Lt. Gen. Russel Honore Calls For Jan 6th Commission 1

Lt. Gen. Russel Honore Calls For Jan 6th Commission


Terrified of the political ramifications the truth may expose, 35 Senate Republicans continue to put Party ahead of Country, and voted to block the creation of an independent January 6 Commission modeled on the famed 9/11 Commission which would investigate the Insurrection and Attack on the United States Capitol.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Lt. Gen. Russel Honore Calls For Jan 6th Commission


  1. Just let the Democrats and few Republicans form a commision.
    The Senate obstructionists can sit it out, and suffer the consequences.
    Lets see how loud they screech and wring their hands at the “unfair partisan witch hunt “.

    1. @7thpilot *_Deep state Democrats want to take away our motorcycle blindfolds and prevent us from exercising our freedom. They plan to take our blindfolds and give them to illegal immigrants so we can no longer freely ride at high speed wearing our MAGA blindfolds. Are we going to sit by and allow our freedom to be taken away? Ride your motorcycle blindfolded today for Freedom !!I_*

    2. After Benghazi, Benghazi,Benghazi, Benghazi Benghazi, Benghazi Benghazi, Benghazi Benghazi,.
      after 8 different times!

    1. @Sam Harris The only one lying here is you, but then that’s what cowards do, they lie just like you.

  2. Cute move trumpists, but here’s the bad news for you. Merrick Garland doesn’t need the Senate’s vote to investigate trump, trump loyalists in congress, and you.

    1. @Ron Wylie The biggest treason was the invalid 4 impeachment attempt and by the way congrats for proving your hate trumps love

  3. It didn’t happen because Trump didn’t call for them! He incited this! Something needs to be done about it, people and our capital and our country is in danger! God bless us all.

    1. You fools have no idea what is coming at you; January 6th was a bunch of tourists; look back to Lansing, MI for a glimpse at the future. The fraud will not stay in place

    2. @TheTruth GetsDeletedHere aww thats cute. the racist elderly maga has a dream family. honestly your pretend life doesnt seem very successful.

    3. @Bart Man Not “Old”, nor does race matter to me, and I am sure to someone who lives in his parents basement my life would seem “not so great”
      You would cut your hands off to be me for a day, Glenda.

    4. @Bart Man and “liking” your own comments is as pathetic as it gets, son… are special.

    5. @Bart Man what is cute is your lack of understanding in regard to second grade English Composition; no wonder you hate people who are more successful than you….like the paperboy, beggars, and homeless people as they are all far your superior.

  4. My only concern is the number of Americans who underhandedly support the insurrection and will vote for the Usurpers. If this horror story doesn’t lead to a legitimate blow-out election in 2022, it’s merely a matter of time before America is a memory of what ‘once was.’

    1. The Republicans are passing legislation to steal the next election. Texas just passed a law that gives the Republican state legislature the right to throw out any election they don’t like if they merely allege “fraud” was involved *even if it was their voters who did it*

    2. @Mainely *_THE GQP HAS GOT TO GO. They lie, cheat, promote racism and a Russian agenda, allow us to die needlessly and protect organized criminal activity, and are openly destroying our freedom and system of justice for all. How long are WE THE PEOPLE going to let a minority of hate mongering traitors control our country? THE GOP SUPPORTS TRUMP. They ignore the will of the people in favor of their agenda which serves only themselves and the wealthy._*

    3. @Billy Pardew Democrats want free health care for everyone like every other industrialized country Republicans don’t. Democrats want to raise the minimum wage for everybody Repupblicans don’t. Democrats want to make education affordable and accessible for everyone Republicans don’t. Democratic policies increase the scope and number of people’s rights Republican policies do the opposit. These are just the basic ways in which Democrats are better for the people of America than Republicans.

    4. @Billy Pardew Everything you mention lacks precision and does not respond to the comment. The topic was, how America will be able to move forward when 25-30% of the population lives in an alternative reality created by right wing media.

      But lets cover your topics:

      1 – Standing for the anthem. There is a lot of ways to be patriotic, wanting the country to be better, to change for the better is patriotic. I do not deny that there is simbolism on standing for the anthem but that is not the only way to be patriotic.

      2 – Kids are not learning that if they are white, they are racist. Kids are learning that America economic model for centuries was slavery, and that states tried to perpetuate slavery even when the practice had been abolished by all the developed world. In order to justify slavery, society perpetuated the lie that one race was better than the other, and that black people would be better being slaves and that stereotype is not completely erased although a lot of progress was achieved. Kids need to know the good and the bad on the country’s history, being proud of the good and do not repeat the bad.

