina election,but Lindsey Graham had elected officials in South Carolina to throw out ballots for Harrison. I don’t trust that Lindsey Graham at all. He is in bed with Trump!

    2. How do y’all know more people actually didn’t vote more for Harrison? Because I think Graham cheated just like Mark Harris in North Carolina. I also think that he should lose his seat.

    3. I think people DID vote for James Harrison. And Lindsey Graham just shown the world how he came out the winner.
      Wouldn’t surprise me if ole turtle McConnel got a few magic lessons from Graham, either.

    1. @Carrie Swaby We need a recount in Lindsey Graham’s state and Mitch McConnell’s state, I can’t believe those two crooks won re-election, with such low popularity.

    2. What trump and his minions haven’t figured out yet, is they didn’t lose in the cities. They actually gained votes there. They lost in the suburbans. But they’re too dense to figure that out.

    1. “You can use my words against me!”

      “If Trump is in office in 2016, and a seat comes up in the last year of his Presidency, we will hold off all votes for a new Justice until after the election!”

      (R) Sen. Lindsey Graham

      2020 Trump is President. Two months till election time. Graham and McConnel rush in ACB. She was sworn in after votes started rolling in. LOL

      But NAHHHHHHHHHH,,,,,,,,,, Graham is a man of integrity. His character is as solid as a cup of water.

  5. This is how Trump operates gets other’s to do the dirty work then claiming he Trump was not part of it ,

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