Biden White House Keeping An Eye On A Defiant Vladimir Putin | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Biden White House Keeping An Eye On A Defiant Vladimir Putin | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


MSNBC Military Analyst Gen. Barry McCaffrey reacts to reporting that Moscow has pulled some troops back from its border with Ukraine. This comes as protests grow in Russia over reports that detained Putin opponent Alexei Navalny is near death. Aired on 04/23/2021.
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Biden White House Keeping An Eye On A Defiant Vladimir Putin | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. @D.A. Oh You mean President Trump who donated all of his salary and went from approximately a wealth of about $4.5 Billion at the start of his presidency down to $2.5 Billion (when he left) while all these establishment and completely corrupt politicians continue lining their pockets by the millions of $’s steadily building their wealth?!!!

    2. @Anthony Johnson Trump said he was worth $10 Billion. Holy cow — how could the POTUS, most visible person in the world, LOSE money during his Presidency? He’d have to be absolutely terrible at business to take THAT much free publicity and influence and somehow LOSE money during a thriving economy. Wow! What a LOSER Trump must be if what you claim is true.

    3. @harry varner Biden’s in office for 5 decades with no hint of any corruption, and suddenly — thanks to some BS story that got Trump impeached — you think Joe’s the head of a crime family? Good gravy. Talk about drinking kool-aid.

      Do I speak Chinese? You mean like Princess Ivanka’s children?

    1. As Yugoslavia was separated for different contrives in 1990, as Ukraine was separated from Russia in 19919 – the same DNR-LNR in 2014 separated themselves from N a z i Ukraine for Killing DNR and LNR because they speak Russian . All equal. WHY to waste $300 million every year till 2029 of U.S taxpayers dollars for Killing DNR and LNR if they want to speak own language and they want to be separated from Ukraine the same as Ukraine wants to be separated from Russia .

    2. @Nico Crestmere They have rigged the election to get control of America’s weapons systems and now the globalists will descend upon Russia. They intend to extinguish the last remnant of resistance and freedom on earth. The tribulation for humanity and war lasts seven years. ‘Russia, Hope of the World’, with new secret weapons, next generation weapons, and the tenacity of the Russian people ends the reign of the antichrist on earth. Billions die in the most terrible war in human history. “The angel swung his sickle on the earth, gathered its grapes and threw them into the great winepress of God’s wrath.”

  1. The big guy is keeping an eye on them so they don’t try and scimp on his share of the profits

    1. @1Drummer Having Biden is an embarrassment. He needs to be in a nursing home. He’s NOT FIT! He falls and can’t remember where he’s at at times. Seriously!!!

    2. @1Drummer why can’t people like you stop lying? There’s 150 million people in this country that didn’t vote 75 percent of which would disagree with you

    3. @Deb Deb Castillo Right like how Trump won the election and ANTIFA attacked the Capitol? What are you even talking about? Should I get my news from Fox and Newsmax? Should I listen to you? Who won the 2020 presidential election?

    4. @John Mags Really you’re asking me who won the election.. lol. Obviously but it was a total fraud. FYI I was given a marker to fill in and that sh-t was bleeding through the back of the paper. And no ID asked which was bizarre. And no I’m not lazy just watching the news. I do research and use critical thinking. Seems that’s what you’re lacking from. Stop watching po-rn h-ub and start using your brain.

  2. Not once did Putin speak of nuclear language. American media itself provokes and invokes more than anything. Yet they don’t get scrutinized.

    1. @mike sixx — you know we have a cyber group in the military that can take control of their missiles and divert them, as a backup we have laser armed satellites that can strike them in flight, Putin is just rattling around in his box of outdated crap to appear relevant to the Russian citizens that are over him and ready to move on

    2. @Mdlclassguy Mdlclassguy we arent the only ones. Only a fool gets complacent in the face of the most destructive weapons weve ever created. This is not an atomic bomb. If one makes it through half the country is gone. Are you willing to sit at ground zero and take that bet based on our current defense systems? Not one system on the planet is capable of 100% kills.

    3. @bill jackson I don’t give a fk if you served. It doesn’t entitle you to talk down to everyone.

    1. @LeviathanTechWiz Throwing a case out for insufficient evidence only proves that a more thorough investigation needs to be launched. ✓

    2. @Quirk Last time I checked the people accusing something in court, they have to prove the defending party is guilty. Not the other way around, so what they are stating as facts can’t be taken as truth until there is actual proof. They had time to find it, couldn’t find anything, asked for more time, still found nothing. Why all the cases were thrown out.

    3. @LeviathanTechWiz The last time I checked it took longer than a couple of weeks for a thorough investigation. But, of course, the democrats don’t want a thorough investigation. Just like they don’t want expanded voter identification laws.

    4. @Quirk Then why did juliani say they have proof?? It kind of contridicts itself. If they needed more time it wasn’t just the courts that made it happen sooner. They stated they have the proof they needed. Obviously didn’t work, but that throws out your whole idea of it just being the courts fault for the case being so short.