      3 – Billions of dollars of damages on riots not the protest, people breaking stuff and stealing is not a protest is using the protest to do things they want to do. You just need to apply the law and trial the people stealing and breaking things, that is the way the law works. The same for people acting as vigilantes and killing people – the law will be applied.

      4 – If our problems was trans athletes participating in women sports we did not had any problems at all. Actually here I would agree with you, we have anti-doping rules to keep the sports fair, if there is an unfair advantage for trans athletes they should not participate… but when discussing attacks on democracy bringing women sports is a sign that you have no arguments.

    5. Carl you should be concerned, unless the anti-autocratic movement shows similar energy than what they shown in 2020 the congress will go republicans in 2022. My concern is not Biden agenda, my concern is state elections, you will not have normal conservative there if they win, next time you will have people which only objective is for trump to win, irrespective of the votes.

  5. I AM Confident that our Democratic Congress will join forces to defeat this domestic terroristic threat

    1. @Mainely It’s important we give the minority a seat at the table, but when their intentions prove sour, the Democrats need to wield the power We gave them and get the job DONE.
      I have my doubts, but I still hope to be surprised.

    2. @Asa Foster IT need to be the most powerful commission ever put together with the right to subpoena ANYONE to testify under oath. THIS IS IMPORTANT, jail anyone who lies and the very first question these republicans should be asked is do they believe in the big lie.

    3. @Sparky’s Space ALL they do is prove sour, they are doing this out loud every day, their leadership even saying one thing to the President about working together and out loud saying they are going to try and stop ALL his plans. They HAD there chance, now lets just get the truth out there and let the public KNOW

    1. @Shaun Garrett Since you agree with everything I say (sarcasm) you will agree in your own way that Dems have been invalid since 2016. I could discuss but it is up to each LEFTY to man up

    2. @Neil Rusling I mistakenly thought it was simple majority vote. I’m glad it needed a super majority, which is designed to shut down silly things like this commission.

    1. @Dale Johnson
      It’s a (Secular) Democratic Constitutional Republic.
      The magacult traitors always have to avoid the truth and present some degree of false narrative, logical fallacy, intellectual dishonesty or blatant lie.
      You’d think they’d start wondering about the position they’re defending, justifying or promoting, when they can never use the whole truth in their arguments.
      If they don’t realize they’ve signed on to treason, that is.
      But that would require some trace of introspection, honor, integrity and self-respect…
      Rare among magacult sycophants.
      I’m not sure how many are willing magacult traitors being deliberately deceptive, and how many are just witless, gullible magacult dupes, repeating what they’ve been told to think, without any understanding of the topics.

      Regardless, they’re all just shivering chihuahua’s, YapYapYapping at the noises outside.
      They’re either pretending to be wolves, or they’re truly confused and terrified.
      Poor lil’ fellas.

      Suckers and Losers!

    1. We need to shoot them down in flames , we need to be showing the American people the truth not just allowing traitors to feed them up with lies and conspiracy theories.
      While we do NOTHING to stop them these anti Americans never stop battering the people with falsehoods.

  6. I so love Honore and would do anything he suggested. As a La Citizen so proud he represents the Constitution and American Citizens.

    1. You have every reason for the pride and love for this man. He is true to his name: Honor, thus honorable.

  7. It’s difficult to secure the Capitol when the enemy is within, led by an orange madman who still thinks he’s in charge!

  8. trump will not be celebrating Memorial Day. He does not like ‘losers who got killed’, as he puts it.

    1. Hahahahahaha!!!! He never actually said that. It was one of those confidential sources that turned out to be one “journalist” telling another “journalist” that they heard something.

    2. @Zuza Uramek hahahahahaha!!! I’m guessing you’re one of those guys that still belives russia did it, and that whole fine people on both sides lie too, huh?

  9. Let’s see the facts on who was touring the house,and giving guided recon,in the days before the attack…..These representatives need to be outed,before they can lay the grounds for any more sedition!

    1. @iwinzeazy I just put the or the for trump from now on, I wish there was handcuffs I could put on the

    2. @iwinzeazy I do the same thing! Even at the beginning of the sentence!!! Now at least autocorrect doesn’t keep trying to change it!

  10. To the rest of the world, 6th January is the day America fell apart. The commission should begin now.

  11. Any republican legislator present at Trump’s rally on Jan 6th and spoke on the microphone and encouraged the seditious mob, must be prosecuted.

  12. Why would we want republicans investigating trump. We already know that they will not vote to find him guilty of anything. We need the FBI investigating this.

    1. Because without them, after the Democratic investigation shows it’s findings, Repubs will says it’s all BS because there was no Repubs in the committee (which is EXACTLY why they are voting against it).

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