In ‘Memory Box,’ Individuals Tell Their Stories Of 9/11 Then And Now

The new documentary film 'Memory Box: Echoes of 9/11' features individuals who, shortly after the events of September 11, 2001, recount their stories on video from that day. The film also features the same individuals 20 years later. Director David Belton discusses.
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    1. @Z Ham Nonsense, what happened in Afghanistan has nothing to do with 45 and the republicans being traitors…Biden did the best he could with the mess the republicans made…it’s over…

    2. @Z Ham That was well narrowed right down to one tiny place. Who was in power when the Iran hostage situation occurred? That was in Tehran. Who saved the hostages? Canadians had to come to the rescue. Republicans have not kept up with progress and will now be left behind as just another entry in the history of America. Embrace your future.

  1. Biden threw away all of our gains with one capricious disastrous Calamitous DEBACLE of a decision.

    You don’t even know how bad it is because your media overlords will not allow you to know how bad it is.

    1. What gains are you talking about there were no gains just circling over and over with no real accomplishment i agree it was mayhem getting out of Afghanistan but it had to be done it was gonna be bad and reason that the last three presidents didn’t do it but it sad some will suffer under talibán rule and biden will have to carry some blame but please give me bleak

  2. I’d like to know the REAL story of how buliding 7 came down even though it was never struck by a plane. Came down in near free fall speed. Fires don’t do that.

    1. I live in lower Manhattan and was standing on the corner of Canal and West B’way when building 7 collapsed almost in slow motion. There was no explosion beforehand, just a whooshing sound from volume displacement. Spent the rest of the day helping neighbors closer to ground zero relocate.

    2. @quan Brooklyn kid then go back and look at the official footage of the collapse and ask how a fire did that? A fire allegedly caused from falling debris from the twin towers? Huh?

  3. Shout out to George Floyd on sixteen months of sobriety. It took some tough love but he did it. Say his name liberals🖕.

  4. I was 15 in 9th grade, Mrs Thompson’s algebra class. I brought up the idea of domestic terrorism because I though it impossible for anyone to attack us.

  5. I was evacuated from north tower onto the plaza. I saw terrifying things I had feared my whole time working there because I kinda obsessed about what the escape plan for the upper floors would be in a fire. But I still feel the best way to honor the victims is silence not more and more documentaries and Billy Joel sellout concerts. Too much money is made off of this horror.

  6. Speaking of “buried under the rubble”.. Does your “Memory Box” include the fact that former NY enslaved children and women were buried under where the towers stood in mass graves?

  7. Cant believe how many people in the comments still don’t get it. I’m still compelled to relive the horror EVERY 9-11.
    It isn’t about Bush, Trump, or Biden. It’s about the UNITED States. Well, what used to be UNITED. Used to be our strong envied suit.

  8. Why didn’t the special show up on TV Wednesday evening as scheduled? Instead, Ari Melber and Joy Reid’s Wednesday shows were repeated for 2 hours. Our local TV station couldn’t explain what happened. They said it must have been a network problem.

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