  3. I like how she says “thanks for watching our YouTube channel “. Because she Knows people don’t want to see her/them. So they chase people down on YouTube…

    1. @Jo M Some people paid attention in school and don’t need to use a dictionary to post. Aren’t you just a little bundle of jealous?

  4. So glad we can get our news from the most trusted man in the business. So glad you survived that helicopter crash and all that gunfire.

    1. @Abby’s Daddy No, just be aware and vigilant. Putin’s oligarch led Russia is an evil empire and has been even dating back to the Soviet Union.

    2. @1Drummer the same soyviet union, race hustling leftist try’n to make, now? yeah your clowns whole russia bot shyt backfired on me 🙂

    1. @Darth Revan There is nothing intelligent about you,if you start “intelligent conversation” with “dems wants war”.

    2. @mike sixx So if you “defending borders” it’s ok,but when there is a threat for your ally near their border – that’s some kind of delusion? Convince me that you not a hypocrite.

    3. @Steelmor they always do though do you want to go through presidents and what they started. Jimmy Carter is only Dem president not to go to war.

    4. @Darth Revan So,Trump started his term by missile strike without warning allies,does it makes him democrat or what? What about Bush,is he also democrat?

  5. Sometimes I like to walk out the front door, barefoot, spray the garden hose all over me and pretend that its raining.

    1. @Datsun510zen You are either too young, or too old, or you were tricked by the fake news,. Because Russia is not in Europe , and the U.S Gov cannot ?monitor Russian Military in Europe” because there are no Russian Military in Europe. Russian Military is inside the Russia!! Watch the news normally, please, instead of to spread the fake Info. BUT the U.S. Military is in Europe,!!! and the U.S. weapons are in Europe,, THEN, in the fact, who actually INVADED the Europe? .. The U.S.

    2. @Michael Garrity The U.S. should not have backed up on building a nuclear shield to defend Europe and defending Ukraine. Furthermore, the unilateral disarmament of Ukraine’s nuclear capabilities was a disaster. However, Russia’s military is not nearly as strong as the oligarch’s posturing and is no match for England and The United States.

      I implore you to baptize as many people as you know. Tell them to take a cold shower and say aloud, Jesus Christ, The Arch Angel Michael is Lord and I am a sinner. Have faith in God. Moderation, temperance, self control, and self discipline. I pray you see the Kingdom of God.

      “WWIII is about to start.” -Source

    3. Russia does not want any wars,….. but the U.S . wants wars in Europe. There will be NO war.- NO worries. If the U.S. starters will have the clear heads without drugs

    1. @Alex Campbell Excellent! You can speak to the dead. Will you also ask for other secrets to life as well?

    2. @William Infinite ,pointing out the stupidity of your words. Destruction came by way of a virus. The dead speak for themselves. They are the product of an incompetent madman, not some subtle manipulation of a silken tongue. Unless, you are counting the fact that trump convince the morons of this country that the virus wasn’t real. I’ll agree with you there.

    3. Defiant Putin? You can only be defiant if you’re admitting we control him?

      Make up your mind MSNBC, is Putin running the white house, or are we running him? He can’t be defiant unless he was under our control in the first place.

      Which is it?

    4. @Alex CampbellYou must not think too deeply and to blame one man is simple. I will not waste time on the faithless. Let fear rule you and waste in the pity of yourself… Or Trust in our Creator and you shall be fearless and free!

    5. Gossip kills millions people emotionally destroy family and friends!
      The tongue is a small member but can makes big destruction!

  6. If Trump did this, the headline would be “Trump refuses to do anything while his buddy Putin gets aggressive.”

    1. @Crispin Fornoff To answer the question, its because Trump was so hostil to the media. So every chance the got they put the screws to him. So with Biden they are much nicer to him. Now I do agree they should also hold Biden accountable too.

    2. @Dave Gr.P when resident hair sniffer gets us in a war with Russia after blaming them for all of his problems you be sure to join infantry so you can go defend your beloved leader.

    3. @Crispin Fornoff because they fought so hard to get him elected. Not going to turn their back on him now. After all they are both owned by the same establishment.

    4. @jtpett39 Are you sure it’s not the media being hostile to Trump and simply making up stories about him? I’d be belligerent too if the media used every waking moment to try and destroy me too.

    1. So u guys are still pushing the russia conspiracy Theory that memes stole our election msm is just as crazy as q anon.

    2. Notice how they wont talk about the Azov Battalian the Neo Nazis the U.S is supporting in Ukraine to Fight Russia.

      I’d say msm is a drug but at this point you would learn more about the world by just being high instead of watching this garbage.

    3. @Emblemed fate — you better put the Republican senate in that group to, because they determined the same thing, and info came out last week that proves trump colluded with the kremlin and bar helped cover it up

  7. Thats the mouse in the house calling the cat a rat as its sharpens it claws, watching the mice as they squeak.

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