Gov. DeWine: Vax-A-Million Is Not A Waste, Losing Someone To Covid Is 1

Gov. DeWine: Vax-A-Million Is Not A Waste, Losing Someone To Covid Is


Ohio’s vaccination rate was slowing, until Republican Governor Mike DeWine started his Vax-a-Million lottery, offering a chance to win a million dollars, or a scholarship. That’s led to a 45% increase in people getting vaccinated in the state. But some Republicans are pushing back on Governor DeWine’s initiative, introducing anti-vaxx legislation and decrying it a waste. “The real waste,” says DeWine, “the tragic waste — is when you lose someone to Covid.”» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Gov. DeWine: Vax-A-Million Is Not A Waste, Losing Someone To Covid Is


  1. They should have kept this quiet because people like me wont get the shot now…..unless you give me a million dollars!

  2. Yes yes the Grecian formula of Vatican banking. Crocodile teary eyed center stage Greek drama for you mama. The class warrior’s struggle with the pathetic tragedy of the vulgar dirt eating peoples yes. Vulgar people’s tragedy, an insult to the Greek tragedy intelligence yes. The story teller’s of Nero’s passion for tragic boy love yes. ACTING! and the scaly ho bag best of the best.

  3. Just imagine how the vaccinated must feel knowing those special ingredients are inside of them right now

    1. Protected to about 98% infection, re-infection and reduced severity if infected, save on those hospital bills and have money for the kids to inherit. Do hope someone like you doesn’t breed.

  4. People are going around saying they got the shot.
    When they really haven’t.
    I got my vacation and my passport.
    The vacation card is your passport.

    1. I’ll be honest in the last week or so I have been a bit ageist. If I see an older person like a grandparent type person without a mask I tend to believe they’re fully vaccinated. But teenagers in the supermarket without a mask and without a parent? I guess they go in to get snacks or something….. Yeah, maybe it’s just smokers cough…..

    2. @Frenchblue8 I cough all the time due to allergies. Been hesitant about going to public places bc people like to jump to conclusions and treat someone w a cough they’ve had for years like a leper which threatens the coughers safety!

  5. More liberal rehertic about how Americas should lose their constitutional right to own a firearm.

    1. Nobody ever said that, fool. Although I wouldn’t expect anything but complete and utter BS from the likes of you. One of y’all lies and the others swear to it.
      And it might be a good idea to learn how to spell rhetoric. There. I’ve done it for you

    2. @Frenchblue8 yeah! And..trump and gaetz are working w the fbi to identify jan 6 crowd in an attempt to lesson their time w Bubba. Bubba thinks they’re real pretty tho!

  6. This shouldn’t even be nexessaey. Unless you have a medical issue or some sort of reasonable issue against vaccines you should get it for your sake and for others. You can believe all of the misinformation and political b.s. If you want but it seems pretty silly and childish.

    1. XD what pampered baby! You wouldn’t be all high and mighty if still had polio and small pox to worry about!

  7. DeWine’s response to the Jan. 6 question was absolutely pathetic. Boo. F minus. Spineless.

    1. @James Smith DeWine is a dictator. He is a power hungry tyrant. He has ignored the science and abused his power for over a year. There is NO justification for giving Ohio a curfew. Impeach DeWine. Recall DeWine. Vote DeWine out. DeWine needs to go!

  8. It should be run like the lotto with a live number drawing…. seems a little suspicious that everything is pre-recorded.

    1. He wouldn’t be able to make his friends rich and get a kickback If he did that! And..he said its not a lottery bc that’s illegal but he’s said lottery at least 5x in this interview. He needs locked up

  9. Yeah, I’m sure the “fiscally conservative” righties that are dismissive would totally turn the money if they won….

  10. I like in Cleveland Ohio and he is being a follower snd republican this month he will stop the extra 300 because they say it’s to much. Well i will only be receiving 130 a week now i have 3 kids they have no sole

    1. Nothing for me! I left a long message about that earlier, actually several but they kept disappearing. Sorry to hear he’s screwing you and your family over too!

  11. If you win that lotto you might as well spend it all before your light goes out. Rev. 18:23 and sorceries means pharmakeia, the origin of the word pharmaceuticals. Daniel 2:43 Iron means to pierce and that’s how they’ll mingle themselves with the seed of men with their abomination that makes one spiritually desolate. Rev.13:16 In the forehead where the vmat2 gene is and targeted by the funvax program.

  12. The right to hold guns in the US is only and only beneficial for gun producing companies. why Americans don’t understand that?

  13. Not going to take your experimental drug. I don’t gamble it’s illegal in our state, no lotto. Can’t bribe us.
    WOOPEE full ride scholarship to a Buckeye college.

    1. You would still have to be accepted to University to get the scholarship, so you would be out anyway

  14. Honestly, however you get people vaccinated, getting back to normal will make this less expensive than being shut down longer

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