Biden Will Be First President To Speak In Tulsa On Anniversary 1

Biden Will Be First President To Speak In Tulsa On Anniversary


Andrea Mitchell is joined by NBC's Trymaine Lee and Geoff Bennett, as well as Eddie Glaude Jr. and Carlos Moreno, ahead of President Biden's visit to Tulsa, Oklahoma, to speak on the 100 year anniversary of the worst racial massacre in American history. The panel of reporters and experts discusses the legacy of the massacre, the push to make amends for survivors and their descendants, and how the massacre was largely erased from U.S. history books.
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  1. And to think that those same people kept the Statue of Liberty at the entrance to the NYC harbor.What really happened and is happening in America and what is written in the history books,are two entirely different things.White Christian people in America have done tons of garbage to the minorities in America.And also to the people abroad.

  2. Whenever it comes to giving black Americans what they are owed there is always some issue! Biden just gave Indian tribes $31 billion!

    1. @Forever Falcon I did the same as you, I refuse to give my vote to a like warm Dem for nothing!

    2. @oil_kingg   obama didn’t do shi, Trump signed the Martin Luther King national historic act, Alveda was there, criminal justice reform, obama was to busy for that, he had a country to divide. Sickel cell research, black home ownership, lowest black unemployment, even blacks suffered under obama financially. And obamas black, go figure. One more thing, even Alveda says that TRUMP kept his promises to the black community. She didn’t say that to obama, go figure. So the dems did more, right. biden’s undoing everything TRUMP did for the black community. He is destroying their chance at a decent employment and taxing the crap out of them.

  3. Love it! We must “clutch our pearls” and tell the truth about what happened, finally.

    1. I would hope that someone would clutch Joeys pearls, and tell him to wake up and unite this country….instead of dividing us!

    2. @Heinz Ruedi He is trying to unite us, if only you could stop for a moment and listen to the whole history of thus country, and not just what make you feel comfortable when you gaze at your reflection in the mirror. I’m sad Dr. Glaude’s message was lost on you. Let go of your ignorance willfully.

  4. I’m slightly less terrified because we are acknowledging history, but reading all those posts on gun forums and right wing sites with people talking about “bathing in liberal blood” sticks with you.

    1. They have to hide like al quaeda to make their little fantasy threats though. They will inevitably end up on the terror groups list like they should. 😉

    2. I suspect the organized racists who rampaged the Capitol are prime examples of the right-wing braggarts boasting about bathing in liberal blood. I gotta say, though, after getting a gander at our homegrown insurrectionists, I was thoroughly underwhelmed.

    3. @Demetria Karnavas You obviously forgot the black antquifa leader who claimed he was there trying to stop the insurrection. Bad thing for him he forgot that everyone had a camera. He was caught encouraging the insurrection, tried to flee the country. Since he was there I’m pretty sure there were more of you as wipes. As hat.

  5. Two Americans are worth over $100 billion dollars each. But you can’t compensate some Americans for having businesses and homes destroyed and families murdered?

  6. Its a good thing that this egregious chapter in our history is being acknowleadged publicly and at the highest levels. Its unfortunate that the GOP are on the wrong side of history, again, but at least half of us understand how important this is.

    1. @Ted Roe Probably because nearly all major Crimes are committed in Democratic controlled enclaves and have skyrocketed in the last 6 months!
      (FBI Static’s)
      Republicans freed Slaves from Democrats !

    2. @Heinz Ruedi lol.. then, 60yrs ago, the Dems went all out for civil rights and the GOP went full white supremecist… how does it feel to be in the party of white nationalists? And show me the link to your statistics claim… if your knowledge of history is any indicator, your “statics” are nonsense.

    3. @Ted Roe Here in Australia we get our News from Sky News, and Not from the Clinton News Network (last on the charts) Our Children know how to read and do Math…where as in your Country everyone goes to woke colleges but less than 5% graduate. I visited you country twice and got mugged (Chicago) twice. Our political leader does not need a Telepromter to relay messages, and none of his kids are Alcohol or Parmesan smoking Drug addicts. No I am not a Nationalist, but people like you will ruin you country into Communism!

    4. @Heinz Ruedi how very nice for you… however, I live here and your sources are spoonfeeding you nonsense. Fact check your beliefs or live in ignorance.

    5. @Ted Roe Don’t bother with him. He’s too arrogant and narrow minded, which fall under the umbrella of willful ignorance – I’m always right, so you’re wrong – to comprehend how truly ignorant he is. God help Australia.

  7. They said the reparations were owed but one article said that a court ruled the ‘statues of limitations’ had run out. Ergo, nobody legally liable to pay. And you need to get some reconciliation for those in mass body dumps, excavations for which had begun in 2019 but were put on hold cuz COVID. Now, apparently, there is resistance to that as well.

    1. None of my ancestors including myself ever owned a Slave. There were many blacks, including Kamala Harris’s ancestors that were Slave Owners!

  8. First world countries complain about immigration today forgetting that their old and recent ancestors destroyed unmeasurable amounts of lives from other races, around the world, countries, cultures, wealth, etc.

  9. Racism exists, but it is not welcome here. We are not immune to the viruses of hate, of fear, of other.
    We never have been. But we can be the nation that discovers the cure.” Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand PM.

    1. Democrats want Americans to pay their fair share. Republicans want the Democrats to support both the Democrats and the Republicans.

    2. @Americannovice Twocentnovice the majority of serious crimes are committed in democratic controlled cities (FBI Statistics) More Democrats are on Welfare and Government handouts than the rest of Americans (HHS Statistics) Enjoy your free $hiff my woke friend!

  10. Biden: I know about white supremacy. One of my best friends in the senate was none other than Robert Byrd. Boy he was a character. He was also a cyclops but he had 2 eyes. Trust me on that one. What was I talking about again?? Ice cream??

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