McCaffrey: It's Easier To Make An Army Ranger Than A Good Cop | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

McCaffrey: It’s Easier To Make An Army Ranger Than A Good Cop | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


Reacting to a national conversation on police reform, MSNBC Military Analyst Gen. Barry McCaffrey discusses the difficult challenges that exist in creating good police officers who exercise restraint while on the job. Aired on 04/23/2021.
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McCaffrey: It's Easier To Make An Army Ranger Than A Good Cop | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. Perhaps a five year probationary period with a generous severance package for those who do not cut it.

  1. I have…and will always have faith in the military leaders of the the United States such as General McCaffrey. The greatest discipline I learned in the military was how to restrain myself from action. If it could be done I would like a military general to oversee the correct way to engage with its own citizens in a manor representative of our national creed. Justice under the law, not before it.

    1. Couldn’t agree with you more.. Thank you for your service for me and my family even though I’m a stranger.. Much respect to you and yours…

    2. The military can also be corrupted.
      And quite quickly. Look at the role it plays in some countries, with Myanmar as the best example.

  2. It takes a lot to be a cop. There’s a hidden element of restraint because 90% never fired a weapon. We don’t report officer Joe had a confrontation and not a shot was fired. It makes you think that if you got a cop with a history of overreaction, maybe you got a cop you should be firing.

    1. ‘We don’t report officer Joe had a confrontation and not a shot was fired.’ That was exactly the report that went out after George Floyd was arrested. Haven’t you read it?

    2. @Chris ONeill there are chunks of behaviors constituting police overreach. There’s over use of firearms. There’s overuse of physical interdiction. There’s overuse of force. Frequently cops are a hammer every problem is a nail. And there’s issues with candid reporting for which body cams are the right answer. And Nothing will replace due diligence by a public armed with a smartphone. A lot of officers never draw their weapon and a lot of them deescalate situations. Where else can we go but the cops? We need policed police. Next time you get in trouble call a crack addict and see how far that gets you.

    3. The police are self-reporting other than complaints, and those that are complaining are vindictive towards the police according to the police and their supporters. That is a major problem. There is a reason that jurors are questioned on whether they are biased towards or against the police during jury selection. You did answer with cameras, but it is a shame that they are necessary rather than additional evidence.

  3. When “Police Officer” becomes the most dangerous job in America, I’ll start believing it, but until then there’s A LOT more professions that should worry about whether or not they’re going home at the end of their shift than these trigger happy crybabies.

    1. I used to be a cop back in the early 2000’s and I quit to become a lineman, which is one of the jobs that has a higher fatality rate and I’ve never felt safer. Linemen have more deaths but no one is pulling knives or guns on each other. No one is punching us in the face or throwing rocks or bottles at us. And I no longer have to go to scenes with dead people whether from car accidents, drive by shootings or an insane mother that swung her baby around by her feet, hitting her head off of the counter tops. All of which I’ve seen. But if you think it’s an easy job you should sign up. I’m pretty sure every department in the country is hiring.

  4. I work off and on in Germany. The Polizei (German Police) are in training for 2 yrs before they are cut free to police in their assigned area. Also, the Polizei are the police for all of Germany. The rules for policing in Germany are standard across the board regardless of if an officer polices in Hessen, Bavaria, or any of the other 14 states which make up Germany. The training, uniforms, cars, equipment, education, hiring, and screening process is the same. The problem in the U.S. is every city and county can have different standards as long as the state in which those police agencies operate approve. States certify police officers, not cities or counties. Cities and counties ensure through OJT, local training, and sending officers to a state-approved law enforcement academy that officers are certified to police for their particular agency.

    1. Tom cotton is not a ranger..he lie just like the repubkkkans..the military already spoke out about Tom cotton..just like trump and his conspiracy..Lol

  5. An ex police officer claimed the verdict on Chauvin sets a bad prescient.. well I think it was about time they made them accountable

  6. All police officers in big cities please give these people what they want stop showing up for calls let them see the true violence in these neighborhoods


    1. I’d like to see that one work in practice a few times. Right now it sounds uncomfortably similar to the military’s “Obey orders immediately and without hesitation / Don’t ever obey an illegal order” Catch-22.

  8. We would do well to incorperate training and requirements from democratic countries like Norway, Sweeden, etc. Where there is,a four year degree required before ever going into the streets to perform law enforcement duties. There, by and large the community considers law enforcement an asset and not terrorized by that institution. We can do it here.

  9. “Escalation of force” is for the military not the police. Police need “de-escalation of force”

  10. Has MSDNC covered the shooting at the kids birthday party ??? Never mind, it doesn’t fit the narrative they are pushing right now.

  11. It is kind of frustrating let me hold our soldiers to hire account other countries than we do our police in this one

  12. Former military have a very different set of skills, and a very different perspective than do police.

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