Biden: 'When Unions Win, Workers Across The Board Win' 1

Biden: ‘When Unions Win, Workers Across The Board Win’


President Biden held an event at the White House to honor labor unions and their efforts to support workers rights and families. The president praised their accomplishments and discussed what his administration has accomplished.
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  1. “Capital is only the fruit of labor, and could never have existed if labor had not first existed. Labor is the superior of capital” – Abraham Lincoln

  2. How about we stop looking at the poor to pay all the taxes and get some of these rich jerks to empty those deep pockets

    1. @Mike w didn’t sound like a threat to me. It was merely an example. I’ve seen threats by trumplethinskin though saying they were going k*all Democrats. That’s a threat.

    2. The poor don’t pay taxes nor do the wealthy. The brunt of the tax burden falls on the rapidly disappearing middle class’s shoulders. I don’t know what tbe hell’s gonna become of any of them when we soon disappear.

    3. @Saffe1978 There’s plenty of tax loopholes to givee them plenty of wiggle room. Trump paid less than $800 for years. What do you suggest?

  3. What about the monopolies like Amazon spending 100’s of millions trying to stop the creation of unions. Spreading anti-union disinformation and propaganda within the work place. Punishing employees if they even talk about it.

    1. @Ryan lex I don’t know about that & have no idea where your claim is coming from? maybe from the fact that democrats are more pro people & republicans are against humans! because there is no questionnaire on the federal employment application of whether you are a democrat or republican to qualify you for the UNION position. ALL CERTAIN positions in the government are under UNION contracts, police officers UNION – regardless of anyone’s political affiliation such as democrat or republican or independent or green or something else! it has nothing to do with it! do you know that most if not all positions in the movie industry are UNION under the name of guilt – director’s guilt, writer’s guilt, actor’s guilt, producer’s guilt…etc., & in fact you will not get a contract if you are not a member of a guilt.

    2. led unions aren’t only for Democrats… they are for the worker no matter what political party they may endorse, if any.

    3. @fishy dubs fishing Mob control? That ended many decades ago. The unions were corrupt but they still stuck up for your workers rights. Your fellow workers had your back. The modern day unions, sure they may have some corruption. But it’s just like every other powerful institution. Amazon’s anti-union propaganda is akin to something straight out of communist China.

    1. Now that this new evidence is out and it’s been authenticated shouldn’t NBC running a story and let their viewers know what’s up?

    2. @The News In ASL Democrats don’t want to get rid of the rich. And I don’t think it’s possible anyway. How about they pay more taxes? I think people worth billions of dollars can pay more taxes

  4. A joe Biden presidency, his dementia, cancer & heart disease are bigger threats than waiting to see what the weather does next

  5. You know who hates unions? John Roberts and the conservative justices of the US Supreme Court. No kidding! Google “John Robert’s Unions” and read for yourself. There’s an even more intense anti-union storm coming up at SCOTUS, mark my words.

    1. Of course you’re not kidding. It’s no secret that Repubs have always deplored unions. They know workers representation is gonna cost their wealthy business owners an increase in wages & benefits. Why do you think they did everything to break them & almost did??? Time for a stong comeback. “United we stand”. Btw, I’m a small business owner.

  6. We only need high taxes when there is out of control spending. In the private sector that equates to “Do we have an earning problem or a spending problem?” We have a spending problem and its name is biden, pelosi, harris, and every other politician (republican AND democrat) you can think of.

  7. Headline correction: “Biden: when the teachers unions, my largest donor, win for their corrupt political agenda, education loses!”

    1. lmao, people like you exist because of a lack of education. We need educated people, otherwise, we get easily manipulated people, such as yourself.

  8. Shout out to George Floyd on sixteen months of sobriety. It took some tough love but he did it. Say his name liberals.


    California needs a reckoning with Newsom and the Democrats.

  10. Resident Biden day 1. Killed the Keystone pipeline, that shut our iron range down in Minnesota, that shut down the steel mills along the Great Lakes. I bet the unions love the idea of you supporting the Russian pipeline and sending support and funds for it. On a good note, “YOUR BUTTS BEEN WIPED”.

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  12. Where’s the stories on Americans left behind. No more coverage. They’re trying to ‘move on’. What a heartless liar.

  13. It’s refreshing after years of union repression to hear a US leader openly give accolades to their existence. Maybe workers will now throw off the chains & rediscover the power of representation.

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