Biden: We Will Not Let Putin Violate Human Rights 1

Biden: We Will Not Let Putin Violate Human Rights


During his remarks at a Memorial Day Service, President Biden said he will press Russian President Vladimir Putin to respect human rights when the two meet in Geneva in a few weeks. » Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Biden: We Will Not Let Putin Violate Human Rights


  1. “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”
    The Preamble (and Philosophical Cornerstone) of the US Constitution

    1. The lockdowns weren’t unconstitutional, but they were necessary to contain and defeat Covid.

    2. @Arent blacks lovely Wow, you certainly hate your fellow man. Why do you hate Americans and the American Dream so much, ingrate?

    3. @N 827 Donard Trunt is the Biggest Loser. What will you do when the news of his death in prison comes and more Americans celebrate than they did for the assassination of Osama Bin Laden?

  2. Reminder that Traitor Trumpet spent 5 years publicly praising, defending and NEVER criticizing Vlady Poo.

    1. Don’t forget hunters pretty chummy with the russians…lol You all actually love President Trump otherwise you’d be bragging about the great shape the countries been in since the big guy took over. 5 months and all has gone too crap!

    2. @Debbie Rushing you seem to live in a different universe than the rest of us. Trump killed 500k people because of his ego. Trump is a danger to our society

    3. Aryan Ghassemi Fauci lied millions died and you got brainwashed by Orangeman bad cult.

    1. and he said that by removing the roadblock on russias oil pipeline into europe? ya he really showed him!

  3. How helpful is for the US to tell all other countries in the world none of them are founded on Ideals?

    1. *Unfortunately, trump has putin to protect him still! That may come to an end very soon though….!*

    2. Give me one shred of provable evidence that he’s working with putin please. Oh yeah, thats right. even the fbi/cia couldn’t find anything.

  4. “We have yet to truthfully address the constant violations of human rights on our soil.”

    1. @Paul Wilson Throwing thousnads of babies into cages at the border after inviting them into our country,perhaps! Kinda dense,eh?

  5. How can we possibly leverage Putin into valuing something he has no concept of? Putin doesn’t care about human rights and never will. He’s a mob boss, clear and simple. He loves the money and loves the power.

    1. I guess you feel Veggie Bidens humanitarian crisis he created at the border is fine? Throwing kids into cages after inviting them here? Veggie Biden is a vile Demonrat.

    2. @Rain Jaydd I have ad blocker. No revenue for MSDNC from me LOL go snort your kool-aid

  6. What? No boot licking? No groveling at the feet of Putin for his attention?? No giving Russia a pass for interfering in the election and siding with Putin over American Intelligence sources?? This can’t be right…It doesn’t feel like America.

  7. So pathetic that 45* couldn’t even say anything remotely like this in 4 years. A US potus that licked dictators shoes because of a daddy complex. A new low for us.

    1. @Eddy S. by saying that you showed no understanding of geopolitics. Putin will eat Joe Biden alive.

    2. @James Smith they don’t call him Joe quid pro mo Biden for nothing, he used his son Hunter Biden to collect $3000000 from the mayor of Moscow.

  8. We need to go back and clean up all the mess From January 6 and charge all persons responsible for the attack on Capitol including ex-president senators who plan the insurrection.

    1. ya… give putin the green light for his oil pipeline into europe (done)… that will teach him not to mess with biden

    2. Veggie Boi is sooooooooooo strong!!! Only Veggie Biden can hit a golfball backwards!!!!! What a goof.

  9. Really? Yet you couldn’t say the same to Netanyahu!!!
    Really? Yet you couldn’t say the same to GOP!!!

  10. Mr President. As an old veteran I am asking you to please channel JFK and the Cuban missile crisis when you meet up with Vlad the bad. You do not shrink from an adversary. We had enough of that over the last 4 years.

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